Trophies: Donkey Kong Series 1

Here are a few sets of trophies that are available in SSb4! These can be found randomly or in the new and improved, Coin Launcher game! These first batch of trophies belong to the Donkey Kong universe! In addition, these trophies have never been in the SSB series before!

Name: Rattly the Rattlesnake
Debut: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong`s Quest

Description: A bouncy rattlesnake that helps the Kong family if they need a high place to climb. It has the ability to jump on flying enemies that Donkey and Diddy Kong are unable to reach. It can charge up its spring jump for one mighty, leaping jump into the sky.






Name: Squawks the Parrrot
Debut: Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Description: Squawks the Parrot is the Kong`s fine feathered friend that gives them a lift if they need to navigate the skies. How he is able to carry Donkey Kong`s weight is a mystery but he navigates through thorny vines, caverns, and winter snowstorms with the Kong`s in tow.



Name: Swanky Kong
Debut: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong`s Quest (1995)

Description: A rich and snazzy cousin of the Kong`s, Swanky Kong enjoys running game-shows that challenges others to fork over their fortune to receive an even larger fortune (not guaranteed of course). Swanky Kong hosts Swanky`s Bonus Bonanza for those with a gambler`s heart.




Name: Kiddy Kong
Debut: Donkey Kong County 3: Dixie Kong`s Double Trouble (1996)

Description: Kiddy Kong is Chunky Kong`s younger brother and the co-star of Donkey Kong County 3. While just a baby, he can slap the ground like any Kong can; even rivaling the great ape himself. Despite his strength, he is still a cry baby and throws a tantrum every time he loses.




Chunky Kong
Debut: Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Description: Chunky Kong is one of the larger members of the Kong family. He is the older brother of Kiddy Kong. He has an impressive physique but dull in wits so he is easily outmatched in feats of the mind. he can use the Pineapple Shooter to bring down his foes as well as grow to a giant like size.



Name: Timber the Tiger
Debut: Diddy Kong`s Racing (1997)

Description: Timber is a racing ethusiast and left in charge of his parent`s island while they were away. The evil Wizpig invaded and took over the island during Timber`s watch. So, Timber enlisted the help of his friends, Diddy and Dixie Kong, and other animal friends to take back the island.




Name: Pipsy the Mouse
Debut: Diddy Kong`s Racing (1997)

Description: Pipsy is a close friend of Timber and comes to his aid to kick Wizpig off his island. Pipsy has excellent acceleration so she is suited for fast racers. A lot of her vehicles has red stripes on them. maybe that is why she drives so fast!



Name: Taj the Genie
Debut: Diddy Kong`s Racing (1997)

Description:Taj the Genie is a talking elephant that can teleport anywhere as well as grant wishes. he desires to help Timber, Diddy and Dixie Kong to get rid of Wizpig. He grants the wishes of the racers by unlocking various parts of the island when they beat him in a race.




Name: Drumstick the Rooster
Debut: Diddy Kong`s Racing (1997)

Description:Drumstick is one of the most famous racers on Timber`s Island. he challenged Wizpig to a race and was turned into a frog when he lost. Once one of the racers gets the four Grand Prix trophies and run over one of the many frogs, Drumstick will return to normal.





Name: T.T.
Debut: Diddy Kong`s racing (1997)

Description: T.T. is a talking clock that helps Timber, Diddy and Dixie Kong to rid Wizpig from the island. He challenges racers to timed matches and can log the racers best times in his memory. He has the best stats of any racers which might seem a bit unfair.




Name: Crystal Banana
Debut: Donkey Kong Jungle Climber (2007)

Description: A special type of banana used by Xananab to power his Spaceship banana. It has special powers that enhances the strength, speed, and power of an individual. It is even hinted it could enslave the entire planet if it wished.


Name: Banana Bird
Debut: Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong`s Double Trouble (1996)

Description: banana Birds are strangely shaped birds that appear to be partially peeled bananas. They were cursed by King K. Rool and seek to help their mother, the Banana Bird Queen. They are involved in bringing down the tyranny of King K. Rool.



Name: Kalimba
Debut: Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)

Description: Kalimba is a notable member of the Tiki Tak Tribe. he attempted to hypnotize Donkey Kong which failed due to Donkey Kong being too smart. He has since developed a hatred for the Kongs and wishes them to be defeated; even if it means becoming a pawn.


2 responses to “Trophies: Donkey Kong Series 1

  1. You might wanna add the giant octopus in the Beach level of DCK Returns, as well as Banana Juice( better yet, that should be an item), all the bosses including Tiki Tong Terror, and the Golden Temple.

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