Stage: Saturn Valley

Name: Saturn Valley

Universe: Mother/EarthBound

Debut: Mother 3

Size: Small

Hazards: 1(out of 5)

Availability: Starter

Saturn Valley is home to the Mr. Saturns. It is a peaceful valley set between cliffs. There are houses, ponds, and trees. However, during the course of events in Mother 3, the valley is invaded by the Pig Mask Army.


The stage itself lies on a floating Saturn Table board, much like what Lucas flies in his stage entrance. In the background is the village with Mr. Saturns walking in the distance. Everything is tranquil and as it should be. During the stage, Mr. Saturns will attempt to balance on ladders while trying to catch birds using red balloons tied to their noses.


There are no hazards in this stage.



Mr. Saturn

My Thoughts

I decided on saturn Valley since it is an important location in Mother 3 as well as a stage representation for Lucas. It also focuses on one of the more unique items in the game, Mr. Saturn.


3 responses to “Stage: Saturn Valley

  1. So, it’s just a simple stage with no hazards, no traps, gimmicks, no nothing? Sound kind a like Smashville or Final Destination if you ask me, but it does sound like a good Mother/Earthbound stage

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