Newcomer: Saki

A war torn city is gripped by fear. Gunfire, explosions, cries of help echo throughout the fallen city. The war has all but taken the life from this city that is wreathed in smoke. A figure jumps out of the smoke onto a broken intersection and runs down it when a sudden aircraft looms in front of him. The figure, the world’s savior, ducks out of the way just in time as the aircraft opens fire. But, just then, a surge of plasma appears and rips the aircraft in half. Another purple plasma beam rips through another aircraft which crashes into another interaction. All around the city, plasma beams rips through the already destroyed buildings, houses, and roads. It seemed like the entire sky shooting out the beams. The world’s savior heaves up his Cannon Sword and stares into the sky. A sudden burst of purple rushes past him but he stands unfazed. It stares at a floating mechanical isle with plasma energy glowing all around it. The world’s savior rushes down the intersection, jumps onto a aircraft, and throws out the pilot. The world’s savior then sets his sights to the floating isle and it’s plasma beams.

Saki from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Saki Amamiya

Universe: Sin and Punishment

Debut: Sin and Punishment: Successor of Earth(2000)

Element Alignment: Lightning

Affinity: Good

Purpose for Fighting: Survival

Availability: Starter

Saki comes to the Smash party not as an Assist Trophy but as a gun-totting beam saber wielding savior of the world! He carries the world’s weight on his shoulders yet he just shrugs it off with his amazing acrobatic skills and gun-toting abilities. Saki hails from Sin and Punishment: Successor of Earth. Saki can amazing acrobatic skills that allows him to dominate the air and bring would-be air fighters to the ground. He can attack from distance or close rang so, in reality, he is a all-around fighter!

Saki`s Stats

Power: **
Weight: **
Defense: ***
Speed: *****
Jump: *****
Recovery: ****
Element: ***

Saki’s best stats are in Speed, Jump, and Recovery. Saki, while only possessing two normal jumps and a recovery move, can easily move through the air as well as Kirby or Jigglypuff. Many of his attacks allow Saki to slightly hover in the air while performing some attacks. Saki also does well on the ground with dash attacks and grabs but his true fighting potential shines while in the air. Saki is able to use both a beam saber and a gun called a Cannon Sword. This allows Saki to switch between close and long distance attacks. Saki also has a very high jump that allows him to close the distance in the air. However, Saki’s attacks, while very fast, are not as strong as other characters. As well, he is a light weight so he can be easily juggled/KO’dby stronger characters.

Saki`s Special B Move Set

  • B – Cannon Sword
  • Side B – Dashing Strike
  • Up B – Bullet Storm
  • Down B – Manual/Target Lock-On

The Final Trio


Cannon Sword allows Saki to pull out his gun and, while holding down B, release a stream of bullets. However, once the ammo is depleted, Saki must wait to it can restock itself. His gun has twenty rounds of ammo until it runs out. Cannon Sword can be altered by Saki’s Down B move Manual/Target Lock On which will be explained in detail then. Opponents stand stand next to Saki when he pulls out his Cannon Sword receive 5% damage with medium knock back. Saki can shoot ammo while jumping, running, crouching, or crawling.

Dashing Strike causes Saki to rush in a straight line for 3 seconds. It can also be used as a recovery move however. Additionally, Saki can wall jump if he lands near a wall and reset his second jump. If a opponent is hit by this attack, Saki will pause and the opponent will be electrocuted. This exchange happens for 2 seconds. It has a high vertical and horizontal knock back as well as KO potential but a slow lag after wards. If Saki hits a opponent in mid air, there will be no free fall allowing him to move, attack, or dodge after the initial attack. Does 14-17% damage.

Bullet Storm causes Saki to jump in the air in a display of acrobatic prowess. During the attack, Saki will release a hail of bullets (usually around six rounds of ammo) which will spray in different directions. Each bullet does 10% damage. It has very low KO potential but it is one of the highest recovery moves for a non-flying character.

Manual/Auto Lock On allows Saki to switch ammo types. Manual ammo is stronger, slower, or only moves in a straight line. When performing any attack that requires a gun, it will use up ammo. The gun can carry only 20 rounds of ammo of each ammo type and then needs 30 seconds to recharge that ammo type. Target Lock On ammo is faster, weaker, but automatically locks on to the closest opponent unless they are too far away or can obstacle lies in the way. For example, a player playing as Saki uses up his Manual ammo so, in order to perform the other attacks, he has to switch to Target Lock On Ammo to fight. If the player runs out of both ammo, he has to rely on grabs and physical based attacks with the beam sword. Saki begins flashing red when the ammo has 3 rounds left. Once Saki runs out of his bullets, his gun flashes red as well.

