Concerning Buy-able Costumes and DLC content

As you might have noticed, characters have at least one or two Buy-able costumes. These are downloadable content that costs roughly $5 to download.

Each downloadable content comes with perks that bolsters a certain characters stats while decreasing the opposite stat. For example, a 5% speed increase might mean a 2% shield decrease. It wholly depends on the buy-able costume.

Downloadable costumes, in no way, affect the characters identity. For example, a Isa Jo costume will not change Saki to Isa Jo but it is merely a costume. It does not change Saki into Isa.

Alt Colors for Costumes

While adding the buy-able costumes, a concern came up if two people picked the same costume for a character such as Penguin Suit Mario. If this happens, the player will have a different shade of the suit. This applies to four players. The following shades are:

Light (second pick)
Dark (third pick)
Invert (fourth pick)

This is a first come, first serve basis. However, a player is unable to select the shade they want; even if no one selected their costume.

You can select a costume by clicking on your character until the last palette swap. After the last palette swap, the costumes begin. On Online, when a costume is selected, a message appears on the opponents screen of the character, costume name, and player selecting it.

Here is a list of Costumes thus far

– Tanooki Mario
– Penguin Mario

– Dry Bones Bowser
– Strikers Charged Bowser

– Shadow Queen Peach
– Athletic Peach

Bowser Jr.
– Sunshine Bowser Jr.
– Strikers Charged Bowser Jr.

– Magic Armor Link
– Novice Clothes

– Hooded Zelda
– ?

Donkey Kong
– Funky Kong
– Chunky Kong

– Balloon Pikachu
– ?

– Hazard Shield
– Light Suit

– Waluigi
– Baseball Captain

– Knuckle Joe
– Water Kirby

– Strikers Charged
– ?

– ?
– ?

Pikmin and Olimar
– Louie Costume
– ?

– Isa Jo Costume
– ?

Isaac Costume
– Dark Dawn Isaac Costume
– Matthew Costume

– Adventures Krystal
– ?

– Dikcson
– ?

– Legends Nightmare
– ?

– Nomadic Lyn
– Elincia


2 responses to “Concerning Buy-able Costumes and DLC content

  1. How will this work exactly? Not to sound rude, but will people really buy costumes for characters for 5 bucks? Sounds like a good idea to me, but it sounds a little far-fetched. But I still have DLC costume ideas:) i’ll check em later

    • $5 may be reaching it but I was going with a Marvel vs Capcom 3 approach. I might lower it to $3. However, I am not Nintendo and, in the long run, this is just a speculation blog lol.

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