Newcomer: Shulk

The sea of grass whispered in the breeze and the clouds gathered overhead among the bright blue sky. Here is peace and peace shall stay. A bird lazily flapped in the wing and gave a peaceful call. Suddenly, the blue sky gives way a rush of darken clouds. The proud sun marred by black ink splashed across a canvas that is the sky. The ground begins to shake as herds of dinosaur-type creatures, giant apes, and birds come crashing through the one peaceful plains. Grass is ripped up and trees are thrown into the air. The great arch that made Gaur Plains famous began to crumble. In the middle of this storm was one young adventurer with a peculiar blade. He dodged between the stampeding monsters that came surging among the plains. He drew his peculiar blade: red with a circular hit and a broad blade and shown it against the gathering darkness. A pillar of smoke rushed towards him and from it came a deathly resemblance of a face. The young adventurer slashes at it and it vanished in a flash of light. However, more of them came and more he slashed. Of in the distance, within the darkness he could see it: a mechanical floating isle; hinged upon the airs of the world.

Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles

Name: Shulk

Universe: Xenoblade Chronicles

Debut: Xenoblade Chronicles (2010)

Element Alignment: Light

Affinity: Good

Purpose for Fighting: Hope

Shulk is the main protaganist in the new Wii series Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the wielder of the Monado, a powerful energy sword that grants the wielder special powers. Shulk is the heir of this powerful blade and brings his abilities to the next installment of Smash Bros! Shulk is a technical fighter that may be hard for beginning players to master but he his attacks hit hard and fast and have a wide spread amount of damage.

Shulk’s Stats

Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Jump: **
Recovery: **
Element: **

Shulk’s main strengths lies in the power of his sword, the reach of his sword, and his speed. He is able to cut through opponents efficiently and still have enough health. His sword, Monado. Every single KO that Shulk does only empowers the blade making it’s attacks that much stronger. However, every single time Shulk is KO’d by an opponent, the Monado loses power and his attacks do less damage. Therefore, it’s best to switch between offense and defense when playing as Shulk. Shulk has also the longest reach of any swordfighter due to his swords length. However, the Monado highest damage area is right at the tip and the weakest part is in the middle so it’s best to play from fairly far away or up close.

Shulk’s Special B Move Set

The Final Trio

Please note I have never played Xenoblade and detailed attack info is hard to come by so I’m going on what I see in videos and what I read on the Xenoblade Wiki. Help is highly appreciated!


Monado Buster is Shulk’s standard B attack. The Monado Buster is attack that momentarily causes the Monado energy blade to shoot out and then retract. It has somewhat slow start up and ending lag but Shulk receives Super Armor while the blade remains extended. Do it in the air will cause the blade to extend out even faster. It does between 18-25% damage; depending on how close the opponent is. It has the most damage in the first animations of the attack but lesser knock back while the last portions have lesser damage but more knock back. Doing the Monado Buster is the air will temporarily slow down Shulk’s decent.

Back Slash is Shulk’s Side B attack. If hit from the front, it will only do small damage at 5% but, if hit from behind (ground or aerial) it will do between 20-25% damage with an additional. If done in the air, the attack can be a powerful Meteor Smash. In order to get it at it’s highest damage, you must sweetspot the blade side of the Monando with the back perfectly which is problematic for a moving or jumping target. Hitting the back earlier or later will result in lower damage percentages and no Meteor Smash while in the air.

Monado Speed is Shulk’s Up B Recovery move. A bright red aura envelopes Shulk and he rushes up with a slight angle, depending where he is facing. The attack does between 10-15% damage. During the attack, Shulk has 13% Super Armor. This occurs right in the middle of his animation.

Monado Shield is Shulk’s Down B move. When Sulk activates it, a blue shield appears like a bubble around him. Once it takes a hit, the shield will vanish and Shulk will take half damage. However, the shield copies the attack damage it receives and when activated the next time, any damage under the previous percentage is negated, no matter how many times it hits. Once Shulk is KO’d, the damage goes back to 0% and Shulk has to do it over again. Thus, getting hit with an extremely high hitting attack will negate anything under it. Shulk can only shield for 6 seconds.

