Newcomer: Palutena

Palutena could sense it.  A growing darkness that surrounded the Sky World and, by extension, the cosmos that whirled overhead.  The darkness grew around her heart and filled her with disquiet.  She looked into her mirror basin and sought to catch glimpses around the world but she saw nothing but darkness.  She couldn’t even contact her most trusted ally: Pit.  he too was surrounded in darkness.  her throne chambers grew dark, cold, and quiet as she paced back and forth and searched her mind for answers to these darkness.  She couldn’t take it anymore.  Palutena stormed out of the throne chamber and down the royal hall.  About her Centurions kneeled and saluted but she dismissed them.  She didn’t want anymore fighting but if someone was going to destroy this darkness – it would be her.  She left the palace and spread out her amazing snow-white wings and took off in a fury.  She didn’t want to fight but this darkness but be dealt with here and now.  The Centurions and angels can protect Skyworld.  Its to the mechanical island that she is going to.

Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising

Name: Palutena

Universe: Kid Icarus

Debut: Kid Icarus (1986)

Element Alignment: Light

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Order

Availability: Starter

Palutena is the main goddess in Skyworld and Put’s superior. She has access to many abilities, most of them based on light and angels. She is able to conjure light-based weapons, shoot projectiles, fly, and summon beams of light. She comes to the fight unwillingly and aims to end the fighting quickly and to preserve peace.

Palutena’s Stats

Power: ****
Weight: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Jump: ****
Recovery: ****
Element: *****

Palutena’s greatest strength resides in her Element. Her attacks are all ragged with Light element effects and can dominate over stronger Dark type opponents if played correctly. Palutena’s second best stat is Power but it relies solely on her Light based attacks since her element and power goes hand in hand. She has attacks that, while do as much damage, give above-average knock back.

Palutena’s jump and recovery move are also high. She is given multiple jumps like Pit but, on the down side, she must summon her wings which causes a bit of a lag. However, to compensate, the wings boost her up higher compared to the other characters that have multiple jumps.

Palutena is the tallest female as well as taller than Pit. She is about the height of Ganondorf though a lot slender and faster so she is able to evade better. However, because of her height, she is a much bigger target so some of her attacks have been given Super Armor. Additionally, because of her height, she has a much longer reach which is added to her light scepter. She has one of the longest reach in the game!

Palutena’s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Summon Holy Weapon
  • Side B – Particle of Light
  • Up B – Angel Dust
  • Down B – Celestial Call

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Super Goddess Glambuster
  • Final Melee – Silence of Time
  • Final Brawl – Angelic Messenger


Summon Holy Weapon is Palutena’s Neutral Special attack. Pressing B will cause Palutena to summon a weapon entirely made of light. Palutena will then immediately attack with the weapon; depending on the type. Each weapon does different damage and speed. Pressing B again during the last animation frame will cause Palutena to move slightly forward and attack with an entirely different weapon. When this is initiated, the opponent is hit stunned to allow Palutena to summon her next weapon. She can do this up to four times.

Here is the full list of weapons Palutena can use:

  • Light Sword – The Light Sword has average speed and cuts horizontally. 8%.
  • Light Claymore – The Light Claymore has slow speed and does a over-head slash. 12%.
  • Light Mace – The Light Mace has slow speed and does a diagonal over-head slash. 10%.
  • Light Axe – The Light Axe has slow speed and does a horizontal cut. 13%
  • Light Spear – The Light Spear has average speed and does a high horizontal cut. 9%.
  • Light Lance – The Light Lance has average speed and does a stabbing attack. 11%.
  • Light Dagger – The Light Dagger has quick speed and does a quick stabbing attack. 4%.
  • Light Katana – The Light Katana has quick speed and does a quick over-head cut. 7%.

All the weapons do Light based attacks and are randomized. It is impossible to predict which one will come out when you chain them together but two of the same weapons will not appear in the full 5 hit chain. Doing the full 5 hit chain will cause Palutena to move forward slightly on the ground. It has the same effect in the air but it will cause a more downward decent and isn`t a significant help in recovering. However, doing one of the attacks will slightly de-accelerate a fall. On the 5th time while doing it in the air (non combo) will cause Palutena to go into a helpless state. She has brief Super Armor when she summons a weapon but a charged Smash attack or a stronger special can break the Super Armor.

Particles of Light is Palutena’s Special Side attack. She fires of a beam of light that varies in intensity the harder you push the analog stick to the side. The beam is fast and travels the entire screen on a small to medium level and half way in a large or huge level. Once it hits an opponent, it expels itself and explodes in light. It can be fire by pressing Side B continuously. It does a base attack of 15% Light damage with an additional 2% Light damage depending how close the opponent is to the attack launch.

Angel Dust is Palutena`s Up Special move and recovery move. Palutena disappears in a twinkle of light and, by moving where you want to go, she travels to. During this time, Palutena`s body disappears and, instead, an erratic body of light particle takes her place She is immune to attacks and it functions much like an air dodge. However, anyone who gets caught in the attack is carried away with her and receives 1% Light damage for every hit. It does very low knock back but it carries the opponents with her. At the end of the attack, Palutena slowly floats down from the air with her wings. It only lasts 5 seconds and then she enters a free fall.

