Returning Items 2

Name: Lip Stick

Universe: Panel de Pon

Debut: Panel de Pon (1995)

Type: Weapon/Effect

Rarity: Common

Lip Stick makes another appearance in SSB4 but with a few changes. It has various affects on different element types. If it hits a opponent that is a fire type, the flower on top of the dead will wilt after 5 seconds and fall off. Earth type opponents grows a large flower and is harder to remove. Opponents with Water types causes the flower to grow large and causes 3% more damage. Opponents that are Lightning type causes the flower to go limp and decreases the damage by 2.3%. Ice type opponents causes the flower to crystalize after 6 seconds and it will fall off. Light type opponents causes the flower to bloom happily. It increases damage by 2%. Dark Types causes the flower to hide it’s bloom and droop. It won’t fall off the player but it decreases damage by 2.5%.

Name: Star Rod

Universe: Kirby

Debut: Kirby’s Adventure (1993)

Type: Weapon/Projectile

Rarity: Common

The Star Rod functions much like in the previous Super Smash Bros. Series. When tapping A, it only does 5-10% damage while fully charging it’s smash attack will increase it to 13-24% damage and the projectile does 6-12% damage. It holds 16 to 18 projectiles.

Name: Bumper

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Debut: Super Smash Bros.

Type: Throwing/Trap

Rarity: Common

The Bumper makes it’s second appearance in SSB4. It has the same type of mechanics before. If smash thrown, it almost always deals a KO. It is possible to destroy a bumper with one of the Final Trios.

Name: Golden Hammer

Universe: Super Mario Bros.

Debut: Wrecking Crew

Type: Duration/Battering

Rarity: Rare

The Golden Hammer appears again in SSB! It delivers fast, powerful attacks and allows the opponent to float. However, unlike before, it doubles the opponents jumping height allowing even higher jumps while using the Golden Hammer. As well as before, there is a chance it could be a Squeaky Hammer so be careful!

Name: Bomb-omb

Universe: Super Mario Bros.

Debut: Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)

Type: Throwing/Explosive/Living

Rarity: Uncommon

The Bomb-omb makes it’s explosive return in Super Smash Bros. 4. It remains the same with very little changes. The biggest change is it causes a different type of knock back, depending on where it hits the opponent. Explosions on either side causes mostly horizontal knock back while explosions from the top area does vertical knock back.

Green Shell

Universe: Super Mario Bros.

Debut: Super Mario Kart

Type: Throwing

Rarity: Common

The Green Shell comes back as a powerful throwing item that can KO opponents at high levels. Players can either pick up the shell and throw it or jump on top of the shell which will cause it to propel itself further. Additionally, hitting it with an attack will cause it to shoot forward. The stronger the attack, the stronger the damage it delivers to the opponent.

Smoke Ball

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Debut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Type: Throwing/Effect

Effect: Common

The Smoke Ball is a item that can obscure the vision of other players by releasing a massive amount of smoke. The smoke ball can be thrown at an opponent which does a small amount of damage and obscures the player from view. If it doesn’t hit a player, it will bounce up and down, emitting smoke, until picked up again.

Bunny Hood

Universe: Legend of Zelda

Debut: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Type: Equipment

Rarity: Uncommon

The Bunny Hood appears again as a piece of equipment that can boost the height and speed of players jumps, the players running speed, and the falling speed of players. The effect lasts 12 seconds and can fall off with enough damage.


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