Newcomer: Dark Samus

Dark Samus looked out into the desolate space. The galaxy was in chaos and it put a smile on her face. Even now, the darkness was seeping forth and swallowing stars one by one. Dark Samus took one last look and turned to leave the observation deck. She went down a dimly lit corridor and walked into a high vaulted ceiling with wavering blue lights and voices that echoed upon the high ceiling. Dark Samus immediately went to the mechanical throne and knelt. From the high throne, steam and smoke spewed out. A withered, mechanical hand stretched out and pointed. Dark Samus nodded curtly and strode forth from the throne room. She took a cage elevator to the bottom floor. She exited the elevator and in the middle was a steel ring that was three times the size of a normal human. In the middle if the ring was a shifting and swirling purple mass. Dark Samus went into the ring and through the purple mass. When she exited, she found herself falling. She stabilized herself and saw castles, forests, and towns dotting the landscape. Behind her, she saw the floating mechanical island disappear from view.

Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Name: Dark Samus

Universe: Metroid

Debut: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (2004)

Element Alignment: Dark

Affinity: Bad

Reasons for Fighting: Corruption

Availability; Starter

Dark Samus is the evil Phazon created image of Samus. She is quite the phenomenon and constantly tries to spread Phazon and hinder Samus where ever she goes. While cold and calculating at times, she is prone to bouts of insanity and dementia when she lacks Phazon. Dark Samus comes to Super Smash Bros. 4 with a unique play style, move set, and a interesting story mode section.

Dark Samus’ Stats

Power: ***
Weight: **
Defense: *
Speed: ***
Jump: ****
Recovery: ****
Element: *****

Dark Samus is much lighter and faster compared to Samus but she lacks the fire power of the original. However, she is extremely strong in her Dark element and many of her attacks utilize Dark damage. She has a higher jump than Samus and has an amazing recovery move to boot. She can also use her tether grab to grab onto ledges and enemies. She has a shorter reach than Samus but she’s faster with lesser start and ending lags.

Samus’ Special B Move Set

  • B – Phazon Cannon
  • Side B – Phazon Spreader
  • Up B – Phazon Boost
  • Down B – Dark Echo

Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Dark Laser
  • Final Melee – Aurora Unit
  • Final Brawl – Phazon Pillar


Phazon Cannon is Dark Samus’ Neutral B attack. Pressing B once will result in three separate Phazon energy shots to travel across the stage. They last around 6 seconds and deals 2% Dark damage for each energy ball. It does 6% damage if hit fully. It can be fired repeatedly by hitting B. Holding down B while cause a Phazon laser to shoot out. It usually takes 6 seconds to charge. Once fired, the beam will shoot out but will end when it reaches a certain length. It lasts around 8 seconds and Dark Samus cannot move during this period. The Phazon laser does 3% every hit and can do up to 10 hits. In total it does 30% Dark damage.

Phazon Spreader is Dark Samus’ Side B move. Dark Samus fires a spray of freezing Phazon that acts like a shot gun buck shot. It fires 6 projectiles that hits for 2% Dark damage Getting hit by the attack does 12% Dark damage. Each projectile has a 10% chance of freezing a opponent. Getting hit by all six projectiles increases it to 60%. It will cause an opponent to fall to the ground if frozen.

Phazon Boost is Dark Samus’ recovery move and Up B move. Dark Samus propels herself up by using Phazon. Holding B will cause her to continue to soar higher. She can stay in the air for a total of 10 seconds if the player holds down B without stopping. The propulsion is slower though so she is somewhat vulnerable to camping.

Dark Echo is Dark Samus’ Down B move. Dark Samus flips backwards and a Dark Echo dashes out. A Dark Echo, physically, is the same as Samus but it’s speed and strength has been nerfed. In fact, is strength does out a 3rd of the original damage. So a basic attack only does 1-3% damage. The Dark Echo will run, jump, and attack other characters. However, if it gets hit with enough damage, it will vanish. Being hit 1 to 4 times with a basic attack or once with a powerful attack will cause it to vanish. It lasts for 15 seconds before it vanishes. If it is destroyed or vanishes, it releases a powerful Phazon blast that does 12% Dark damage and high knock back. If Dark Samus presses Down B again to summon a Dark Echo while another Dark Echo is on the screen, it will vanish immediately with no explosion and the new Dark Echo will dash out. Two Dark Echoes can’t be in play at the same time.

Dark Laser is Dark Samus’ Final Smash. Dark Samus hovers to the center of the stage and holds out her hands and holds them in front of her face. Inside the space between her hands comes a dark ball. It then explodes, sending dark element lasers every where. One hit does 30% damage and little knock back. However, after 8 seconds, the final lasers do very high knock back and can OHKO at low levels.

Beginning Cinematic: Dark Samus begins to overflow with Phazon to the point it looks like electricity. She than boosts from the ground.