Manual ammo does 3% damage. Manual ammo is slow but strong and recharges faster while Auto Lock-On Ammo does 2% damage and is faster, but weaker and recharges slower. As well, Auto Lock On ammo does not stun opponents much like Fox’s lasers in Melee. Thus, Manual Ammo does 60% damage when fully used while Auto Lock On does 40% damage when fully used.

It takes roughly 3 seconds for Saki to switch ammo and can be down in mid-air. If Saki is KO’d or falls of the stage, all his ammo goes back to 20/20. Every attack save for his Final Smash, Final Melee, and Final Brawl use ammo.

Infinity Lock is Saki’s Final Smash. Saki locks on all the opponents and begins firing away with a blast of bullets They are all homing Auto Lock On and take up no ammo; manual or lock on. The opponents can be juggled in this fashion. The attack will hit an opponent at least 4 times per second with damage ranging from 3-5% over 6 second period thus causing between 72-120%.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Saki jumps up with impressive agility and lands down. he cocks his guns and points them at the screen and says Here I come!

Ruffian Transformation is Saki’s Final Melee. Saki transforms into a Ruffian, a super being that resembles a robot. View the video here at 5:18. Saki gains a huge amount of bonuses which include +20% damage, +20 speed, and +20 damage resistance and doesn’t flinch. Saki can release powerful energy blasts from his guns by pressing A that travel across the field and causes between 30-45% damage. Near the end of the Final Melee, Saki will stop and a massive shock wave will shoot from his body resulting in an additional 10% damage with a high knock back.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Saki snaps his finger and he steps forward; instantly changing from Saki to his Ruffian form.

Successor of Earth is Saki’s Final Brawl. Saki begins to fire short bursts of gunfire at the opponent. However, he teleports between firing so he shoots at different spots. He does this four times before vanishing altogether. He then appears above the opponent and crashes down with his beam saber drawn. He slices the opponent and a gigantic X appears behind the opponent. Saki then says “Mission complete”.

Proposed Stage: City Ruins

Proposed Taunts

  • Left – Saki twirls his gun in his fingers and says “Is that all you’ve got?”
  • Right – Saki ruffles his hair in the back and kicks at the ground and sighs.
  • Up – Saki points his gun dramatically at different points and then raises it next to his head and says “Time to move!”
  • Down – He puts one foot out and leans on a knee with his elbow with his gun hanging listlissy at his side. He then says “C’mom, I don’t have all day.”

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Saki transforms into his Ruffian self and jets out of the screen.
  • Saki jumps, spins, in the air and lands in a crouching stance. he then says “Mission Accomplished”.
  • Saki is sitting on the ground, taking a rest. His gun rests in one hand as it hangs down between his knees. He then smiles.

Victory Theme

  • The “Victory Theme” but made to sound very techno and dubsteppish.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Comes zooming down from a lift platform seen in the games and flips off it. He then un holsters his gun.

Audience Cheer

  • Let`s go, Saki! Let`s go, Saki!

Idle Moves

  • Saki takes his gun and checks it.
  • Saki cracks his neck twice.

Kirby Hat

  • Saki`s yellow hair cut and pony tail.

Proposed Palette Swap

  • Blue Saki – Made to look like his son, Isa Jo.
  • Golden Saki –
  • Black Saki -Made to look like Airan Jo.
  • Red Saki –
  • Green Saki – Made to look like Achi.

Buy-able Costume

Isa Jo Costume (from Sin and Punishment: Star Successor)

  • Attributes: 10% speed increase, 5% jump increase, falling speed is decreased by 4% while his attacks take longer to execute allowing him to stay in the air longer.

Saki`s Move Set

Ground Moves


  • Neutral Attack – Delivers three hits. One is a short saber strike that does 2% damage, a second stronger hit with a long reach that does 3% damage, and then a final attack where Saki begins shooting the opponent. Holding down the A button allows Saki to continue shooting. It does damage depending on the ammo being used. A low knock back after the opponent is hit with the bullets.
  • Dash Attack – performs a running dash where Saki slices with his Cannon Sword. Damage only occurs after Saki rushes past. It has moderate vertical knockback damage and hits 3 times with 3% damage for total of 9% damage.
  • Forward Tilt – Leans forward and performs a vertical cut using his Cannon sword. Hits 4 times with 2% damage with each hit thus totaling to 8% damage.
  • Down Tilt – Performs a sweeping sword strike that has high vertical and horizontal knock back at high percentages. Can KO. Does 5 hits at 3% damage for each hit thus totaling to 15% damage.
  • Up Tilt – Thrusts his sword in a arc cutting above his head. Does 3 hits for 2% damage for for each hit thus totaling for 6%. Low damage but moderate vertical knock back.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash – Saki begins shooting the opponent. Hold down the A button to continue shooting. Release the A button to swing Saki’s sword forward but only does 1 hit at 5% damage. The bullet attack can do an additional 3%-60% or 2%-40% damage with an additional 3% damage with the right perks. This damage fully depends on what ammo is used and how many rounds is used. In total in can do between 8%-65% or 7%-45% damage.
  • Up Smash – Performs a upward sword thrust followed by a burst of gunfire that can be continued by holding down A. Same physics as the Forward Smash but less knock back and reversed with the sword attack first and gun fire second.
  • Down Smash – Does a round house ground kick along with a burst of gun fire. It pumps out 6 rounds. The round house does 20% damage with no added perks plus additional damage from the bullets depending on the ammo used. Thus the attack can do between 32% damage or 38% damage depending on the ammo used.

