I regret to inform that I will be unable to daily update this site.  I will be making possible weekly updates but I am unable to continue in thi smanner at the time.  I have been very busy at work and have to work at home after my shift ends severely cutting into my free time.  As well, my alptop recently broke down so I will have to purchase a new one.  However, I currently looking into buying a car and so the priority goes to the new car.  Once I buy a new car, I will begin searching for a new laptop.

In the mean time, I will be doing possible weekly updates from either my phone or on a work computer during my downtime.  Therefore, July 12th is the last scheduled update and my blog will then be taking a temporary break.  We have quite some time before Smash 4 is released so I think this is a good time as any to take a break. 

In my weekly updates, I will be focusing more on characters than the other parts of Smash 4.


Newcomer: Ridley

Name: Ridley

Universe: Metroid


Element Alignment: Dark

Affinity: Bad

Availability: Secret

Reasons for Fighting: Destruction

Ridley is the arch-nemesis of Samus and the catalyst that set Samus on her current path. Ridley, himself, is a high ranking Space Pirate that tremendous strength, flight capabilities, and zero empathy towards living things. Despite his fearsome appearance; he is shown to be highly intelligent and strategical. He is ruthless and cares little for other life forms; shown when he attacked and killed Samus` parents. Ridley has a large amount of abilities which he can utilize in his fights such as using his claws, tail, wings, teeth, emit blasts of plasma from his mouth, create sonic booms, and extreme durability. This is evident when Ridley was defeated by Samus in numerous occasions but came back seemingly from the dead to fight again.

Ridley`s Stats

Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: *
Speed: ****
Jump: *****
Recovery: *****
Element: ***

Ridley is a very powerful fighter with high speed, jump, and recovery stats but with low defense and averahe weight and element stats. Ridley can deliver vast amounts of damage within a short amount of time but most of these attacks are aerial in nature. This is because Ridley is very akward on land but excels in aerial fighting. Ridley can perform 6 mid-air jumps in a row which propel him upwards and as well as one of the longest glides in the game. Ridley, due to his lanky frame, isn’t considered a heavy weight. His weight class is slightly less than R.O.B. Ridley is susceptible to juggling due to his light frame and large body size.

Ridley’s ground attacks focuses on knocking players up into the air and then following the players into the air to execute a combo. Ridley’s first initial jump boosts him up into the air thanks to his wings. Ridley’s aerial attacks are designed to keep opponents in the air and not on the ground.

Ridley Special B Move Set

B – Plasmaball

Side B – Dragon Grab

Up B – Rise

Down B – Primal Scream

The Final Trio

Final Smash – Dragon Rush

Final Melee – Meta-Ridley

Final Brawl – Omega-Ridley


Plasmaball is Ridley’s neutral B move. When B is simply pressed, he launches a single ball of pure plasma. It can be spammed but the start up lag becomes longer each time the attack is used. However, when held down long enough, he spews out a long stream of plasmafire that becomes shorter and weaker over time. The plasmaball does around 8% Fire damage and does diagonal knock back. The plasmafire does 3% fire damage each hit. If the attack is done in midair, Ridley will shoot a plasmaball downwards in a diagonal angle. This is the same with his plasma blast.

Dragon Grab is Ridley’s Side Special B move. Ridley rushes forward while flying close to the ground and, when he makes contact with an opponent, he grabs the opponent. He then proceeds to drag them across the ground. It can do between 13-20% damage; depending how long the opponent is dragged. If down in midair, Ridley would dive down and slam the opponent into the ground. This does 15% damage total. Characters with low damage can break free by struggling.

Rise is Ridley’s Special Up B Recovery move. Ridley rushes upwards in a drill like motion. This attack does 12% damage. If the opponent is carried upwards, along with Ridley, the opponent when get knocked away by the unfolding of the wings for an additional 5% damage. Ridley will then begin to float down to the stage or he can begin to glide.

Primal Scream is Ridley’s Special Down B move. Ridley releases a roar that can cause opponents to have the daze status. If Ridley releases the scream in midair, the opponent enters into a 2-3 second freefall. There is a little ending lag near the end which can be punished.

Dragon Rush is Ridley’s Final Smash. Ridley begins rushing back and forth across the stage at extremely high speeds. It functions similarly like Latios and Latias in SSBB. It does 15% damage each run through and Ridley does 7 run throughs. It does high knockback per hit.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Ridley roars and screams while flying at the screen.