Aurora Unit is Dark Samus’ Final Melee. Dark Samus’ merges with the Aurora Unit and becomes a giant mechanical being comprised of dark matter and Phazon. Dark Samus/Aurora Unit sits behind the stage and attacks that way.

– Pressing A will fire a single eye laser that does 25% Dark damage in the middle of the stage.
– Up Tilt fires a single eye laser that does 28% Dark damage that comes from the top to the bottom of the screen.
– Left or Right Tilt fires a single eye laser that does 23% Dark damage that comes from the left or right if the screen.
– Down Tilt fires a single eye laser that does 25% Dark damage that comes from the bottom to the top of the screen.
– Pressing B will cause the eye to grow red and a short laser burst will fire. It has a high radius and high knock back. It does between 26-30% Dark damage.
– Pressing Down B will cause a Dark Echo to appear and run around. Hitting it will cause it to vanish.
– Pressing Grab will cause Dark Samus/Aurora Unit to grab the opponent and shock it with Phazon. It does 45% Dark damage.

Aurora Unit lasts for 13 seconds before it vanishes.

Beginning Cinematic: Dark Samus clenches her fist and Phazon begins to flow from it. She fires it into the sky like a beacon and, from behind her, the Aurora Unit emerges. She jumps up to it and merges herself into it’s red laser eye.

Phazon Pillar is Dark Samus’ Final Brawl. Dark Samus presses her hand onto the ground and a frozen Phazon pillar shoots up around the opponent. It grows higher and higher until it reaches the heavens. Dark Samus walls up to the frozen pillar casually and presses her hand softly on the pillar. The pillar shatters and crashes down. The attack does 65-68% Ice damage.

Proposed Stage – Phaaze

Proposed Taunts

  • Up – She stretches her hands up and laughs cruelly. Looks much like her picture.
  • Left Side – She opens her fist and Phazon begins pulsating in it. She clenches it and extinguishes it.
  • Right Side – A Dark Echo appears and they do a fist bump. The Dark Echo then disappears.
  • Down Side – Dark Samus activates her Phazon Booster and hovers slightly. She laughs cruelly and she then lands.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Dark Samus descends from the top of the screen with the Phazon Boosters. She then lands and erupts with a flash of Phazon.
  • Dark Samus clenches her fist and opens it up. Phazon erupts up and she thrusts it into the air. Phazon bursts forth and into the air. It highly resembles her Up Smash move.
  • Dark Samus flips to the side and lands. Right before she begins to flip, a Dark Echo flips out from next to her. They land and stare menacingly into the camera.
  • Dark punches her hand forward and then her arm cannon. She then arches her back and releases a sudden storm of Phazon from her hands.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • A hole that glows with a blue energy forms from the ground. Dark Samus shoots out while encased in frozen Phazon. It shatters and she steps out while overflowing with Phazon.

Proposed Idle Poses

  • She clenches her hand and then opens it up.
  • Phazon energy will at time surge around her body like electricity.

Fighting Stance

  • Arches her back slightly and keeps her hands slightly out stretched at her sides.

Audience Cheer

  • DARK SAMUS! DARK SAMUS! (low female only cheer)

Kirby Hat

  • Basically the same as Samus but only Dark Samu’s helmet.

Proposed Palette Swap

  • Blue – Based off Samus’ Fusion Suit
  • Pink – Based off the Varia Suit from the original Metroid.
  • Brown – Based off the Dark Suit from Metroid Prime 2.
  • Purple – Based off from the Gravity Suit.
  • Green – Based off from the Power Suit from Super Metroid.
  • Grey

Proposed DLC Costumes

Kanden Costume

  • Attributes: Element changes to Lightning, 10% strength increase, 10% speed increase, 15% shield decrease, 5% jump decrease, and 8% Phazon Booster decrease.

Rundas Costume

  • Attributes: Dark Samus’ element changes to Ice, 5% Ice projectile damage increase, 8% jump increase, 5% shield decrease, and 3% speed decrease.

