Story Mode: The Galactic Usurper Chapter 1

The Galactic Usurper Chapter 1

Mario was rushing forward through the burning toadstools and forests that was the Mushroom Kingdom. The entire forest was on fire and was quickly spreading. The cries from Peach could be far off ahead but the cries for help were swallowed up by the storm. Up ahead, the faint outline of one of Bowser’s airships could be seem during the brief flashes of light. Mario chased after them, fire, rain, and lightning lashing against his face.

Maio entered a clearing and saw the airship that held his, love Princess Peach and moreover, his long-time rival Bowser. Lighting flashes like fire against the sky and Mario could see the cursed airship in the sky. But he saw something else, far more sinister. Floating above Bowser’s Airship was a massive floating island. It hummed and groaned as if the entire island was alive. Gears rotated next to it’s walls and steam poured out from unseen exhaust pipes. It looked as if it was one giant mechanical island. Mario paused in fear and looked up at the floating monstrosity.

He had barely enough time to react when a strange dark blue-green light appeared around the island. In a instant, it flashed and a bright blue-green flash struck the Airship and drove it down to the ground. The Airships hull was on fire and was burning even before the Airship hit the ground. The Airship sank deep into the earth and was torn apart in half. Mario attempted to run towards the Airship but before he could make it, the engines caught of fire and released a massive explosion that ripped through the dark stormy night and engulfed the entire area in ash, fire, and deep red light.

Mario got to his feet and made to run into the burning inferno when he saw a green figure jump out of the burning carcass of a ship and jump high into the air. He side stepped out of the way just in time and came face to face with his arch nemesis Bowser. The two glowered at each other as the ship burning a magnificent red. Mario was the first to turn his attention to what was in Bowser’s arms: a unconscious but unharmed Princess Peach, He touched her face and she stirred gently but she didn’t wake up.

Mario looked up his arch-nemesis and made a motion to put her down but Bowser shook his head and pointed to the floating island that hovered above the burning wreck. Mario looked at the floating island, then to Bowser, and then to Princess Peach. Bowser made a deep guttural sigh and held out his hand to Mario. Mario looked at the out-stretched hand doubtfully. However, behind him he could hear the slow churning of the living island behind him. In haste, he grabbed Bowser’s hand and shook it. Bowser heaved up Princess Peach on one shoulder and made off to run but, to his surprise, Mario was not with him. Bowser let out a guttural growl and Mario looked back and shook his head. He stood face to face with the mechanical island which began glowing with a blue-green light.

First Boss Battle

Boss: The Floating Mechanical Island

HP: 9999999

Time: Two minutes

Outcome: Mario loses the match since the island is slightly impervious to damage.

Mario fights alone against the floating mechanical island. He hovers high enough from the ground that Mario must use his Aerial moves and Super Moves to fight against it. Even so, it is next to impossible to defeat the island since it is nearly impervious to any damage. It has a high defense stat and a large amount of HP. No one, at this time, can beat the island. After 15 hits from Mario or after 40 seconds, the island will release a shock wave of blue-green energy that will knock back Mario but won’t KO him. Continue hacking away at him. Another 15 hits or 40 seconds will cause the island to start gathering energy. It will release a powerful energy beam that will OHKO Mario in one hit (this does not take away from your overall stock).

The fight ends and the island takes aim at Mario but stops at begins to target Bowser and Princess Peach. The unseen cannon from the island fires but Mario jumps into the way. He attempts to swat the blast away with his cape but he is overpowered and is sent flying ovber the mountains a great smoke. Bowser looks back to where Mario was sent flying and takes the chance while the cannon recharges and runs off to where Mario was seen flying off.

However, before he leaves, he presses a red button on a remote control. Inside the main control room of the Airship, a “Self-Destruct” timer begins. Bowser escapes just in time for the Airship to explode into a thousand pieces and engulfing the floating island in the blast. The blast rocks the entire area and the fire engulfs everything…even Bowser until he leaps down a ravine and escaping the fire.

