Djinn artwork from Golden Sun

A new gameplay feature in SSB4 is the use and collecting of Djnn. Dijinn are creatures found in the universe Golden Sun. Players can attach Djinn to characters to boost the characters attacks, spells, and to summon powerful beings into the battle. There are four types of Djinn that can be collected: Venus Djinn (earth), Mars Djinn (fire), Jupiter (wind), and Mercury (water). Adding the correct Djinn to the party’s element is crucial to success inthe game and can advance the parties strengths and powers.

This is very similar in SSB4. Djinn’s plays two crucial roles in battles during SSB4. Every once in a while, a Djinn will appear during the battle from a crate, capsule, barrel, or from thin air much like a Smash Ball. It will hop around, hide, run, and float around the stage; usually away from players. When you get near to a Djinn, press A to capture it and hold. Once captured, a Djinn will disappear and a icon of the Djinn will appear near the percentage area of the screen (much like the Dragoon parts).

Element Boosts

Once you capture a Djinn, a number of things can happen. For example, if you capture a Venus Djinn, your Earth type moves strengthen but only if your element alignment is Earth.

Here is a list of what element alignment’s fit with Djinn

Venus -> Earth, Dark

Mercury -> Water, Ice

Mars -> Fire, Light

Jupiter -> Wind, Lightning

Holding one Djinn will strengthen your element stat, thus boosting your elemental attacks, by 5%. In all, you can hold three Djinn, which appear as icons near your percentages. Much like a Final Smash or Dragoon parts, you can lose a Djinn if you are attacked too many times or are KO’d while you hold one. The Djinn Ko’s with you and will not re-appear on the stage. If you lose a Djinn, they will disappear after 14 seconds.

Summon Ability

The second thing you can do with a Djinn is perform a powerful summon with them but that involves collecting specific Djinn. For example:

– collecting one Venus Djinn allows you to summon Venus.

– collecting two Mars Djinn allows you to summon Kirin.

– collecting two Venus Djinn and one Jupiter Djinn allows you to summon Charon.

Summons will sometimes walk/fly around the stage or will do one attack and then they disappear. It depends wholly on the summon but that will be revealed which summon does what in a later update.

Djinn Mechanics

When you aquire a Djinn, the icon will quickly float to above your percentage area. It will then begin to glow for a few seconds. Acquiring a second or third Djinn will also cause the Djnn’s to glow momentarily. Tapping on the Djinn icon on the WiiU tablet will activate the Djinn and summon one of the powerful beings. Dragging the Djinn off it’s spot and into the middle of the tablet will cause the player to throw away/discard his Djinn. This action causes the Djinn to “die” and vanish from the stage.

It is impossible to use a Summon while under the effects of a Final Trio or Dragoon. This is because the physics engine cant accommodate for a Final Trio or Dragoon AND a Summon as well it would make that player way to overpowered since some of the stronger Summons can easily OHKO a opponent at very low percentages. As well, if you collect a Dragoon part, it will discard a Djinn and collecting a Djinn will discard a Dragoon part.

My Thoughts

I really wanted to see a summon ability in SSBB. I got it in the form of an Assist Trophy but it lacked, a Final Fantasy feel to it. So, after including Isaac from Golden Sun, I wanted to include a aspect of the game. I decided on the Djinn because it has two roles in GS: enhancing parties abilities and summons.

Thus, I felt this is what I wanted in terms of summoning. I wanted it to have a unique set of mechanics so that’s why I decided on various power levels of summons and how each summon requires a certain number and type of Djinn.

Chances of Being in SSB4

2% if no Isaac, 80% if Isaac – The Djinn and Summons will only appear in SSB4 if Isaac appears in the game OR there is a Golden Sun representation (a stage for example). Animal Crossing, Nintendo DS, and Electroplankton showed us that a Universe doesn’t always need a character rep for it to contribute to SSB. Djinn and Summons could possibly be Golden Sun’s rep but with so many potential Golden Sun candidates for SSB4 roster and Isaacs AT inclusion in SSBB, it would be hard to imagine Djinn and Summons being Golden Sun’s only representative.

So in short, Djinn and Summons will likely appear in some form if Isaac or Golden Sun is represented but if not, there chances are very unlikely.


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