Veteran: Link

An island floats above the lands; a island of solitude and happiness. Everyone goes about their day of chores, play, and work. However, a light breeze turns into a storm. Before, long a tempest rages around the island with shrieking winds and flying debris. Just as soon as the storm came, it left leaving nothing and taking everything. The once happy and lively floating island was empty of laughter, voices, and people. . The wind, once a beautiful melody in the air, is gone and only silence remains. In the middle of the silence is a young man wearing peculiar clothes: a green tunic, a green hat, and brown boots. On his back is a sturdy shield and in his hand; a powerful sword to fight off evil. The young man looks up to the darkening sky where a strange floating mechanical island sits, like a vulture, upon the sky. The young man calls for his faithful bird, a loftwing, to pursue the mechanical island in the sky.

Name: Link

Universe: Legend of Zelda

First Game: The Legend of Zelda (1986)

Element Alignment: Wind

Purpose for Fighting: Courage

Availability: Starter

Link returns in Super Smash Bros. 4 as a starting character. He is the mascot and representative of Legend of Zelda so he has a guaranteed in SSB4. Link, in SSB, has always been updated to fit his current look (OoT for SSB, SSBM, and TP for SSBB). Therefore, it is only logical for Link to appear as the Skyward Sword version of Link. This would not only affect his appearance but his move set as well. This means different weapons and tools that Link uses while he fights.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

First off, I propose a new move set, both special, basic, and smashes to bump Link from the bottom to the top.

The first change is the removal of Link’s Gale Boomerang from Twilight Princess and replace it with the Quick Beetle. An explanation will follow.

The second change is to change the horrible recovery move “Spin Attack” to a more reliable recovery move. This attack travels more horizontally than the original spin attack. It is based off it’s Skyward Sword version. Links Sacred Bow does 1% more damage and has higher knock back a higher levels than before. Link’s Bombs have also changed. Besides looking more alike SS bombs, Link can now throw over his head or roll them. Standing or jumping while throwing will cause a overhead chuck while crouching or dashing while throwing will cause Link to roll the bomb.

Several attacks have been changed as well. His Up Tilt, Fair, and Baird all received damage and knock back buffs. His old smash attacks have been completely trashes in favor for Skyward Strikes based attacks. Link can also now Clawshot tether out of his new Spin Attack and then Double Clawshot to another visible ledge. It can also hit mid-air opponents and cause temporary helpless fall animation.

Link’s Special B Moveset:

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash: Triforce Slash
  • Final Melee: Lightning Sword
  • Final Brawl: Hero of Time


Sacred Bow acts much like the Hero Bow but it flies farther the longer you hold than the Hero Bow. As well, if you let it charge to the max, it will add a “Drilling effect” that can pierce through weakened shields. It can now cancel other projectiles but only when fully charged.

Quick Beetle acts much like Snake’s remote missile in that it can be controlled by Link. It can used in many different ways so it is a very versatile move. One way is to pick up items and bring them to link. The Quick Beetle is, well, quick so just scoop up any item and direct it to Link to pick up. If the Beetle is damaged or hits a object, it may drop that object. It can also attack opponents and hold them. Once the Quick Beetle latches on to the opponent, it ceases the connection with Link allowing him to attack the trapped opponent. A trapped opponent has a higher knockback than un-trapped. It can also halt opponents in mid air and cause them to fall on the ground. However, opponents can struggle (move, dodge, shield, air dodge, or attack) to knock off the Quick Beetle. Additionally, Link can pick up items and drop them by pressing B. Link can bombard opponents with explosive items this way.

Spin Attack is similar to the original Spin Attack but travels higher and more vertically since Link travels in an arc. It does around 6 hits with little knock back. Each hit does 2% damage each hit. The final hit does the most knock back if it connects; much like the original Spin Attack. At the last animation, Link can Clawshot at a ledge as a second recovery but, if he misses, he is in a helpless state. When down on the ground, Link flips over with his sword in hand much like in Skyward Sword. It can be charged for even larger cutting arc.

Triforce Slash is Link’s Final Smash. It has the same properties as in SSBB.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Link holds up his hand and the Triforce of Courage blazes forth. He then rushes forward (like in the SSBB debut trailer), and the Triforce shines around him.