Bowser lands on his feet and begins running but he hears a strange sound: the stamping of feet. He begins running with Princess Peach in his arms to where Mario fell when, out of the corner of his eye, he sees a creature running through the trees. Before he could react, a shaggy brown ape lands in front of him and roars while thumping his chest. Donkey Kong looks at Bowser and the princess in his arms and begins hooting and thumping his chest.

Bowser points to where smoke and fire were burning over the mountains. Donkey Kong looked at it and back to Bowser and then to the sleeping princess. Bowser made a motion of a airship crashing, exploding, and a floating piece of rock. Donkey Kong began hooting and screaming at the interpretation of the floating island. He then recounts, visually, what happened just before.

He had woken up to a new day and went out of his tree house to see the entire jungle gone. It was nothing but a barren desert; devoid of a trees, animals, or bananas. Donkey Kong ran out to see what was wrong and found a trail of bananas leading from his horde underneath his tree house. It led to a large expanse of dirt and vanished. Donkey Kong looked and peered around any stone to see where the bananas had went to. But he couldn’t find anything. Until it turned to night and the sun started to go down around the barren hills. As light faded, a faint trail of blue-green light appeared and went deep into the clouds above. Donkey Kong scratched his head and pounded his chest at the brooding clouds. He whistled a cute green and orange parrot flew down and landed on his shoulder. Donkey Kong patted his head and grabbed onto his scrawny but strong legs and began to lift him up from the ground. Donkey Kong entered into the clouds, following the trail of blue-green light and suddenly, appeared in the mushroom forest in Mushroom Kingdom.

Donkey Kong motioned that his bananas were all gone. Bowser flipped away his hand and began to walk off when Donkey Kong grabbed his shoulder. Bowser growled and made to attack but, before they could fight, a weird little creature popped out of the underbrush. It looked like a small human but with a big head and fairy sharp teeth but it wasn’t ugly. It was kind of cute in a homely way. Doneky Kong made to reach out for it when it snapped at his fingers. Donkey Kong punted the little creature into the forest behind and out of it, came a horde of them; laughing and screaming as they came.

Donkey Kong pounded away followed by Bowser holding Princess Peach. Donkey Kong thundered down a path in the Mushroom Forest all the while the little creatures were attacking and jumping at their backs; snapping and gnashing their teeth.

Name: Gnasimp

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Element Alignment: Dark

Affinity: Bad

These creatures are the main foot soldiers of a dark power that has been amassing. They are small creatures, usually toddler or small child in comparison, with sharp claws and sharp teeth. They slash and bite at foes and if that does not do it, they can summon other evil creatures. They have some organic material inside of them but they are almost all mechanical yet, they have personalities and can communicate using a strange alien language. No one is sure where they came from but one thing can be agreed about them, they are ferocious and deadly.

The Gnasimp’s chased Bowser and Donkey Kong through the giant mushroom-like trees; clawing and biting at them. Bowser and Donkey Kong made to attack back several times but the Gnasimp’s largely outnumbered the duo. However, suddenly, the Gnasimp’s disappeared altogether. No sight, sound, or smell remained. Donkey Kong and Bowser breathed a sigh of relief when the ground began to shake from underneath them. The mushroom-like trees began to fall down all around them and the earth began to buckle underneath them,

From the ground four mechanical claw-like legs jutted out. Much like the Gnasimps’ they had a organic yet mechanical look to them. The claw-like legs began to search the ground and slashed into the air. Some how, it found where the duo was standing and started slashing at them. Bowser countered one of the mechanical claws and snapped in half with his big hand. The shriek rendered the ground and earth exploded everywhere. From the ground emerged a spider/octopus bio-organic monster with many more of the tentacle claw arms. They waved about the air and clawed after Donkey Kong and Bowser. Donkey Kong grabbed Bowser and with tremendous force threw him over the ridge and jumped after him. They ran through the forest while the spider/octopus creature chased after them; half int he ground and half above it.

Before long, Donkey Kong and Bowser hit a dead end near a cliff wall and went to face the evil creature. The creature dived underground and began tunneling around them. Donkey Kong and Bowser looked around underneath their feet as the ground shook and shuddered. The creature that exploded up from the ground and lands on the surface; it’s tentacle claws hooked itself into the ground. It reared back and shook it’s claw tentacles and roared a deep guttural and robotic roar and made charged at Bowser and Donkey Kong.

