Veteran: Bowser

The castle glowed violently red and flashes of lightning seared the sky. Inside though, the castle was strangely quiet despite the storm that was hammering against the walls. Every so often, a quiver would run up the walls but…it was quiet. Suddenly, the castle began to shake and cracks began to form up and down the walls and floor. Lava seeped through the cracks and, like a flood, burst through; consuming everything in its path. Slowly, the castle began to fall into the pools of lava. But a lone figure could be seen flying from the tumbling rubble. A large, horned beast in a Koopa Clown Car can be seen flying off a large mechanical isle that lies hovering above the smoking wreckage that was once a castle.

Bowser from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Bowser

Universe: Mario

Debut: Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Element Alignment: Fire

Purpose for Fighting: Dominion

Affinity: Bad

Availability: Starter

Bowser first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a heavy-weight fighter who was buffed up in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He focuses on heavy hitting physical attacks to punish his opponents. He is both the largest and heaviest Character in SSB so he is difficult to KO but is an easy target compared to more smaller characters.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Bowser’s power and strength is his strongest asset. However, Bowser’s speed and hugeness is his weak point. Many of Bowser’s moves have received buffs; in particular his Forward A smash which causes an explosion when fully charged. In addition, Bowser Bomb and his Side Smash has Super Armor so Bowser won’t flinch while taking damage.

Special B Move Set

    • B – Flame Breath
    • Side B – Flying Slam
    • Up B – Whirling Fortress
    • Down B – Bowser Bomb

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Koopa Clown Car
  • Final Melee – Giga Bowser
  • Final Brawl – Koopa King


Koopa Clown Car is Bowser`s new Final Smash. Bowser hops in his Koopa Clown Car, floats above the stage, and unleashes a fire tornado that connects to the lowest possible platform on the stage. A giant fire tornado erupts and engulfs the stage (half od the stage in large, all the stage if small). Does around 63-68% damage plus 10% fire damage with the right perks.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Bowser roars and jumps high in the air. he safely laughs into his flying Koopa Clown Car and begins laughing.

Giga Bowser is Bowser`s new Final Melee. It remains the same as before.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Bowser lurches forward and stumbles to the ground. His pupils dilate and grow blood shot. His body begins to tremble and grow until, through a massive transformation, he becomes Giga Bowser.

Koopa King is Bower`s Final Brawl move. Bowser roars and bares his fangs at the opponent. Heat starts rising from his body and he then slams his tail onto the ground. The ground starts to shake and lava and fire bursts up. It rises high into the sky and takes the form of Bowser. It then crashes down onto the opponent in a fury of fire and consumes everything. Bowser roars and turns away to face the camera. Does around 80-85% Fire damage and average knock back.

Proposed Stage – Bowser`s Castle

Proposed New Taunt(s)

  • NEW Left Side – Bowser steps forward with one leg, clenches his fist, shakes it, and roars at the opponent.

Proposed New Palette Swap

Gray Bowser

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Mario Strikes Bowser (from Super Mario Strikers Charged)

  • Attributes: Physical damage increases by 18%, speed increases by 6%, and basic A attacks has a 2.5% increased range.

Dry Bowser (from New Super Mario Bros.)

  • Attributes: 10% lighter, physical damage increases by 8%, defense increases by 10%, and throws damage increases by 6%.

Current Bowser Move Set (taken from the SmashWikia)
Changes are in BOLD

Ground Attacks

    • Standard Attack – Two quick claw swipes. 6% per swipe. Good priority cancels out many projectiles helping out against campy characters.
    • Dash Attack – Running headbutt. Has good vertical knockback. 13%. Horrid ending lag makes this move easily punishable.
    • Strong Side – Punches while leaning his body forward. Can be aimed up or down. Similar to Wario 12%. Has decent KO potential at later percentages.
    • Strong Up – Swats the air above him. A decent juggling move given its priority. 14%. This is also a very powerful KO move and can KO lightweights at about 70% given its surprising speed.
    • Strong Down – Claw swipes while crouched. Does two hits. First hit is 15%, second is 12%. High knockback for its kind with speed make this another speedy KO move.
      • Side Smash – Rears back and then performs a very strong headbutt. Two hits. Fully charged first hit does 16% damage, second hit right after does 34% (total of 46% damage). This makes it the most damaging side smash in the game. If used correctly this can prevent shield grabbing. A highly shield damaging move with enough shieldstun to help prevent countering. The very last hit does Fire damage and has a small explosion effect.
      • Up Smash – Pounces on all fours and jumps straight up, hitting with his shell. Opponents who only shield his jump will be hit by him landing. Very high knockback. Fully charged does 30% damage.
      • Down Smash – Retracts into his shell and spins. Limited suction. Multi-hit attack that does up to 31% damage fully charged. Very high knockback.
      • Ledge attack – Quickly spins onto the stage, then retreats back a bit. 8% damage.
      • 100% ledge attack – Slowly climbs onto stage, and does a quick claw jab. 11% damage.
      • Floor attack – Slams body forward, then back. Does two hits. Both hits do 6% damage.
      • Trip attack – Gets up while facing backwards, and does a claw swipe that brings him facing forward. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

      • Neutral Aerial – Spins around inside his shell. 17% damage with low knockback that has very low KO potential.
      • Forward Aerial – Slashes in the air in front rather quickly. 15% damage. Decent knockback with surprising speed.
      • Back Aerial – Thrusts out his shell behind him. High knockback. 14% damage. High ending lag on the ground. It also slides Bowser slightly forward thus aiding in recovery.
      • Up Aerial – Swings his head upward with a little but noticable startup lag but little ending lag in the air. 19% damage with incredibly high knockback make it one of the best up airs in the game in power. High ending lag on the ground.
      • Down Aerial – Retracts into his shell and spins himself into the ground. Limited shockwave if hits the ground. It can Meteor Smash when hit by the last hit, but it’s weak and overall not recommended. Multi-hit attack that does up to 23% damage. High aerial lag and ground lag.

Grabs & Throws

      • Pummel – Hits foe with his head. 4% damage. Very slow pummel.
      • Forward Throw – Launches foe forward using his head. 13% damage. Decent knockback, but will rarely KO.
      • Back Throw – Turns around, and tosses foe forward. 12% damage. Decent knockback and better at KOs than forward throw, but still rarely KOs.
      • Up Throw – Bowser tosses foe upwards, retreats into his shell, and spins, damaging the foe with his spikes. 13% damage. Decent but set knockback.
      • Down Throw – Sets opponent on floor, then flings himself forward, performing a body slam on his opponent. 14% damage.


      • Up: Throws his head back and roars.
      • Right Side: Snaps furiously forward five times.
      • Down: Balances precariously on one leg.

Stage Entrance – Emerges from a pillar of flame

My Thoughts

Bowser could be buffed up in terms of speed and jumping height since those seems to be his disadvantages.


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