Meta-Ridley is Ridley’s Final Melee. Ridley grows to 3x in size, his speed increases by 2x, and 5x attack power. Additionally, Meta-Ridley also has little ending lag in his attacks. The Final Melee lasts 10 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Ridley screams into the camera, crashes down, and emerges as Meta-Ridley.

Omega-Ridley is Ridley’s Final Brawl. Ridley transforms into Omega-Ridley and flies high into the air and then slams down into the opponent. He then picks up the opponent and breathes a massive blast of plasma into the opponent. It does around 73% damage.

Home Stage: Geothermal Power Plant


  • Up: Ridley starts to snap and scream. He does it three times.
  • Left: Ridley jumps up slightly, flaps his wings, and lands back down.
  • Right: Ridley slams his tail onto the ground three times.
  • Down: Ridley leans forward, slashes his claws forward, and screams.

Victory Poses

  • Ridley screams and takes off into the air and off the screen. He then reappears and charges into the camera.
  • Ridley spouts a burst of plasma three times.
  • Ridley let’s out a earth rending scream that shakes the screen. He does this twice.

Fighting Stance

  • Ridley leans forward, hunched over, and with his hands almost scrapping the ground. His head is always moving and his mouth opens and closes.

Idle Stances

  • Ridley snaps his mouth a couple of times.
  • He slams his tail on the ground.

Audience Cheer

  • RID-LEE!!!!! RID-LEE!!!!

Kirby Hat

  • The top of Ridley’s hat and miniature form of the wings.
  • Ridley’s Palette Swap
  • Ridley’s DLC Costumes

Ridley`s Move Set

Standard Moves

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – Slashes once with his claw, slashes again with his other claw, and then stabs with his tal. The last attack is average range and can shield poke. The first and second slash both does 5% while the tail poke does around 10% damage. It is a good jab attack but the second slash has a much shorter distance than the first slash and may not connect to farther opponents. It knocks the opponent horizontally.
  • Dash Attack – Ridley propels hismelf forward with his wings and his mouth wide open. He then does two barrel rolls while in the air. Hitting the opponent at the head does 8& damage while hitting the opponent while in the spin does 5% damage. It knocks opponents upwards during the spin attack.
  • Strong Side – Stomps forward with his leg. It has a slight shake effect. It does 8% damage but it has a short reach. It knocks opponents upwards and puts them into a slight hit stun. It has a slight ending lag and is best to combo into when opponents have a high percentage.
  • Strong Up – Extends his neck upwards and bites down hard. It has a long reach but the hit box is at the mouth so it can easily miss closer opponents. It does 13% damage and is on eof the stronger tilts. It knocks opponents upwards. Ridley suffers from slight start up leg but viritually no ending lag. It is a great attack to combo into.
  • Strong Down – Spins around on the ground and etxends out his tail. Itonly does 5% damage and is a fairly weak down tilt. However, it can trip opponents if sweetspotted. It also has a long range and can hit closer opponents. It does horizontal knockback when tripping doesn`t occur. However, the knock back is weak and is not considered a good KO move.
  • Side Smash – Ridley stretches his neck out and starts snapping like crazy. It can do up to 6 hits with 2-3% damage each hit. It can do 12%-18% damage. Much like his Up Tilt, it has a extended hit box and will completely miss opponents who are too close. It does the most amount of knockback and the last hit and will throw opponents up into the air.
  • Up Smash – Raises his head slightly up and shoots up a blast of plasma that has a burning fire effect. It has good reach and is one of the most dependable Smash attacks and a good KO move. It does between 15-20% Fire damage and knocks opponents vertically. It has high knock back; even at lower percentages and can be used to combo opponents in the air.
  • Down Smash – Ridley spins in a circle while emitting plasma bursts. It can hit on both sides at 13-19% Fire damage. However, it does not cause opponents to be carried along with the attack. It burns opponents and knocks them back horizontally. It has a slight ending lag.
  • Ledge Attack – Pulls himself from the ledge and slams his body into the opponent. It does 5% damage.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Ridley slowly climbs up and then, using his wings, propels himself over the ledge and blasts plasma onto the opponent. It does 10% Fire damage.
  • Floor Attack – Does a quick tail poke. It does 4% damage. Very quick, long range, but little knock back.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Spins in a circle while extending his tail. Ridley does 3 full rotations quickly. It attacks on all sides and can even cancel out some weaker attacks. It has good priosirty. It does 4% damage each hit and is capable of doing 5 hits during the attack. It is a strong attack that has little start up or ending lag.
  • Forward Aerial – Ridley slashes forward with one claw and then slashes with the other claw. A quick attack that has zero ending lag. Each attack does 6% damage and almost always connects. It is a very strong attack and launches opponents diagonally up.
  • Back Aerial – Thrusts his tail behind him. It can sweetspotted and does 15% more knock back. if sweetspotted, it does 18% damage, if sour-spotted, it does 12% damage. It can sweetspot with practice and has a decent reach. It is a good killing move but it leaves Ridley unprotected from the front.
  • Up Aerial – Ridley propels himself slightly upward while spinning (much like his dash attack). However, he encases himself in fire. It does 15% Fire damage and does vertical knock back. It has good killing potential and is fairly fast. It also be used as a recovery move but it only porpels himself straight up. It has a slight ending and start up lag but it is still a move with good dependability and priortiy.
  • Down Aerial – Takes both clasws, strikes them downwards, and brings them upwards like a uppercut. The move actually throws opponents up into the air. The first strike does 6% while the second does 10% and vertical knock back. It is a quick attack and zero ending lag so to allow Ridley to combo into it from above. It is a great attack to bring a grounded opponent/opponent from below up into th air.
  • Glide Attack – Stops slightly, charges up, and then propels himself while snapping his jaws. Sicne Ridley`s head is close to him at this time, it is a very good move. It is a very strong glide attack that tosses opponents up into the air. It does 14% damage.

