Roster 1.0


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  1. This roster already looks already terrible with three characters that will definitely not make it in the next Super Smash Bros. Same with this whole blog all kinds of things that make no sense whatsoever. Besides Kid Icarus will have at least 3 if not 4 playable characters in the game.

    • First off, this isn’t a realistic roster. I am incorporating both interesting and popular characters according to what I think is interesting; not exactly according to what Sakurai thinks. I am in the mindset that you cannot predict what Sakurai will/won’t do. I thought Ridley/Krystal/Isaac would be playable in SSBB as everyone else did….but he isn’t. I am not trying to predict anything because it’s a waste of time. I am just putting out ideas.

      Secondly, I am curious as to what character won’t “definitely not make it in the next Super Smash Bros.” I understand that Nightmare has virtually little to no chance of making it in but I have already said before that this was my own desire to add him in. However, I can personally see the rest of the roster being playable being both important to Nintendo and their respective franchises. Please reply with the character that are not playable.

      Thirdly, I am interested in what makes no sense. You fail at your explaining yourself properly. How am I supposed to take this as feedback/criticism when you are extremely vague and condescending?

      Fourthly, Sakurai added Meta Knight and King Dedede PLUS a shit ton of Kirby related stuff in SSBB. While I see the same with Kid Icarus, I cannot see him adding three new characters to the franchise nor do they deserve four characters. Hell, even three characters. If anything, I can see him adding Palutena and Medusa but that’s it. Magnus is a side character, and while cool, shouldn’t be in Smash. Hades is a interesting boss but, hey, if Ridley was too big…

      Don’t play Sakurai and tell me what will/what won’t be in Smash because, in truth, you have nothing besides what is based on conjecture and speculation.

      So, next time you do have criticisms for this blog, please explain what your criticisms are without making wide-sweeping generalizations that do nothing to help improve this blog. I’d appreciate it.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • You’re right. Sakurai must really like Kirby. You should put a newcomer from his universe. Probably Marx 🙂

      • Thanks but it all honestly, I do not see Kirby getting a new rep. It might happen if Sakurai has a huge hand in developing the roster (without a huge Nintendo interference). It is totally a toss up but Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede are truly the more iconic Kirby characters. I’d much rather prefer a character from a lesser rep’d franchise or a character from a newer franchise than a character from the major series (Mario, LoZ, Kirby, Pokemon, etc).

  2. I guess you’re right. Since the Mario series is more popular, it should get more people. Toad is an iconic character. Why not him?

      • yeah, Mario ,Luigi and Yoshi (and Donkey Kong) were in the first one, Peach and Bowser appeared in Melee, and Wario came in Brawl. I’d say it’s tied between Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario, Waluigi and Toad. Paper Mario too, but he has his own series.

  3. I was just on the Super Mario Wikipedia, and it said some pretty interesting stuff about all the characters.

    • Waluigi has only appeared in spin-off games(His 1st appearance being Mario Tennis)
    • There is one “special” Toad who appears in most of the games(notable appearances being Super Mario Bros. 2,Super Mario Galaxy,Super Mario Galaxy 2, Wario’s Woods,etc) but people get confused because there have been more than 1 red-spotted, blue-vested Toad
    • Shadow Mario has appeared in 2 games (Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour
    •WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase has more characters than the original game
    •Paper Mario is going to have a new game on 3DS.

    Good website, and it’s totally reliable 😀

    • When I do research about any given character, Pokeball, AT, summon, etc, I go to that Universes’ wiki page. I have put up links of certain characters wiki pages as well. As for my Roster. It has been completed since a few months ago but I am considering adding/subtracting from it. As of now though, all the characters I have so far are staying.

  4. You don’t see a lot of villainesses in games nowadays. (gee i sound old) I know Captain Syrup from the Wario series, and GLaDOS from Portal (I’ve never played Portal or 2, but I’ve seen clips of it), but that’s just offhand. You definitely can’t put GLaDOS in this game, and Capt. Syrup, that sounds nuts.

  5. I am anxious to see how Dark Samus’ moveset looks, I think that’s a good idea. SA-X for an alternate suit, maybe?

    Also, the roster looks nice overall, I’m liking this project. It’ll be fun to see if any of this stuff actually gets in.

  6. You should add Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles. Also add an assist trophy of his partner Reyn, the Reyn time meme is infamous now.

  7. Sonic’s Final Melee could be “Wisp Power” when the announcer yells “ROCKET!!” as he flies up to the centertop stage with a Orange Wisp, and then yells “FRENZY!!!!” as he grabs a purple wisp turns into a black hole and every one circle inside him like a whirlpool. Then, to finish it the announcer yells “CUBE!” and Sonic grabs a blue wisp, turns into a cube, and smashes down on center screen. Like how Olimar finishes his Final Smash. The rocket would deal 40% damage, the frenzy would deal 50-60% damage an the cube would deal 20% damage. Just wanted an attack based on Sonic Colors, being a Nintendo Exclusive Game(Wii/DS).

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