Boss: Orion Tsang

Name: Orion Tsang

Universe: Sin and Punishment

Debut: Sin and Punishment: Star successor

Boss Type: Offensive, Aerial

Element Alignment: Dark

Chapter: ?

-Boss Sphere-

Rarity: Common

Type: Attack

Duration: 8 seconds

The Galactic Usurper

Orion Tsang has around 200 HP. He will begin to teleport around the stage to confuse players. He will then stop and fire a magical projectile at the player. These do dark magic damage up to 13%. He will fire four to five of them. He will immediately teleport if attacked so you can stall him from attacking by trying to hit him. Once he is done with the attack, he will stand in the center of the stage and brandish his laser whip. H ewill then begin swinging it back and forth causing damage. One hit can do 10% so dodging is suggested.

He will then fire a red laser which will travel around the stage. While this is happening, attack him since he is unable to teleport. Just make sure not to get him by the laser. It does around 8% Lightning damage. Iron Tsang will then teleport to the top of the stage and fire some more magical projectiles. He is unable to teleport during this sequence.

After beging knocked down to 50% health, he will initiate his Final Smash. He will call in a squad of Nebulox fighters which will then begin to pummel the stage with rockets and explosives. He will then fire his laser which travels through the stage and causes a large explosion. Dodge or shield these attacks if possible. In all, it does around 45-50% Dark and Fire damage so be careful!

After his Final Smash though, he loses the ability to teleport. Smashing and hitting him will reduce his percentage to 0 in no time.

Boss Sphere

Orion Tsang appears and begins to pummel every character with magical attacks. They do around 5% Dark damage and can cuase decent knock back. He will then float to the bottom of the stage and fire his laser which can do 20% Lightning damage if hit and does a high amount of knockback. He will then laugh and vanish.


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