Monado Cyclone is Shulk’s Final Smash. Shulk holds up his sword and a cyclone forms around it and encircles a large radius. It will envelope an entire small stage, a quarter of a medium size stage, half of a large stage, and a 3/4 of a huge stage. It can hit an opponent 10 times a second with 1% damage for each hit. The attack lasts 8 seconds thus I can damage for a total of 80% damage. The Monado’s effects also affect the Final Smash.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Shulk slash the Monado and holds it aloft. A cyclone begins to form around the blade and Shulk swings it down in which it consumes the entire area.

Monado Eater is Shulk’s Final Melee. Shulk releases his Monado and enlarges the Monado blade. Shulk quickly slashes through the stage. Every opponent hit by this attack has their health drain by 7% every second. While this Final Melee is going, Shulk can perform any attack in his arsenal save for the Final Trio. His attacks remain the same amount of damage but every attack receives 15% knock back buffs.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Shulk takes the Monado and holds it sideways in his hand. He places his other hand on it and it enlarges to an enormous size.

Final Monado is Shulk’s Final Brawl. Shulk takes the Monado and says “Time to do this!”. The Monado grows in length and Shulk slices it forward. A huge energy waves sweeps out and strikes the opponent hard. The energy then focuses on the opponent and explodes. It does high knock back and does 60-63% damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Shulk grabs the Monado and does several swings until it begins to glow. He swings it finally and energy starts warping all around him.

Proposed Stage: Gaur Plains

Proposed Taunts

  • Left Side – Shulk raises the Monado and it begins to glow with a blue aura. Shulk then shouts “Monado, lend me your power!” Shulk returns to his normal position.
  • Right Side – Hoists the Monado onto his shoulder like his idle animation and says “Ok, my turn now!”
  • Up – Lowers the Monado and motions for the opponent to come. He then says “Let’s see what you can do!”
  • Down – Shulk stabs the ground with his Monado and holds both of his hands on the hilt. He then looks at the opponent, puffs out his chest and says “With Monado with me, there is no way I can lose!”

Winning Poses

  • – Shulk slashes with the Monado several times and then takes a intense fighting stance and says “That was the power of Monado!”
  • – Shulk sits down on the floor and polishes Monado until the player press A or Start.
  • – Shulk sheathes Monado and starts clapping like the other players and says “Not baaad, not bad at all!”

Winning Theme

  • The “Victor” tune but more mystical with a very epic RPG-feel.

Crowd Cheer

  • “Shulk! Shulk! MO-NA-DO!” (guys cheer)

Idle poses

  • Shulk scratches the back of his head with his hand.
  • He taps his right foot on the ground.
  • He stretches his back and yawns.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Monado appears out of this air and Shulk materializes; shown to be in a peaceful state. He grabs hold of the sword and prepares to fight.

Proposed Kirby Hat

  • Shulk’s blonde hair

Proposed Palette Swaps

  • Blue Shulk – Made to look like Sharla.
  • White Shulk – Made to look like Fiora.
  • Black Shulk – Made to look like Dunban.
  • Orange Shulk – Made to look like Reyn and Riki.
  • Purple Shulk – Made to look like Melia.

Buy-able Costumes

Dickson Costume (from Xenoblade Chronicles)

  • Attributes: 5% sword damage, 5% physical damage, 3% speed and jump increase, 15% defense increase

Shulk’s Move Set

Ground Attacks


  • Neutral attack – Slashes overhead with the Monado. One hit attack and does 13% damage. Does 14% damage if sweetspotted.
  • Dash Attack – Suddenly stop and then rushes forward with a very quick horizontal sword slash. Very quick. Does 10% damage. Does 12% damage if sweetspotted.
  • Strong Side – A piercing attack. Does 10% damage. Slow ending lag. Does 12% damage if sweetspotted.
  • Strong Up – Waves the Monado above him. Slow start up and ending lag but powerful. Does 16% damage . High vertical knock back. Does 17% damage if sweetspotted.
  • Strong Down – Shulk stomps forward and slashes towards the ground. The first attack does 5% damage and the second attack does 8% damage, 9% damage if sweetspotted. Slow ending lag. High knock back.