Proposed Dark Samus Move Set

Ground Attacks

  • Dash Attack – Arm cannon thrust. 9% damage. A quick and far reaching attack that does decent knock back. Fairly fast and no lag at the end.
  • Neutral Attack – Punches first and then punches with her arm cannon. First hit does 3% while the second does 7% damage. The last hit is slower and is a bit delayed after the first punch is thrown.
  • Forward Tilt – Short-hop kick. Dark Samus slightly jumps and does a spinning kick in the air. Does 5-8% damage depending on the distance. Has high knock back and can defeat enemies at percentages 100% and higher.
  • Up Tilt – Elbows upwards. Very fast and quick. Does 6% damage with moderate knock back. very hard to KO; even at higher percentages.
  • Down Tilt – Crouches and performs a 360 leg sweep. Does 7-9% damage dpeneding on the length. It has decent knock back but it has a long reach.
  • Forward Smash – Engulfs her hand in Phazon and punches forward with it. Oppnents ar ehit with Dark damage because of the Phazon. It does between 10-13% Dark damage and has moderate knock back. It can OHKO opponents as low as 70%. It is fairly quick but a slow ending lag that may leave Dark Samus helpess. However, it has a very long reach and a very small blast radius because of the Phazon.
  • Up Smash – Engulfs her hand in Phazon and then thrusts it above her head. The Phazon leaps slightly from her hand. It has a disjointed hit box and can attack from a small length. It also has a small blast radius around it. It is her best killing Smash move since it does between 13-16% Dark damage. It has very high vertical knock back, a little startup lag, but no ending lag.
  • Down Smash – Several points of frozen Phazon erupts around her. It is unique since it blocks most basic attacks and projectiles for half a second. It has very high vertical and horizontal knock back. It does 9-12% Dark damage and can OHKO as low as 50%. However, it suffers from both start up and ending lags so it’s best to use to juggle or kill an opponent.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – Spins around while activating her Phazon Booster. It deals hits four times and deals 2% each hit. In all, it deals 8% Dark damage and can meteor spike at the last frame. Extremely quick move with no start up and ending lag.
  • Forward Air – Spins forward while encasing herself in Phazon. It hits 3 times and does 4% damage for each hit. It does a total of 12% Dark damage for each hit. It is one of her best aerials because it is quick, powerful, and useful in high competitive playing.
  • Back Air – Activates her Phazon Booster and loosens a short Phazon burst that burns the opponent. Does 8% Dark damage and has one of the highest aerial knock backs in the game.
  • Up Air – Turns upside down and kicks high in the air with both feet. It has high vertical knock back but suffers from start up and ending lag; especially when Dark Samus lands on the ground right after the attack. It does 12% damage.
  • Down Air – Kicks her feet down and spins rapidly. It hits 5 times and does 2% damage each time. It totals for 10% damage for each hit. Low knock back and one of the lowest KO abilities in the game.
  • Grapple Beam – Sends grapple forward, with long range. 3% damage, 6% damage at tip.

Grabs & Throws

  • Grab – Reaches forward with Grapple Beam. While shorter then Samus, it’s faster. Much, much faster.
  • Pummel – Burns opponent with Phazon. Does 2% damage for each Phazon burn.
  • Back Throw – Tosses the opponent backwards and activates her Phazon Booster. Deals 10% Dark Damage. Her best
  • Forward Throw – Slams opponent down and chucks them with a over-head throw Does 7% damage.
  • Up Throw – Fully extends the Grapple Beam and thrusts the opponent upwards. Does 6% damage.
  • Down Throw – Throws her opponent down and slams her heel into them. Does 8% damage.

My Thoughts

Metroid is always a hard series to come up with characters for because of a lack of solid and important characters are both iconical in their universes and within Nintendo. Ridley has been one of those characters that has been wanted since Melee, yet Sakurai, time and time again, has denied Ridley that privilege. That is why I am bringing Dark Samus as a new playable character in such a major series like Metroid. However, I know a lot of people will say “Dark Samus will just be a clone!” but, with the move set I proposed, that deals away with the clone factor. As well, her move set is both unique and diverse; especially with using Dark Echoes. Players who main Dark Samus have to rely more on wits and deception rather than fire power.

Chances of being in SSB4

30% – While Dark Samus was a major antagonist in the Prime series, it is no over and along with Dark Samus. Wether she appears in a future game has yet to be revealed. However, if there is a series that deserves more than one reps (not counting Zamus), it’s Metroid. That is why I have added Dark Samus in my roster. She is a killer villain that could be de-cloned and given a very unique move set that, while fairly similar to Samus’ main fighting style, also allows for the use of Phazon based attacks.


6 responses to “Newcomer: Dark Samus

  1. Oh dear. I totally agree 100% Dark Samus should be put in SSB4U, but half of the proposed ideas presented here are awful. Correction, they are not awful, but just need a LOT of revising. I don’t think you know how long a second is, because UP B being able to float for ten seconds! No, terrible idea there. The Phazon booster is a good idea, but it should be just a single boost with an aura of phazon, equating similar to Samus’ screw attack.
    The B Phazon cannon is a great idea, and the triple shot idea is different than what I had in mind, but it could work. However, the charge B takes way too long. It takes over twice as long as Samus’ charge B, for a very dangerous use. You can’t move while firing the Phazon laser for 8 seconds! How risky is that, I’d never use it. Once again, I don’t think you realize how long a second actually is.
    The Side B Phazon Spreader is a great idea, but the chance of freezing someone needs to be significantly lower I think. The Dark Echo is a radical idea that is terribly Over Powered. Even if the echo does drastically reduced damage, it is a constant fighting factor with no cooldown time. Once the echo dies or time runs out, Dark Samus can spawn another instantly? No, bad idea.
    All in all, lots of good IDEAS, but not so great EXECUTION.

    P.S. the Dark Samus, Dark Echo fist bump taunt is stupid. Make it just a head nod instead?

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