Lighting Sword is Link’s Final Melee. Lighting begins to strike the battlefield which causes 5% damage to any players hit by it. Link raises his sword by pressing A which will direct a lightning bolt to his sword. He then can fire a electrical blast at a player by pressing A again. This blast hits 3-5 times with 10% damage for each hit. Pressing A will cause Link to raise his sword to guide lightning to it again.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Link thrusts up his sword and lighting strikes down on the sword. The Master Sword then begins to glow with electrical energy,

Hero of Time is Link’s Final Brawl. is sword to the right and then to the left. He then stands up, holds the sword in front of his face so the Triforce symbol shows on the swords hilt and then thrusts it upwards. Link rushes the opponent and smashes his shield into his face. He then turns around and elbow jabs the opponent and then performs a strong slash attack like his forward smash attack. The opponent gets knocked away but is then grabbed by Link’s hookshot which draws him or her back to Link. Link instantly smashes the sword’s hilt into the opponent; spiking him to the ground for a high vertical knock back. It has a high potential as a KO move. It deals between 55-68% damage.

    Proposed Stage: Skyloft

    Proposed New Taunt(s)

    • NEW Up – Link thrusts his hand in the air and the sound bit of when Link finds a item plays.
    • NEW Right – Link takes out the Goddess’s Harp and plays a quick tune on it.

    Proposed New Stage Entrance – Link’s Crimson Loftwing swoops in from the top left of the screen, hovers for a second to allow Link to jump down to the ground and unsheathe his sword.

    Proposed New Palette Swap

    Link's Brown Palette Swap

    Proposed Buy-able Costumes

    Novice Clothes (from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

    • Attributes: Bolsters Link’s Wind attack damage by 15%, resists Electricity damage by 5%, and Link’s jumps are 2% higher than before.

    Magic Armor (from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

    • Attributes: Damage Link takes is cut by 35% but, every minute, it occurs 15% damage, his jump height decreases by 2%, and his defense increases by 8%.

    Current Link Moveset (Taken from SmashWikia)

    Changes made in BOLD

    Ground Attack

    • Neutral attack – Swipes his sword across his body (can jab lock), second swipe goes outwards (has lots of hitstun, allowing to be comboed into many of his moves) and the third hit is a stab forward. Loosely based off of Link’s final blow to Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The first 2 hits are great when jab canceled, as it can lead into his grab, up b, down smash or even to Jab again if the opponent doesn’t Smash DI out of it. First hit can jab lock characters laying on the ground, which Bomb footstool fast falled Nair can set-up at lower percents. First slash does 4%, second does 3%, and the stab does 5%.
    • Dash attack – Swings sword from head to toe. Good combo starter. Does 12% normally, 10% if hit with the tip of the sword, and 11% if hit at very close range.
    • Strong Side – An overhead swipe. Does 13% damage and is an efficient kill move at higher damages.
    • Strong Up – Swings sword in an arc. It is quick and does 10% damage and has good range and knockback. Good for juggling heavy opponents at low percentage.
    • Strong Down – Swipes sword across ground. Does 12% damage. Meteor smashes aerial opponents in contact with Link’s body, and opponents hanging on a ledge. Unlike Ike‘s strong down, Link’s strong down is more difficult to use as a meteor smash.
    • Side Smash – Swings his sword forward in a horizontal strike. Charging it is a simple sword strike and does 13% damage however, charging it will release a Skyward Strike which will travel slightly forward and be a long distance attack. The strike travels for 2 seconds after releasing. Fully charged does 15-20% damage depending the distance the attack travels; closer causing more damage. It can be canceled by higher priority attacks.
    • Up Smash – Link stabs his sword up like his Up Aerial. It greatly resembles his Skyward Strike charge animation in Skyward Sword. It does 14% damage uncharged and does 14-18% fully charged. Much like Link’s other smash attacks, it does a Skyward Strike. This one travels upwards and provide high vertical knock back. It can be canceled by higher priority attacks.
    • Down Smash – Link does a grounded Spin Attack that resembles his original spin attack. It does 14% uncharged and 14-23% fully charged. It has one of the widest damage percentage in the game. Fully charged does a full 360 Skyward Strike that can guard himself against mid-property attacks. Link is given Super Armor during this attack which protects him from knock back but only during the attack animation. It has a far reaching attack that can be canceled if hit directly but it has medium-high priority.
    Other attacks
    • Ledge attack – Pulls himself up into a front flip and slices downward. Does 8% damage.
    • 100% ledge attack – Slowly climbs up and stabs in front of him. Does 10% damage.
    • Floor attack – Does two slashes front and back. Does 6% damage.

