Assist Trophies: Sami, Ray 01, Felix


Universe: Advanced Wars


Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Sami appears on the stage and immedaitely summons soliders onto the battlefield. They begin firing rounds of ammunition in a straight line against the opponents. Each round does around 8% damage and has moderate knock back. Sami also fires her machine gun which does only 4% damage but is has a much higher rate of fire allowing for hits to occur. After 12 seconds, she vanishes when a whistle blows.

Ray 01

Universe: Custom Robo


Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Ray 01 appears and begins to fire his gun around the stage. Each hit does around 12% Lightning damage. It will then release four smaller satellties that circle around him and fire of plasma shots as well. These only do 1% Lightning damage but have a much higer rate of fire. Ray 01 is moving around the stage and firing during this time. After 9 seconds, Ray 01 vanishes like a hologram.


Universe: Golden Sun

Debut: Golden Sun: Lost Age

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Felix appears and begins a massive Earthquake that shakes everyone until they fall. Shortly after the Earthquake begins, stalagmites appear and pierce everyone that is on the ground. It does high knock back and damage at 55% Earth damage. The attack is fairly quick and doesn`t affect anyone who is in the air at the time. During the Earthquake, it is impossible to jump or move since the opponent is being staggered. During this time, they are helpess to the stalagmites.

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