Story Mode: The Galactic Usurper Chapter 2

Meanwhile, a unconscious Mario is seen laying on a bed of leaves. He overalls and hat are singed and burnt but over-all, he doesn’t seem worse for wear. He slowly comes to and jumps to his feet. His injuries force him back to the ground but, off to the side, he sees a crashed spacecraft and patch of flowers near it. He then loses consciousness and knows no more.

Mario wakes up and sees a strange creature with a flower on it’s head peering down at him. Mario gets up, startled, but winces in pain. A bizarre person appears from behind the space craft.

Enter Pikmin and Olimar!

Captain Olimar motions for Mario to sit down. Mario looks at his bandaged hand and begins to move. Captain Olimar begins to tend to his Pikmin while Mario stands up.

However, Mario has a dramatic flashback of Peach being taken by Bowser and himself being hit by that strange weapon. He stands off to move but his eyes roll to the back of hid head and he collapses. Captain Olimar and Pkimim moves to help him up but he gently brushes them aside. He staggers up and clenches his fist. Captain Olimar and Pikmin look up to him and repeat his pose.

Location: Jungle

Enemies: To be updated…

Mario and Captain Olimar run into Bowser’s destroyed Clown Car. Mario inspects it and sees large koopa tracks leading from the crashed vehicle.

But just then, the sky began to darken and the clouds started to swirl around. Mario and Captain Olimar made ready to fight but, from the clouds, came a sudden flash of light and a fiery ball descended onto the ground. Mario and Captain Olimar jumped and prepared to attack whatever descended from the sky. From the smoldering ruins, came a pink puffball thing. It sat dazed and then jumped up to it’s feet.

Enter Kirby!

Kirby got up and looked up to the sky and back to Mario and Captain Olimar. He grabbed both of their hands and started to run. From the swirling clouds came a massive swarm of flying creatures that fanned out and engulfed the sky.

Characters: Mario, Captain Olimar, Kirby

Location: Jungle

Enemies: Kneekbak

This level is pretty straight forward in terms of design. Kneekbaks will charges at you from different and dive-bomb you.

However, in the middle of the level, there will be a puzzle to solve. The puzzle comes in the form of a Poe from Legend of Zelda. They will start spinning and teleport. The player must hit the right one. If not, they will be either frozen, electrocuted, or burned (depending on the Poe that was hit). Hitting the right Poe four tines will allow the player to continue.

The player encounter more Kneekbaks until they encounter a waterfall. They must jump down the waterfall by jumping on logs. This takes some patience. However, occasionally a geyser will shoot up and knock the opponent.

After completing this part, the player must run down a slope to escape a rolling boulder. At one point, the boulder will break into three smaller boulders. Outrun the boulder by grabbing onto a vine at the end.

When the boulders pass, jump back and down proceed to the end point to finish the stage.

Mario, Captain Olimar, and Kirby managed to escape the Kneekbaks and rested at a clearing. Overhead, the Kneekbaks were swarming overhead.

Suddenly, a purple vortex appeared out of thin air and a massive gnarled claw appeared from it. The claw made to grab for Mario but Captain Olimar threw himself in front instead. The monster claw grabbed ahold of Captain Olimar and dragged him into the vortex and was gone. Mario and Kirby stood there; stunned.

Meanwhile, a blond hair youth was staring eye to eye at a blaster wielding fox…..

To Be Continued…


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