Other attacks

  • Ledge attack -Saki quick jumps onto the stage and squeezes off 2 rounds of ammo. Does 6% damage or 4% damage; depending on the ammo used.
  • 100% Ledge attack – Saki pulls himself up, hoists himself up into a flipping jump over the opponent and with his cannon sword extended. Deals 2% with 5 hits each thus totaling at 10% damage.
  • Floor attack – Rises and slices on one side of his body, then the other. Does 7%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Saki spins around in the air with his cannon sword extended. Hits 3 times with a 3% damage at each hit thus totaling at 9% damage with some Hit Stun at the end.
  • Forward Aerial – Swings his cannon sword forward for 5% damage that 5 times for a total of 25% damage with a high horizontal knockback.
  • Back Aerial – Saki shoots 4 rounds behind him. Deals 12% or 8% damage depending on the ammo used.
  • Up Aerial – Swipes in an arc above his head. It has little start-up lag and a moderate amount of ending lag, and has a wide hitbox with low vertical reach. It has low vertical knockback, making it effective as a juggler, but ineffective for the purpose of KOing. Does 12%.
  • Down Aerial – Saki turns upside down and starts shooting right below him. He squeezes off 10 rounds at once in this attack. The last bullet is a possible meteor strikes. Manual ammo does 30% while Auto Lock On does 20% damage. It suspends opponents in mid air.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Hits his opponent with his elbow. Very fast but only does 2% damage.
  • Forward Throw – pushes his opponent and then slashes forward with his cannon sword. Hits 4 times with 2% damage each thus totaling at 8%.
  • Back Throw – Throws the opponent backwards like a judo throw and fires a 3 round burst at the opponent. The throw does 2% damage while the bullets do 9% or 6% damage thus totaling to 11% or 8% damage.
  • Up Throw – Throws the opponent upward and fires off 4 rounds of ammo. The throw does 1% damage while the bullets does 12% or 8% damage thus totaling at 13% or 8% damage.
  • Down Throw – Slams the opponent on the ground for 4% damage and fires 3 rounds into him. Manual deals 9% while the Auto Lock On does 6% damage thus totaling to a overall 13% or 10% damage.

My Thoughts

I didn’t really know who Saki was until Brawl came out but I heard people requesting/wanting the character to be in Brawl so I did a little bit of research. I found him to be both a interesting and unique character. I think Saki should focus on speed, acrobatic skills, and gun play with swordsmanship as well. I picture Saki playing with long to mid-range but being able to close in distance with his speed and jumping ability. However, I think he best shines at dominating the air battles. I envisioned him having various recovery moves that help him move out in the air with out “flying” plus his attacks temporarily suspending him in the air so he can execute him properly.

I wanted to have Saki have a Sin and Punishment feel as well as a rail gun atmosphere hence why he can walk, run, crouch, or crawl while holding down his B attack. However, he does run out of ammo unlike in Sin and Punishment. He was a lot of fun to create but a lot of work and I am still working on him as I type.

Arguments for Saki

  • After Saki`s inclusion as an Assist Trophy, a new game for the Sin and Punsishment series was released which starred his son, Isa. Saki being included into SSB4 will serve to bolster his popularity.
  • Of all of the Japanese only games, Saki seems like a good canidtate since he is still rather new compared to some of the other characters like Sukapon and Takamaru.
  • He has a unique move set that utilizes a gun sword.
  • He is from a series that, while not popular with Western audiences, was popular in Japan. It has a rich storyline with many elements that be taken from it and put in SSB4

Chances Being in SSB4

60% – He is still largely unknown to Western audiences; even among SSBB players. The most recent Sin and Punishment: Star Successor features his son, Isa Jo, rather then Saki. However, he is a highly requested character, an assist trophy, had a new game within the series, and even Sakurai noted his ability in being a player character by saying: “He rivals just about any main character. There were many requests from users for his inclusion, and he IS pretty cool, so I did what I could to include him.” Sakurai and his team acknowledge Saki’s abilities and playability; even including a picture including him with three other characters: Zamus, Ike, and Link and mentioning he has no problem fitting in. I feel he has a pretty good chance in being in SSB4 as a playable character instead of an assist trophy.


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