Name: Orbsidian Crawler

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Element: Earth and Dark

Affinity: Bad

The Orbsidian Crawler is a ferocious bio-mechanical creature that can burrow under the ground and cause earthquakes. You can see it coming as it burrows deep int he earth by the ground jutting up from above him. It usually burrows and then strikes from underground; grabbing it’s prey in it’s deep jaws. It has a uncountable amount of clawed tentacles that can grab and throws opponents that a rag-doll. Underneath all it’s tentacles is four beady light green eyes and a large filled with long, sharp teeth. It’s lower jaws juts up like a under-bite. It is very fast, agile, and deadly so extreme caution should be taken.

Second Boss Battle

Boss: Orbsidian Crawler

HP: 400

Time: Unlimited

Goal: Defeat the Orbsidian Crawler

Both Donkey Kong and Bowser attacks the Orbsidian Crawler. You can either choose to play as Donkey Kong or Bowser and the computer chooses the other character. The Orbsidian Crawler is a camouflage type enemy so it can easily conceal itself in the earth and underbrush so be careful when fighting it; especially since the stage is set during the night. The Orbsidian Crawler will first attack by burrowing in the ground so watch as the ground cracks and splits as it burrows around the stage. Once dirt and soil begins to spray upwards, move out of the way or the Orbsidian Crawler will grab the fighter and drag him into the ground. This can do around 15% damage. It then spits the player out and resumes it’s pattern.

The time to attack it during this phase is to dodge the attack and attack it as it leaps out into the air. Knocking it will cause it to land on the ground and flail about. Continue striking it for additional damage. It will then retreat into the ground after three hits and resume this process. Three times will cause it to come from the ground.

It will then stand still and send out it’s tentacle claws to grab the opponent. If it’s grabs the opponent, it will throw them around for 20% damage so it is best to avoid these at all possible. It cannot move during this phase so it’s best to sneak around him while it hunts down the computer player and strike him from behind. The first attack will stun him and after three hits, he will resume attacking with it’s tentacles. After repeating this three times, the tentacles will hook onto the ground and it will grow massive arms and legs composed of it’s clawd tentacles. It appears like a massive wriggling beast.

It will then begin swinging it’s fists and will attempt to stomp on the player. Each hit does between 5-15% damage so bodge these or block them. Attacking it’s head three times will cause it to fall down to the ground. When it lands, start wailing on him so damage it more. Three times of doing this will cause the Orbsidian Crawler to bring out it’s Final Smash.

It will transform into a massive snake like creature that is composed of the clawed tentacles and will start ravaging the stage. It will chase after the opponent and attempt to trap him. Fortunately, it does only one type attack: a flying charge. It will fly into the opponent and bowl them over. A full-frontal successful attack does 8 hits with 5% damage for each hit totaling to 40% damage with each strike. However, it has a relatively low knock-back. When it charges, it is best to dodge out of the way, shield (though it’s best to let it charge after this), or jumping out of the way. One suggestion is to lead it into the air and then air dodge it horizontally so you don’t have to try to dodge through the entire length of it.

After 12 seconds, it’s Final Smash will end leaving it fairly vulnerable. Take this chance hit the Orbsidian Crawler with your strongest attacks to finish him off. He is severely weakened after the Final Smash so defeating him is extremely easy at this point. What matters is surviving it’s Final Smash

After the battle, the Orbsidian Crawler will flee down a ledge in a unholy roar. Bowser and Donkey Kong sighs with a breathe of relief and begins jumping up the side of the cliff with Princess Peach in toll.

Meanwhile, a unconscious Mario is seen laying on a bed of leaves. He overalls and hat are singed and burnt but over-all, he doesn’t seem worse for wear. He slowly comes to and jumps to his feet. His injuries force him back to the ground but, off to the side, he sees a crashed spacecraft and patch of flowers near it. He then loses consciousness and knows no more.


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