Grabs and Throws

  • Throw: Ridley bites the opponent and holds the opponent in his jaws.
  • Pummel – Bites down. slow but powerful pummel. It does 3% damage.
  • Forward Throw – Blasts the opponent out from his mouth with a blast of plasma. It has average horizontal knock back and does 10% Fire damage.
  • Back Throw – Shakes the opponent back and forth and then spits them out from behind him. It does 7% damage and horizontal knock back.
  • Up Throw – Swings his head down and swings it up while launching the opponent upwards. It does vertical knock back but only does 5% damage; one of his weaker throws.
  • Down Throw – Jumps up and shoots th eopponent into the ground. It is almost a guranteed spike. It does 9% damage and does above average vertical knock back.

Stage: Magical Kingdom

Name: Magical Forest

Universe: For the Frog the Bell Tolls

Debut: Super Smash Bros. 4

Size: Large

Hazards: 3 (out of 5)

Availability: Starter

Magical Forest hails from the “For the Frog the Bell Tolls” and Prince Sable’s home stage. It is a forest filled with magical wonders and surprises. Expect to find many fantastical wonders, exotic beasts, and treasures.


Magical Forests appears to be an earthen outcrop that rises in the middle of the forest. On the right side, there is a slightly leveled stage that gently rolls to the left. On the left hand side there is a layered hill that rises up. There are wooden platforms on the sides. On the very top is a rickety wooden tower that players can climb on top of. On the very far right, off from the main stage is a large mushroom that players can bounce off from.

The background has a beautiful forest with a bubbling brook and clumps of mushrooms dot the landscape. Light shines through the trees and it looks really peaceful. After about 40 seconds, two moving platforms appear over the right side and move up and down. However, when the sun begins to sink and night starts to come, monsters and beasts come out to stalk. Several monsters will appear and stalk the stage while attacking the stage. However, besides that, the night is extremely beautiful and stunning. Stars pop out and crickets chirp in the background.
/. \
/___. ___\
|. |
|. |
|____|. ____
/. \__. ____. ___. (____)
/. \. |. |
/. \_____~~~___~~~_. |. |
|. |. |


Monsters stalk onto the stage at night and will attack players as long as it’s night. Some of the monsters that appear are wolves, skeletons, slugs, spiked beetles, vultures, werewolves, giant spiders, or treants. The treants do the most damage to players. Additionally, the giant mushroom can bounce you in the wrong direction.



My Thoughts

Pokémon: Arceus

Name: Arceus

Universe: Pokèmon


Move Used: Judgement

Rarity: Rare

Availability: Unlockable

Arceus is the Alpha Pokémon and is a Psychic type. It is a very powerful Pokémon that is said to have created Shinnoh or even the entire Pokémon universe.

Arceus performs Judgement. He releases a energy ball that travels to the above the center of stage and then rains energy beams onto the stage. The type of damage depends entirely on what element the player who summoned him is. The attack lasts around 6 minutes and does 15% damage for every hit. It is a very damaging move and can almost OHKO any opponent as low as 20%.

