Boss Sphere: Orbsidian Crawler and Cyclonis

Name: Orbsidian Crawler

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Debut: Super Smash Bros. 4

Boss Type: Offensive

Element: Earth and Dark

Chapter: 1

-Boss Sphere-

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Attack

Duration: 18 seconds.

The Orbsidian Crawler is a ferocious bio-mechanical creature that can burrow under the ground and cause earthquakes. You can see it coming as it burrows deep int he earth by the ground jutting up from above him. It usually burrows and then strikes from underground; grabbing it’s prey in it’s deep jaws. It has a uncountable amount of clawed tentacles that can grab and throws opponents that a rag-doll. Underneath all it’s tentacles is four beady light green eyes and a large filled with long, sharp teeth. It’s lower jaws juts up like a under-bite. It is very fast, agile, and deadly so extreme caution should be taken.

The Galactic Usurper

The Orbsidian Crawler is a camouflage type enemy so it can easily conceal itself in the earth and underbrush so be careful when fighting it; especially since the stage is set during the night. The Orbsidian Crawler will first attack by burrowing in the ground so watch as the ground cracks and splits as it burrows around the stage. Once dirt and soil begins to spray upwards, move out of the way or the Orbsidian Crawler will grab the fighter and drag him into the ground. This can do around 15% damage. It then spits the player out and resumes it’s pattern.

The time to attack it during this phase is to dodge the attack and attack it as it leaps out into the air. Knocking it will cause it to land on the ground and flail about. Continue striking it for additional damage. It will then retreat into the ground after three hits and resume this process. Three times will cause it to come from the ground.

It will then stand still and send out it’s tentacle claws to grab the opponent. If it’s grabs the opponent, it will throw them around for 20% damage so it is best to avoid these at all possible. It cannot move during this phase so it’s best to sneak around him while it hunts down the computer player and strike him from behind. The first attack will stun him and after three hits, he will resume attacking with it’s tentacles. After repeating this three times, the tentacles will hook onto the ground and it will grow massive arms and legs composed of it’s clawd tentacles. It appears like a massive wriggling beast.

It will then begin swinging it’s fists and will attempt to stomp on the player. Each hit does between 5-15% damage so bodge these or block them. Attacking it’s head three times will cause it to fall down to the ground. When it lands, start wailing on him so damage it more. Three times of doing this will cause the Orbsidian Crawler to bring out it’s Final Smash.

It will transform into a massive snake like creature that is composed of the clawed tentacles and will start ravaging the stage. It will chase after the opponent and attempt to trap him. Fortunately, it does only one type attack: a flying charge. It will fly into the opponent and bowl them over. A full-frontal successful attack does 8 hits with 5% damage for each hit totaling to 40% damage with each strike. However, it has a relatively low knock-back. When it charges, it is best to dodge out of the way, shield (though it’s best to let it charge after this), or jumping out of the way. One suggestion is to lead it into the air and then air dodge it horizontally so you don’t have to try to dodge through the entire length of it.

After 12 seconds, it’s Final Smash will end leaving it fairly vulnerable. Take this chance hit the Orbsidian Crawler with your strongest attacks to finish him off. He is severely weakened after the Final Smash so defeating him is extremely easy at this point. What matters is surviving it’s Final Smash

Boss Sphere

The Orbsidian Crawler will grab nearby opponents into its claws and start rushing around the stage; banging them into the ground and slamming them against walls. It will then finally hold them up in its arms and then fly high into the air. It will them slam the players into the ground for massive damage (much like Kirby`s Up Throw). It does around 80-90% damage and very high knock back. It can KO as low as 30%.

Name: Cyclonis

Universe: Super Smash Bros.

Debut: Super Smash Bros. 4

Boss Type: Offensive

Element: Wind and Dark

Chapter: 4

Boss Sphere

Rarity: Rare

Type: Attack

Duration: 20 seconds

The Galactic Usurper

The ground starts to suddenly shake and, from the cliff face, emerges Cyclonis. His tornado body is now black and violent; pulsating and twisting every which way. Cyclonis launches itself onto the ground and starts shooting out gusts of wind.

Cyclonis causes two torandoes to spawn from the right and left of the screens to prevent opponents from running away. he appears in the background. As before, he throws out boulders which do moderate damage and knock back and throws out tornadoes which can throw opponents in the air.

However, he also causes wind to blow from one side or the other. The side tornadoes can KO a player as low as 40% so its best to avoid them and to run against the wind. He repeats this several times.

He will then jump high in the air and come smashing down into the ground with its tornado-like body. It will then spin like a drill. This is its most devastating attack and can do upwards to 55% damage total. However, at the end of the attack, it becomes dizzy and disoriented so attack it then.

After doing this several times, he will perform a Final Smash. Two massive tornados will appear at his hands and he will throw them into the ground. A massive cyclone will erupt and can cause between 50-80% wind damage. Repeating this process several times will cause the foe to collapse on the ground.

After the fight, the Nitroskiff pulls up with Fox, Bowser, and Isaac. Saki, Ike, and Wario, startled, gets into a fighting stance and prepares to fight. However, before a fight can begin; a sudden purple vortex appears and a figure steps out of it. A dark anf firghtening figure…

Nightmare Cyclonis

Nightmare Cyclonis is very powerful and utilizes devastating attacks. He appears to the side and, unlike before, side tornadoes do not appear as before. He first throws out three to five small purple torandoes. They spin very fast and try to suck in the player. If sucked in, it will throw them high into the air. Nightmare Cyclonis will then use a Air Vacuum attack to drain energy and give him health. Therefore, it`s best to avoid these tornadoes.

Cyclonis will then cause a massive cone of purple wind to blast through the stage. It does 45% damage and deals high knock back. Afterward, he will do the smae but summon 3 tornado cones from the sky into the ground. These again do 45% damage.

However, afterward, he tires out from using the tornadoes so start attackin then. Smash attacks and aerial attacks work the best. After this, Cyclonis will regain its energy and perform its most devastating attack Nightmare Vacuum. It is a unavoidable, unblockable attack that does 50% damage based on the amount of health you have when the attack begins. It also does high knock back afterward. Fox is able to reflect this attack though and do damage to Cyclonis so bring out Fox when he prepares this attack.

This repeats four times before he is defeated. Cyclonis turns into a purple tornado and vanishes into the sky.

Boss Sphere

Cyclonis appears and begins throwing tornadoes and cyclones onto the stage. He throws between 3 to 5 of them. It does around 15-20% wind damage each time. He then releases a massive tornado that covers a large section of the stage. It can deal upwards to 40% wind damage. He then leaves in a pillar of wind.


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