Character Rennovations: Complete

I have finally finished the rennovations/updating of both veterans and newcomers.  Some changes I have made include:

  1. Balanced out the veterans according to Balanced Brawl guidelines.
  2. Balanced out the newcomers using those guidelines and reviewing their Regular attacks, smashes, Special moves, and Final trios.  This includes entirely re-writing moves, changing move properties, adjusting damage percentages, and removing “with the right perks”.  Those were annoying.
  3. Re-read all the characters pages and made necessary grammatical adjustments.
  4. Added “Changes from SSBB to SSB4” section.
  5. Added “Arguments for “Character”” in the newcomers section.
  6. Replaced Link’s profile picture with a Skyward Sword version.
  7. Added the new Palette Swaps for characters such as Kirby and Pikmin and Olimar.
  8. Established an uniformal system for displaying information in character profiles.

It took a while so please let me know what you think!  As well, you may have noticed that “Newcomers”, “Veterans”, and “Stages” tabs have appeared on the top of the blog.  More will come as I finish more pages so be patient!


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