  • Side Smash – Does three forward slashes. Similar in appearance to his neutral A. His first slash is quick and does 5-7% damage. The second attack is a bit slower and does 4-6% damage. The last attack has a laggy start up and does 10-12% damage, 12-14% if sweetspotted. Altogether it does 19-24% damage. Last attack does high knock back when fully charged and KO potential.
  • Up Smash – Holds the Monado straight up and a burst of light shoots up from the blade. Does 20-25% damage. Does 22-27% damage if sweetspotted. High vertical knock back, KO potential but slow start up however it has a quick end lag.
  • Down Smash – Slams the sword on the ground and a flash of energy travels for 1.5 seconds on the ground. The very tip of the attack does 23-26% damage, the middle of the attack does 13-16% damage, and the close part of the attack does 18-21% damage. Slow ending keg but a quick start up. Disjointed hit boxes make difficult to sweet spot. Can meteor smash hanging opponents with only the tip.

Other attacks

  • Ledge attack – Pulls himself up and stabs forward. Does 10% damage.
  • 100% ledge attack – Slowly climbs up and does a quick diagonal upwards slash that does 12% damage.
  • Floor attack – Crouches and swings in a half circle. Does 7% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Nair – Does a quick slash that releases a bit of energy that can damage even after its swung. Does 8% damage, 10% if sweetspotted. .
  • Fair – Swings his sword downward from head to toe. Does 12-13% damage, 14% damage if sweetspotted. Possible meteor smash if sweetspotted at the last possible downward angle.
  • Bair – Spins backward in 360 degree. Hits three times at 5% damage each with 7% damage if sweetspotted at the last hit. Does a total of 15-17% damage with high knock back at the last hit.
  • Uair – Shulk grabs his sword at the tip and pushes the broad side up. Horrible reach with no sweetspot. Does 15% damage.
  • Dair – Performs a air flip with Monado stretched out. It hits 5 times with 4% damage at each hit for a total of 20% damage, 5% damage if sweetspotted on a hit which is extremely hard to do.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Hits opponent with a headbutt. A slow pummel. Does 3% damage.
  • Forward Throw – Throws the opponent and then punches them away with his free hand. Does 9% damage.
  • Back Throw – Swings the opponent back and punches them using the swords hilt and cross guard. Does 13% damage.
  • Down Throw – Throws the opponent down and does a weak Down Smash esque attack. Does 10% damage. Can KO at very high percentages. Opponents close by gets hit with 3% damage.
  • Up Throw – Throws the opponent up and flip kicks them with his foot. Does 6%.

My Thoughts
I had a hard time coming up with a move set for Shulk because I have yet to play the game and a lack of info online. However, I see him as a hard hitting character with decent speed but poor jumping abilities. His recovery move was designed around this idea. However, his sword attacks hit very hard and have side effects on characters.

I added Shulk because of a few reasons. He is the primary protagonist of the new game, Xenoblade Chronicles which was made by Monolith Soft, famous for thier Xenogears series. However, they gave been purchased by Nintendo thus became a first party developer making Xenoblade Chronicles a Nintendo game. Secondly, he has a very unique move set and character potential.
Thirdly, he’s new and adds a new flavor to the Smash series.

Chances of Being in SSB4
55% – Shulk is a extremely new character and relatively unknown to Western players. That could hurt his chances but I imagine Nintendo would be eager to advertise a new Character that had a RPG flair that’s different from Mario, Link, Pit, Pikachu, and even Ike or Marth.


8 responses to “Newcomer: Shulk

  1. Why is Shulk’s Monado Buster a projectile because it’s not? It would work perfectly fine with what it really does.

  2. do play the game, it is out in the states now and is excellent with rave reviews from professionals and the players

  3. also please change the DLC as Dickson is the enemy, you could make it to the monado 3 with new clothes for shulk

  4. It’s been awhile since anybody’s used this thread. I hope you’ve played the game by now, as not all of his attacks are monado specific. He has different skills like air slash, shadow eye, slit edge and more. You’re pretty on the mark with him being fast,heavy hitting, and poor jumping, but monado cyclone is when Shulk lifts up his monado and makes an energy cyclone around him that does AoE damage.

  5. Though i havent played the game either, i have watched an LP of it, and from that, I can see a few improvements to this:

    Final Smash: the most useful ability the Monado gives Shulk is the ability to see the future. While u cant exactly have that in SSB4, you can make them slow down, like Shadow’s assist trophy.

    Side A: when an opponent is facing away frm u, u should have a BackSlash, for increased damage

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