Game Mode: Special Smash

Special Brawl returns with a new name, Special Smash (until the official name is revealed). Special Smash has both returning and new options for players!

The Modes

Stamina: 500%/300%/Stamina
Size: Mega/Mini
Head: Flower/Bunny/Vanish Cap
Body: Metal/S.M.G.M.A.W.U.
Status: Curry/Reflect/Watermelon
Gravity: Light/Heavy
Speed: Slow/Fast
Controls: Inverted/Random
Camera: Fixed/Angled
Lighting: Red/Blue/Green/Monochrome/Sepia/Inverted/Strobe/Rotation

500% is much like the 300% stamina but higher.

Vanish Cap is a mode that completely turns the opponent invisible.

S.M.G.M.A.W.U. is a mode that gives the player a S.M.G.M.A.W.U. throughout the entire match.

Watermelon gives the player the watermelon affect throughout the match.

Inverted is a new mode that inverts the controls so up is down and down is up.

Random is a new mode that randomizes buttons. For example, up might be a bumper button while Side B may be Right.

Red/Blue/Green gives the screen a colored tint.

Monochrome turns the screen into gray tones.

Sepia gives the screen a yellow and brown tint.

Invert inverts the original colors along with the players. Everything is inverted.

Strobe causes the screen to have a strobe effect. May cause epilepsy!

Rotation causes colors on the screen to rotate and change between red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, and orange.

Boss: Giygas

Name: Giygas

Universe: Earthbound

Debut: Mother/Earthbound

Boss Type: Offensive, Aerial

Element Alignment: Dark, Wind

Chapter: ?

-Boss Sphere-

Rarity: Rare

Type: Attack

Duration: 10 seconds

The Galactic Usurper

Giygas has 300HP and is heavily resilent to flinching and knock back attacks.  Giygas first appears within his Devil`s Machine, much like how Porkey Minch was in SSBB.  It will travel about the stage via teleportation.  Ocassionally, Giygas will cause random reality snaps to occur.  These attacks do 15% dark damage and high knock back.  They burst randomly through the stage and cause a warp effect where it hits.  When a character is hit by it, the character usually becomes still and then is knocked back.  If it gets hit, it will immediately teleport.  The main way to attack it is to wait until it does the reality snap attack, and then attack.  With hope, it will teleport into one of the reality snaps which will cause it to fall to the ground.  Begin attacking it.  After Giygas is reduced to 150 HP, it will release itself from the Devil`s Machine.

It will then fire psyhic like beams that bends reality.  It has a vacuum effect if a opponent is too close.  After firing several of these attacks in succession, it will then begin floating about the stage.  It will then form a purple like ball that will follow the opponent wherever they go.  It is a slower projectile and will always follow the player.  Giygas will then cause walls to form thus hindering the player.  The ball can pass through these walls though.  The best option is to cause the ball to hit Giygas by causing it to ram into him by getting close and moving at the last second.  Being hit by the ball does 35% Dark damage.

Once Giygas gets down to 50% HP, he will do his Final Smash.  He will float to the center of the room and the entire stage will begin to warp and twist.  Suddenly, a bright purple burst will shoot through Giygas and the entire stage will explode in a massive space-time warp.  It can OHKO an opponent who is near 40% health.  It is a massive attack that deals massive amounts of damage.  However, afrter this attack, Giygas loses 20% of his attack power and speed and flinches from attacks.

Boss Sphere

Giygas appears and immediately does his Final Smash.  It does a high amount of damage and knock back to players caught in the attack.  It does 75% damage at the center of attack and decreases by 10% damage by how far away the opponents are.  The attack lasts around 8 seconds and begins fading away.  Giygas then screams and vanishes in a reality warp.

Quite an Adventure

So the past week was eventful…

I was just about to buy a car when the car dealership pulled out so I have to start over looking for a cheap car.

I lost my iPhone last Tuesday and finally received it last Friday from the police.

I had to get surgery on my foot because in my search for the lost phone, I broke a drinking glass and stepped on it.

I had to help plan a birthday party and host it for my girlfriend’s best friend on Saturday.

My computer entirely broke down. I have a new one coming today between 6 and 10 pm.

The Internet company came and installed optic fiber into my apartment. But they ran into a problem and ended up staying drilling and stuff in my apartment until 9.

So it’s been a hectic week so I have no new updates and I lost a good portion of my data concerning the blog :/