Assist Trophy: T-Rex, Mike Jones, and Warrior Mech Gauss

Name: T-Rex

Universe: Fossil Fighters

Debut: Fossil Fighters (2008)

Type: Offensive

Rarity: Uncommon

Availability: Starter

The T-Rex is one of the stronger Fire-type vivosaurs you can dig up and revive in the Fossil Fighters game. T-Rex attacks with its fangs and claws and deals Fire based damage. The T-Rex appears in all its glory and starts stomping across the stage while gnashing its teeth and swiping its massive tail back and forth. It does around 10% damage. T-Rex will then turn around and charge forward and bites down hard with its teeth. It does 25% damage if its a full bite and 15% damage if its half a bite. T-Rex then vanishes.

Name: Mike Jones

Universe: StarTropics

Debut: StarTropics (1990)

Type: Offensive

Availability: Starter

Mike Jones appears an a assist trophy. Mike Jones says Batters up! He then rushes forward and starts whacking opponents with his trademark bat. Does 6 to 8 hits, each dealing 5% damage each hit and little knock back. Mike Jones then whistles, winds up, and smashes his bat into the closest opponent. It does very high damage at 50% and very high knock back. He then says All right! and jumps away.

Name: Warrior Mech Gauss

Universe: Chōsōjū Mecha MG

Debut: Chōsōjū Mecha MG (2006)

Type: Offensive

Rarity: Uncommon

Availability: Starter

Warrior Mech Gauss is a robotic Marionation Gear or MG for short. It is piloted by the 13 year old Martin. It has an array of weapons and boasts some of the best specs in all of the Marionation Gears. Warrior Mech Gauss appears on the battlefield and readies his special beam attack which fires from the tip of his sword. He then fires it and it tears along the ground. It functions much like Lucario’s Final Smash in SSBB however, unlike that, it is unable to be controlled. It boasts high knock back damage and does upwards to 60% damage if it hits 100%. Warrior Mech Gauss then jumps up and vanishes.


2 responses to “Assist Trophy: T-Rex, Mike Jones, and Warrior Mech Gauss

  1. I have no idea who Mike Jones or Warrior Mech Gauss is, but I’ve heard of Fossil Fighters, and it’d be cool to see a dino onstage.

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