When Life Happens…

I will be taking a mini break from updating because I have been letting shit pile up and snowball into even bigger shit.  Sad to say, I dropped the ball on some life things and gotta pick up where I left off.

Meaning taxes are due, I am currently trying to transfer my American drivers license to a Japanese one (meaning gotta take the driving test all over again which means 5-6 trips (using my paid vacation time) to the fucking drivers license center), work is starting to pile up, and got my girlfriend’s birthday party to plan.  Sooo….I must likely will start updating and working on them next week.

I was falling behind in updates and, before I knew it, I didn’t have the next updates for next week finished so I gotta take a break to catch up, unwind, and get my shit together before I regret it later.

Besides that, I am glad everyone is taking interest in this blog (positive and negative) and I enjoy reading the comments.  Follow and comment please!  Let me know what you like or don’t like about it!

Other than that, keep on reading and speculating!




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