    Aerial Attacks

    • Nair – Does a flying jump-kick. 6% normally, 10%, sweetspotted. Sex kick. Good priority. Has almost no landing lag at all.
    • Fair – Swings his sword twice while spinning 360 degrees. Second hit has great knockback, though the first hit only set ups the second hit at very low percentages, making it hard to use as a killing move. First hit, 10%. Second hit, 12%.
    • Bair – Does a two kick combo. First kick does 5%, second does 9%. Has almost no landing lag, 1st hit truly combos into his Up Tilt. Can combo into many of his throws and other moves.
    • Uair – Thrusts his sword upward, just like the upward thrust attack in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Long duration and can Star KO at higher damages, though it has fairly slow start-up (15 frames), little horizontal range and significantly high ending lag, with 30 frames landing lag. 15% in the first several frames, 13% in the rest with slightly lower knockback.
    • Dair – A very powerful finisher that can K.O. as low as 75% or as low as 55-60 if hit with the activation frame (which has a lot of stun power as well as knockback.). Extremely high landing lag if missed (51 frames), leaving him open to some slow, powerful moves. Holds his sword downward, this time based off of the downward thrust from Zelda II. Can bounce off when the attack lands, scoring an additional hit. Hitting during the very start deals 22% with very high knockback,hitting a right after activation frame does 22 as well but without significant knockback, hitting in later frames deals 17% with still high knockback, although less than the 22% one. Bouncing after hitting an opponent or their shield deals 8% damage with little knockback. Can’t be auto-canceled in flat plataforms, even if started at the highest height jump and double jump combined (though it can from a ledge jump). However, it is very spammable in stages like Norfair, where it can be easily auto canceled, especially against characters without a disjointed aerial that outranges it vertically (to completely outprioritize it). A Bomb footstool canceled can truelly set-up the Dair. The pogo effect can be canceled by a fast fall, though it doesn’t affect the power of the Dair. Link learns a similar-looking move in Twilight Princess, which is called the Ending Blow; used as a finishing move, the attack was used to defeat Ganondorf.
    • Zair – Fires his Clawshot forward, scoring two hits. Has no landing lag at all. Can be used as a tether recovery. First hit, 4%. Second hit, 6%. Very useful for spacing, and stopping approaches against taller characters. This move can rack up serious damage over a short period of time. It also is links most effective set up move and combo move and can set up into almost all of his moves due to no landing lag. This tether recovery can be used to save Link from a KO at extremely high damages ranging up to even higher than 300%. This can be done by simply air dodging and then immediately using Zair (or pressing Z twice or more) after getting hit by an attack that can semi-spike, such as Fox‘s, Jigglypuff‘s, or Zelda‘s Down Smashes. Link’s Zair can also be used while a bomb is held to cancel an airdodge, which also allows him to Tether recover or attack with a Bomb still in hand allowing for even more options. Link has the 2nd longest Zair in Brawl, though is only a bit shorter than Samus‘.

    Grabs & Throws

    • Grab – Holds opponent with his right hand after grabbing them with the Clawshot. The Clawshot is much faster than before and decreases ending lag time. Additionally, Link can tether grab a ledge and than hang on while aiming his second Clawshot to attach to another ledge. The second Clawshot is much faster than the first. It also does 3% damage if it hits a opponent in mid-air and can cause a temporary helpless affect if they are in the first or second jump.
    • Pummel – Hits opponent with the hilt of the Master Sword. A fairly fast pummel. Does 2% damage.
    • Forward Throw – Lets go of foe then kicks them, football punt style. Does 7% damage.
    • Back Throw – Throws foe back then back kicks. Does 7% damage.
    • Down Throw – Throws foe down then elbow drops them. If Link and Toon Link use their down throw on Jigglypuff it will only do 4% damage. This is because their down throw hits twice and Jigglypuff is too light to get hit on the first strike (as the second strike does 4 damage and the first does 3). Does 7% damage.
    • Up Throw – Throws foe a very short distance above him, then slashes. Guaranteed KO at 160%. Does 7% damage.


    • Down: Link’s mysterious taunt from the original. He pulls his knee to his chest and draws his sword back behind his head. May be loosely based off of Link’s attacking pose from Zelda II.
    • Left Side: Takes out Navi, a fairy, who will fly around him.

    My Thoughts

    I really support Skyward Sword Link being the main Link in SSB4. He is much different than both TP and WW Link in terms of appearance and even weapons. Skyward Sword includes new weapons such as Gust Bellows, Whip, and the Groosenator. I am also for Link being un-nerfed. I propose that by a more powerful chargeable A attack, a more reliable Up B attack, as well as a powerful arrow attack.


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