Stage: Mario Party

Mario Party from Mario Party 8

Name: Mario Party

Universe: Super Mario Bros.

Debut: Mario Party

Size: Medium

Obstacle Level: 3 (out of 5)

Availability: Starter

Mario Party is a stage based off from the much acclaimed Mario Party series. The Mario Party series challenges players to play through a themed board-like game by hitting die and moving spaces through the board. The player can find or receive coins, find or buy candy, or even win stars through a series of mini-games involving the players. These mini-games can either pit players together, in teams, or everyone against a lone player. If a player lands on a Donkey Kong space, they receive a Star but then it switches to Bowser, in which, the player loses a star.


Mario Party takes on the appearance of a Super Mario Bros. themed board with mushrooms, green pipes, and other Super Mario Bros. The board is fairly simple and straightforward. There are blue squares that gives players 3 coins, bells, or rupees. There are red squares that take away 5 coins, bells, or rupees.  There is a Candy square that will give the players one of four candy (exclusive items). The last two squares is the Daisy square and the Waluigi square. The Daisy square gives the players a Star (amounts to 150 coins, rupees, or bells). The Waluigi square takes away a star or if a Star hasn’t been won, Waluigi takes away 50 coins, rupees, or bells.

The stage itself is an elevated platform that moves along the board. It has a black and white checkered pattern on it. As I mentioned before, the board isn’t too long but if you do a two-minute match, you may not get to the end in time.

Hazards and Obstacles

The stage starts off at the start. A die appears above the stage and if it’s hit, touched, or comes into any contact with a player, it will start rolling. It will land on a number and the stage will then proceed through the board. For example, if a 5 is rolled, it will move 5 spots. As I mentioned earlier, landing on one of the many squares will cause a action to happen. After that, a mini-game will initiate. The mini-games can be found in the section after this one.

After the mini game finishes, the die appears and will roll if the player hits it. If 15 seconds past before being hit, the die will roll automatically. Once the stage reaches the end, it will receive a Star from a treasure chest. The stage will than transport itself via black tradition to the start and begin the process over again.


Chomp Rope (Mario Party 8)
Bob-ombs Away (Mario Party 8)
Winner or Dinner (Mario Party 8)
King of the Thrill (Mario Party 8)
Crops n Robbers (Mario Party 8)
Lava or Leave ‘Em (Mario Party 8)
Moshpit Playroom (Mario Party 8)
Punch-a-Bunch (Mario Party 8)
Goomba Village (Mario Party 9)
Launch Break (Mario Party 9)
Smash Compactor (Mario Party 9)
Upward Mobility (Mario Party 9)
Thwomper Room (Mario Party 9)
Growing Up (Mario Party 9)
Ring Leader (Mario Party 9)
Chain Event (Mario Party 9)

All of the minigames appear as they did in the games Mario Party 8 and 9 but have been altered to fit in with the Super Smash Bros. playing style – specifically the angle of the camera.  Super Smash Bros. is a side scrolling-esque game while Mario Party`s angle is somewhat titled diagonally.  The Minigames in the Mario Party stage has a slightly titled camera angle.  Winning a game will award any player with 50 coins, rupees, or bells.  However, the winner also receives some sort of prize for winning.  The following rewards are:

  1. A Starman
  2. The Superspicy Curry effect
  3. The Watermelon effect
  4. A Hammer
  5. A Cracker Launcher
  6. A Maxim Tomato
  7. A Heart Container
  8. Everyone has Lipstick Flowers
  9. Everyone is shrunk.
  10. Bunny Hood effect
  11. Vanish Hat effect

These wear off as normal items usually do.


Main Theme (Mario Party 9)
Bob-omb Factory (Mario Party 9)
Blooper Beach (Mario Party 9)
Toad Road (Mario Party 9)
Showdown (Mario Party 9)
Choose a Minigame! (Mario Party 8)
Perplex Express (Mario Party 8)
Haunted Hideaway (Mario Party 8)
Tycoon Town (Mario Party 8)
Treetop Temple (Mario Party 8)


Shy Guys

My Thoughts

I felt that Mario Party would be a interesting as a stage becuase of the minigames and the platform following the stage.  I originally thought the platform would be suspended above the board game and would show shy guys or koopas as the characters (mario, Bowser, Wario, Yoshi, etc in the Mario Party games) as they progressed.  I then decided to scrap that idea for a much more interactive and faster-paced stage.  I took the ideas of minigames from wario Ware Inc. and put them into Mario Party.  The last addition was the die block.  I originally thought of it being behind the action and would grow brightly when it decided on how many spaces it would move.  However, I thought how I could make it more interactive and the thought to hit or touch the block to make the stage move.

Overall, I was very pleased with this stage and feel it best represents the Mario Party series as whole.

Chances of Being in SSB4

Honestly, I do not see Mario Party being represented in SSB4.  Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the first time it was represented and that in the form of Ballywhoo and Big Top trophy.  I am unsure if they seires could warrant a stage.  However, I feel with 9 game sunder its belt, it deserves some representation in Ninteno`s celebration of it`s history.


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