Celestial Call is Palutena`s Down Special. Palutena folds her hands in prayer and a beam of light travels from the heavens to in front of her. if in the air, it shoots down to where Palutena is at. If she is hit after doing the prayer, the beam of light will still come down where it originally would fall if Palutena was still there. However, holding down B will charge up the attack and release 5 beams that hit one right after each other. It travels 4 characters bodies away from Palutena. It is a fairly power technique. Each beam does 15% Light damage and cause knock back 2 seconds after the attack initially hit. It is possible to knock back an opponent into later the beams if charged down.

Super Goddess Glambuster is Palutena’s Final Smash. Palutena summons a gigantic mega weapon. She begins charging it and fires. It is a lightning fast bright beam attack that travels the length of the stage. The first player to get hit is a OHKO while the others receive 20% Light damage. The attack is fast and lasts all of 5 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Palutena begins to pray and a magical circle appears under her. Above her, the Super Goddess Glambuster appears.

Silence of Time is Palutena’s Final Melee. Palutena pauses time and everyone is frozen in time. During this effect, sound is muffled into white noise and everything, save for Palutena, takes on a gray-scale color scheme. During the Final Melee, Palutena is able to move and attack, unlike her opponents. The opponents receive no knock back but the damage Palutena gives increases by 10%. The Final Melee itself lasts around 10 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Palutena folds her hands and begins to pray. She holds them out in out stretched arms and the world begins to be enveloped in a gray sphere.

Angelic Messenger is Palutena`s Final Brawl. Palutena`s staff begins to shine brightly.  She raises her staff and the ground under the opponents begin to shake and a light shoots up. Palutena then summons a ray of light that comes down and crashes into the opponent causes a massive explosion of holy energy. Rays of light shoot out and pierce the heavens.  It does 68-70% Light damage.

Proposed Stage – Palace in the Sky

Proposed Taunts

  • Up Palutena summons her wings and she slightly hovers, spins around while glittering, and then lands.
  • Right Side – Palutena folds her hands on her chest and arches her back as if praying. A light shines around her momentarily.
  • Left Side – Palutena summons a mirror and it hovers in front of her face. She tilts her head both ways and flips up her long locks of hair and fusses with it. The mirror then vanishes.
  • Down – Palutena turns to the camera, nods her head to the side, and giggles slightly.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Palutena summons her Throne Chair and she floats and sits in it. However, she takes a relaxed pose and spreads across the chair while yawning.
  • Palutena holds out her staff out and a beam of light erupts and shines down on her.
  • Palutena summons a rotating ball of light which drifts to the top. It starts to rotate and she does a funny (but cute) dance to it.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Palutena arrives within an extremely fast light beam. he is sitting in a throne chair. She gets up and the throne chair vanishes in a light beam and travels into the top of the screen.

Proposed Idle Poses

  • Palutena yawns quickly.
  • Palutena shifts the staff in her hands and restlessly flaps her shield arm.

Proposed Fighting Stance

  • She stands straight up, her scepter is held up right, and her shield arm is raised in defiance to the enemies.

Audience Cheer

  • PALU, TENA! PALU, TENA! (Girl/Guy cheer)

Kirby Hat

  • Her long, green hair and Goddess crown and forehead jewelry.]

Proposed Palette Swaps

Palutena Palette Swaps

Blue Palutena
Yellow Palutena
White Palutena
Red Palutena
Purple Palutena

Proposed DLC Costumes

Viridi Costume (from Kid Icarus: Uprising)

  • Attributes: Palutena`s element alignment changes to Earth. 5% defense increase, 4% ground attack increase, 5% ground attack speed increase, 3% jump decrease, 6% flight time decrease, 2% aerial attack decrease, and 1.5% falling speed increase.  As well, due to her costume, she has a shorter reach and is harder to hit compared to Palutena.

Amazon Pandora Costume (from Kid Icarus: Uprising)

  • Attributes: Palutena`s element changes to Water. 8% speed increase, 3% rolling speed increase, 2% defense increase, 10% attack decrease, 5% jump decrease, and 2% specials attack decrease.

