Animal Crossing Trophies 1

Animal Crossing Girl

Debut: Animal Crossing

The Girl character from Animal Crossing has a adventurous personality and wants to see the world. She enjoys fishing, watering, catching bugs, digging up fossils, and chatting with her neighbors. She also enjoys the latest fashion and hair designs.


Debut: Animal Crossing: Jump Out

Rumor has it this high-spirited Shitzu is the mayors secretary in Animal Crossing: Jump Out. She follows the player with a pen, paper, and clipboard while jotting down notes. She has a really energetic spirit and is constantly trying to fulfill her secretarial duties.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Jingle is a gift giving reindeer that wanders around the village the night before Toy Day or Christmas Eve. He gives players a present if they talk to him on five separate encounters. These presents are apart of the Holiday theme.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Franklin is a cautious turkey that constantly thinks people are out to eat him. If the player steals utensils and silverware from Tortimers banquet table on Harvest Day, Franklin will give out a piece of Harvest theme furniture. He believes Tortimer and the villagers are out to eat him so he constantly appears scared and frightened.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Jack is a pumpkin spirit that arrives in the players town on Halloween day. In exchange for candy, he will give you a Spooky theme furniture. Unfortunately though, other villagers are out to get your candy so it is best to run. Jack, however, will not run or chase after you so that is the best way to identify him.


Debut: Animal Crossing: City Folk

Pavé is often confused as a female due to his appearance but it doesn’t seem to bother him much. He arrives on Festivale and, when given a colored candy that corresponds to his mood, he will award the player with furniture from his own series.

Zipper T. Bunny

Debut: Animal Crossing: City Folk

Zipper T. Bunny comes to town every Bunny Day. He hides Easter eggs around the village and tasks the player to find a gold foil in any of the eggs. He rewards the player with furniture from the egg series. He is apparently a mysterious figure underneath his rabbit suit and seems to hate his job.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Chip comes to town and hosts a fishing tournament. The villager who fishes the largest bass by 6 pm receives a prize. However, his methods of measuring the fish is somewhat….fishy because he eats them before announcing the actual size. If the player wins the tournament by 6 pm, he or she will receive a prize in the mail.


Debut: Animal Crossing: Wild World

Lyle is a weasel that sells insurance and reps the Happy Room Academy. While he seems respectable, some insiders point towards shadier business tactics, but not as bad as Redd. He is always excited for customers and will push every single possible cosnumer aspect onto the player.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Gracie is the queen of the fashion world. She has become very successful for her patterns and designs. However, underneath all the glamour, she’s a powerful business women. She will roll into town to educate bumpkin villagers on the latest city fashions. Some of the other snoty villagers may call her designs trash and her car a garbage heap.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Octavian is rare in the Animal Crossing world due to being an octopus. He is usually cranky but talking to him near the ocean will cause him to reflect on his youthful days and recollect about his “mamma” and “papa”. It is possible he spent some time of his life near or in the ocean.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Furniture are valuable items players can buy or collect to decorate the interior of their house. Furniture comes either individually, in themes like Spooky or Space, or in a series like Pavé or Egg series. Players can either receive or buy furniture from villagers or buy them from Tom Nook or Redd.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Fruits are often found in trees or as seeds in Tom Nooks. They first start off as a seedling but will grow if watered and given enough time. They can also be given as presents. The available fruit is apples, pears, oranges, peaches, and cherries. Digging a hole and burying one of the fruits will cause a seedling to pop up.

Town Hall

Debut: Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Town Hall functions as a post office, bank, the Wishing Well, and as Tortimers office. Players can send mail, pay if rents, or even seek forgiveness here. A bulletin board is found outside for the players to read that contains notes, news, and other noteworthy going-ons in the village.


Debut: Animal Crossing

Bells are the in-game currency of Animal Crossing. They are used to buy items from Tom Nooks, Redd, villagers, and other stores. Players can receive bells for selling items, finding it in trees, hitting rocks, or even planting their own Bells in hopes that a Money Tree grows.


Debut: Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Shark is a very rare fish that be found in the villages oceans. It has a very large shadow and a dorsal fin can be seen above it. The Shark is the prize of any Museum aquarium and the curator, Blathers, will be most excited to see it in the collection. There is also the Hammerhead shark but it less rare than the regular Shark. It can be found in June to September.


Debut: Animal Crossing

The Coelacanth is a thought to be extinct bony fish that can be found in the villages oceans. It only appears when it snows and rains but it can be found year long. Despite this, it is very rare. It is easy to spot because it has a large shadow compared to the smaller shadows. While considered the prize fish in the first Animal crossing, larger fish like the Shark has taken this place.


Debut: Animal Crossing

The Arapaima is a rare freshwater fish found in the Animal Crossing village. It can be found in the main rivers around July to September from 4 pm to 9 am. It is easiest to find because of its huge shadow in comparison to the smaller shadows in the river. It is the prize fish for the river section of the Museum aquarium.


Debut: Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Tarantula is a rare bug found between June and August in the late night to early morning hours. It is a very elusive bug that appears docile and even skittish to villagers at first. However, once the player pulls out a bug net, the arachnid will give chase and won`t stop until the player is stung or the player goes into a house. It is very fast and can jump over holes in the ground.


Debut: Animal Crossing: Wild World

The Scorpion is a rare bug found in the village betwen July and August from 7 pm to 4 am. It appears fairly docile and won`t attack unless the player runs on it or pulls out a bug net. If this happens. the scorpion will give chase and will attempt to sting the player. Ducking into a nearby house, out-runnin gthe scorpion, or getting stung is th ebest way to stop it.


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