I regret to inform that I will be unable to daily update this site.  I will be making possible weekly updates but I am unable to continue in thi smanner at the time.  I have been very busy at work and have to work at home after my shift ends severely cutting into my free time.  As well, my alptop recently broke down so I will have to purchase a new one.  However, I currently looking into buying a car and so the priority goes to the new car.  Once I buy a new car, I will begin searching for a new laptop.

In the mean time, I will be doing possible weekly updates from either my phone or on a work computer during my downtime.  Therefore, July 12th is the last scheduled update and my blog will then be taking a temporary break.  We have quite some time before Smash 4 is released so I think this is a good time as any to take a break. 

In my weekly updates, I will be focusing more on characters than the other parts of Smash 4.


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  1. I’m guessing SSB4 comes out sometime next year in the middle or end of 2013. If that’s how long it takes to make a video game. Oh well.

    • I actually think we will see a trailer for Smash 4 in the fall and then possibly two years after that. So we will could possibly see Smash 2014-2015. It was like that when Brawl came out.

      However, due Namco’s help on the project, production time could be decreased by half. I think with Namco’s help, it could be early to mid 2014.

      • Yeah but it is possible with Namoco`s help, the developement time will be cut down. It took SBB 4 years to make I believe. We didnt get the game until 2 years after the debut trailer.

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