Palutena`s Move Set

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – Swipes once with her staff. 3% Light damage. he then blasts the opponent for average knock back but low damage at 2% Light damage. Does 5% Light damage altogether.
  • Dash Attack – Thrusts her staff forward. Does 12% Light damage and does below-average knock back. However, very long reach and distancing technique.
  • Strong Side – Thrusts the staff into the ground and a wave of light erupts diagonally up from the ground and hits the opponent. Does vertical knock back. Little ending lag. Does 15% Light damage.
  • Strong Up – Slams her shield upwards. Very long ending lag but short cooldown. Kind of an uppercut with the shield. Does 12% damage.
  • Strong Down – Does a Light Sword summon and along the ground in front of her. Somewhat long start-up but a quick attack. Does 15% Light damage, vertical knock back, and the highest amount of knock back for any attack.
  • Side Smash – Takes her staff and holds it behind her while charging. She then swings it forward with a stream of light energy that flashes out in front of her. Has a very wide hit box. Does high diagonal knock back. Does between 23-26% Light damage and is one of her stronger smash attacks. The moment she swings the staff she receives Super Armor.
  • Up Smash – Summons a Light Spear ad thrusts it upwards. It has very a very long reach and can sweetspot at the end of the spear. Sourspotted does 8-12% Light Damage while sweetspotting does 20-23% Light damage. It does high vertical knock back.
  • Down Smash – Palutena slams the butt of her staff onto the ground and a barrier of light shoots up and knocks the opponent upwards or diagonal; depending on the location of the opponent. It can also counter and dispel weaker projectiles such as a uncharged Charged Shot, Sacred Bow, or a ray gun attack. It has high vertical knock back and can used to keep pressure off Palutena. Does 16-21% Light damage.
  • Ledge Attack – Pulls herself up quickly and repels the opponent with a blast of light. Does 7% Light damage. Quick but a little ending lag.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Pulls herself up slowly and kicks the opponent. Does 9% damage.
  • Floor Attack – Slams the butt if her staff on the ground and light shoots up. Does 6% Light damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Spins around while shooting out blasts of light. Hits 5 times with 2% Light damage each hit. Excellent short hop technique. No landing lag.
  • Forward Aerial – Swipes her staff from up to down. Causes a trail of light that can damage opponents after the staff has passed. Can stop weaker projectiles. Does 18% Light damage.
  • Back Aerial – Palutena kicks behind her. Little knock back and does weak damage at 10%.
  • Up Aerial – Thrusts her staff upwards. Much like Link’s Uair but much longer reach. Does 16% Light damage with 2% more when sweetspotted at the end of the staff.
  • Down Aerial – Slams her staff down and rapidly descends much like Link’s Dair. Does 17% Light damage. Good when coming out of the Up move.
  • Glide Attack – Thrusts her staff in front of her and blasts with light energy. Does 13% Light damage. Has high knock back.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel – Shocks them with Light damage. Does 3% Light damage.
  • Forward Throw – Blasts the opponent in a wave of light. Does 12% Light damage. High knock back.
  • Back Throw – Swings the opponent in a circle and attacks them with Light damage.  Does 8% Light damage.
  • Up Throw – Slams the head of the staff into the opponent.  Does 10% damage and high vertical knock back..
  • Down Throw – Slams opponent on the ground and slams the butt of the staff into the opponent.  Does 6% damage and is her weakest throw.

My Thoughts

At first, I was pretty skeptical about adding Palutena into my SSB4 roster since she didn`t seem too much like a fighter.  However, the more I thought about it, the more interesting she became to me. So I sat down, as I usually do, to flesh out her character by writing out her move set, stats, and special move set.  What came out was a very complex and interesting character that specialized in mid-far range attacks, projectiles, and with excellent recovery actions.  I then decided to axe Krystal in favor of Palutena.  I understand that might make some people mad but I will explain my reasoning for doing so.

Arguements for Palutena

  1. She is a female magical staff user.  Adds variety into the SSB roster.
  2. She is from Kid Icarus.  You might ask yourself why Kid Icarus deserves two reps.  Well, here are my reasons for thinking why there will be two reps for Kid Icarus: Sakurai made Kid Icarus: Uprising.  If you haven`t noticed, Sakurai loves his creations.  Kirby has been in SSB since its creation and while Meta Knight and Dedede weren`t in SSBM, they both made it into SSBB.  Metaknight is considered S tier and God-like and King Dedede is also a very powerful character.  As well, Knuckle Joe is an Assist Trophy.  Not to mention that four items from Kirby (Warp Star, Star Rod, Maxim Tomato, Super Spicy Curry, and the Dragoon are from the Kirby universe.  Not to mention that the Dragoon is a powerful and rare weapon.  And if that wasn`t enough, the Helberd was an essential portion of the storyline in Brawl and made many on-screen appearances.  So, essentially, Sakurai likes to see his creations in the SSB games.  That is why my reasoning is that we will see many aspects of Kid Icarus comes into SSB.
  3. Kid Icarus is a classical series brought back and rebooted successfully.
  4. Palutena is another gliding character and adds to the aerial game.
  5. She has good plot line material.
  6. Important and iconic character within the Kid Icarus and even Nintendo.
  7. Relevant due her playing an important part in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Chances of being in SSB4

55% – Despite the reasons I gave, it`s still 50/50 with slightly in Palutena`s favor that she will make an appearance in SSB4.  It all depends how much influence Sakurai has in the game.  However, I can see he become an important and playable character.


6 responses to “Newcomer: Palutena

  1. Isn’t Palutena, like a god? Could she even be in this game? Not that i don’t want her to be, because i do. Could you possibly add Medusa, too? She could shoot lasers, turning people to stone 🙂

    • Ganondorf is the king of evil and has been resurrected many times. Pit is a angel. Mr. Game and Watch…well…we don’t even know what he is. I don’t see why a goddess can’t be thrown into the mix.

  2. Did you seriously call that Palutena would be a playable character ALMOST TWO YEARS IN ADVANCE?

    That’s impressive as hell.

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