Stage: Halberd

Halberd Stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Halberd

Universe: Kirby


Size: Large

Hazard Level: 4 (out of 5)

Availability: Starter

The Halberd is Meta Knights massive flying battleship. It has a large array of weapons to attack and decimate foes. The battleship is capable of space and underwater flight as well as air flight. At times, the battleship hinders and attacks Kirby or aids him in his adventures.


Halberd appears similarly as it did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, instead if fighting on a floating platform that occasionally lands on the deck, players fight in a side scrolling tour of the entire ship.

The ship first starts at the hull of the battleship, near the replica of Meta Knight’s mask. However, the combo cannon is currently not functioning. The stage scrolls while players must duke it out across the top of the ship.

When they reach the back of the ship, an elevator activates and brings the fighters down into the storage area. The stage momentarily stops and fighters can fight in the storage area. The only KO’able place is through the top of the stage.

The stage continues through a blast door and leads through a series of dimly lite corridors (seen in SSBB). The stage finally stops at the reactor. Touching the crystal will cause 20% Electrical damage and high knockback. Attacking it will cause the electrical attack range to extend even further. It cannot be attacked by assist trophies, Poké Balls, Summons, or Boss Spheres.

The stage will then continue down a shaft and leads to another room with a floating platform and other Meta Knight troops in the background; training. The stage will stop again and, after 20 seconds, the Meta Knights will vanish. That is a warning that the bottom of the stage will open up and toss players into the sky. After 15 seconds, the bay doors will close and the floating platform will carry the players up an elevator shaft.

They will then enter the control room (seen in SSBB). There are no gimmicks here but, the glass can be broken, in which, air will start shooting in and pushing players. The floating platform appears again and transports players down an elevator shaft, through a series of boiling containers and factory-esque decor and then drops them off back into the hull; in which the Combo Cannon is functional and waiting. Afterward, the stage loops again.


The main worry is the combo cannon at the end. It can grab players and blast them with a well-aimed beam blast. It can also whack players with the claw arm. It can do this three-four times before the stage begins to move. Attacking it might decrease the amount if times it can attack.


Halberd – (Kirby’s Epic Yarn) – Main Music
Vs Yin-Yarn – (Kirby’s Epic Yarn)
Boss Battle (Kirby”s Return to Dreamland)
True Arena (Kirby”s Return to Dreamland)
Galacta Knight Theme (Kirby”s Return to Dreamland)
Landia (Kirby”s Return to Dreamland)
Heavy Lobster Theme (Kirby”s Return to Dreamland)
Darkness Extended (Kirby”s Return to Dreamland)


Combo Cannon
Meta Knight troops

My Thoughts

I struggled with making a new Halverd stage. I wanted to include it but couldn’t find a way how to make it newer. However, I recalled playing on the Helberd in the SSE mode in SSBB and used that as a way to incorporate the entire battleship into a single stage. I feel I captured another face of the Halberd that we have never seen before.

Chances of Being in SSb4

60% – Sakurai seems to like the Halberd so he might find a way to incorporate it into SSB4.


4 responses to “Stage: Halberd

  1. As a matter of fact I do! I have played 4 different Kirby games (Return to Dream Land, Super Star Ultra, Adventure, Air Ride), so I have a lot of info on the characters, copy abilities, and worlds. I don’t know any deserving newcomers other than Bandanna Waddle Dee and Marx, though, but i still know some stuff. 🙂

    • Awesome! I’ll come to you if I have any questions. In fact, if you have any ideas to make the new Halberd stage I designed and make it feel completely new, I would appreciate it!

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