Stage: The Ring

The Ring

Name: The Ring

Universe: Punch-Out!!


Size: Small

Hazard Level: 2 (out of 5)

Availability: Starter

The Ring is the main stage of the Punch-Out!! series. It has been the place for many tournaments and many boxers have found fame or defeat within it’s ropes. Little Mac defeated Mr. Sandman in this very ring and took the championship belt.


This stage differs from the usual boxing ring found in Punch-Out!! games. The camera view is situated on level with the ring floor. Instead of the overhead diagonal view or directly behind the player’s boxer, it shows directly from outside the ring looking it. Thus, the ropes are in front of the players.

On either side of the rung are stools for the fighters to sit on. However, they can be used to throw at opponents at the start of the fight. If you hit one of the ropes, it will cause you to bump of slightly. Running at it or being smashed into it causes you be slingshot the opposite way. Jumping on it causes the player to jump up fairly slightly.

Next to the ring is the main audience floor. It has walk-off sides so be careful. Occasionally, a TV monitor stand will lower down and allow players to jump onto it and climb up on top. However, spending too much time of it will cause the monitors to fall onto the ground.

The background contains audience stands full of people. Occasionally, Doc Louis, Mr. Sandman, Super Macho Man, Glass Joe, Bear Hugger, Soda Popinki, Mad Clown, and Von Kaiser will appear in the background, either booing or cheering for the players.


There aren’t too many hazard in this stage. The first set of hazards to appear are the throwable stools that are in opposite corners of the stage. The second one is the TV monitors that appear above the stage. They can be knocked down by players and then crash down. They don’t do much damage unless directly underneath in which can can OHKO as low as 40.


Main Theme(Wii Super Punch Out!!) Main Music
King Hippo Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Mr. Sandman Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Super Macho Man Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Aran Ryan Theme (Wii Super Punch Out!!)
Fight Theme (Mike Tyson Punch Out)
World Circuit Fight (Super Punch Out!!)
Bob Charlie Theme (Super Punch Out!!)

Credits (Super Punch Out!!)


Mr. Sandman
Super Macho Man
Doc Louis
Glass Joe
Bear Hugger
Soda Popinski
Mad Clown
Von Kaiser

My Thoughts

I had trouble creating this stage because of the limited world of Punch-Out!!. Originally, I envisioned the camera angle like the usual Punch- Out!! ring that has appeared before but I thought it would look odd for the camera to be looking downward so I opted for a more side camera view.

Chances of Being in SSB4

100%/0% – This stage is only guaranteed if Little Mac is playable. If not, I don’t expect a stage based off the ring to appear.


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