Newcomer: Andy

Name: Andy

Universe: Advanced Wars

Debut: Advanced Wars

Element Alignment: Light

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Allies

Availability: Starter

Andy is the mascot of Advanced Wars and is the main hero. Andy is a CO in the Orange Star army and, evidently, has no weaknesses which is his strength. While slightly naive, he is a powerful officer whose strength lies in improving his units abilities. Andy is a first rate mechanic and many of his abilities involve bolstering his units abilities and stats. He is able to restore and repair his units even after they take a beating thus allowing Andy to continue fighting.

Andy’s Stats

Power: **
Weight: **
Defense: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Recovery: ***
Element: ***

Andy’s stats are average and evenly balanced out. Much like Mario, he appears relatively balanced and has no true strengths or weaknesses. Andy’s main strengths relies in his average stats. Andy, however, has a unique ability that stands him out against the rest of the roster. Andy is able to repair and maintain units on the stage while he is fighting. By using his neutral B move, Andy can deploy only up to six units at a time and certain units take up a number of slots. This gives him a slight edge over opponents as well makes him a unique fighter. Andy lacks necessary power unless he uses his Down B Upgrade ability which will boost either power, defense, speed, or health. This way, Andy remains a unpredictable fighter. Andy lacks the necessary power though on his own so, at times, he depends on his units to get the job done.

Due to his size, Andy is considered a light to medium weight. He is taller then Mario but much more leaner. Due to this, he can easily be KO’d. The way to get around this is to have an opponent attack a unit instead of Andy. In this capacity, Andy can use his units as decoys or shields when he becomes damaged. Andy boasts average speed, jump, and recovery as well as his Light element. Andy’s shields are also average in strength. Overall, Andy is a average character with a unique ability that allows him to fight on a balanced playing field with the rest of the roster.

Andy’s Special B Move Set

Neutral B – Deployment

Side B – Wrench-a-Rang

Up B – Artillery

Down B – Upgrade

The Final Trio

Final Smash – Max Assault

Final Melee – Hyper Upgrade

Final Brawl – Warhead


Deployment is Andy’s Neutral B movie. Andy has the possibility of deploying four types of units. These are: Infantry, Missile, Tank, and Bomber. Each unit has a set certain number of units that can be on screen with Infantry the most and the Bomber being the least. As well, each unit is randomized much like how Mr. Game and Watch’s hammer was in SSBM/SSBB. Here is a break down of the units:

  • Infantry: Infantry is the basic unit and takes up only one slot. In theory, you can have six infantry on the stage at one time. The infantry has the highest rate of fire but deals the least amount of damage. It is capable of firing three shots per second and each shot does 1% damage. They also have the lowest health of all the units and the lowest defense stat. Their shots shoot straight forward and do not cause any kind of knock back or hit stun. It is also the fastest unit available. The Infantry unit can be on the stage for a total of 10 seconds. Attacks that can destroy the Infantry: a uncharged strong smash, Stone Kirby, Egg Roll, Samus’ Missile, etc.
  • Missile: Missile is a mobile missile launcher that shoots missiles upwards, which go upwards, and then falls down in a arc. It has a medium rate of fire of one shot every second. It has below average health and it is a fairly slow unit. It has decent defensive ratings and can take a couple hits before it dies. It’s missiles cause around 5% Fire damage if it hits and 8% if it hits in mid-air. The Missile can be on the stage for a total of 12 seconds. The missile takes up two unit spaces at once time so three of them can be on the stage at once. Attacks that can destroy Missile: Charged average smash attack, weak Ike’s Eruption, Bowser Bomb, Yoshi Bomb, etc.
  • Tank: Tank is a slow-moving vehicle that has high attack power and a decent rate of fire. It can fire one attack every two seconds and each attack does 7% Fire damage. They go straight and then fall downwards after a while. It has good armor ratings and the best health of all the units. However, it is extremely slow and it is huge so an excellent target for players. However, Andy can use it to direct attacks from him to the tank. It can stay on the stage for 14 seconds total. It is susceptible to bombs. The Tank takes up 4 unit spaces so only one of them can be on the stage at once. Attacks that can destroy Tank: Thunder, Charged Ike’s Eruption, Charged Strong Smash Attack, Fully Charged Wario Waft, Falcon Punch, Giant Punch, etc.
  • Bomber: The Bomber is one of the best units available. It can deliver three bombs every three seconds which does 9% Fire damage per attack. The bombs do high knock back and have an medium explosion radius. The Bomber also flies high overhead and out of reach from more grounded opponents. It is fairly fast but it lacks the defensive abilities – it is slightly better than the infantry. It has decent health to make up for the bad defense rating. The bombs will fall down until it hits a player or a obstacle in which it will explode. The Bomber can stay on the stage for 16 seconds total. It takes up five slots so only one can be on the stage. Attacks that can destroy Bomber: Ike’s Aether, strong Uair, Dedede’s Up special, Mach Tornado, etc.

It is Andy’s job to make sure the units stay active at their top fighting potential so they can hurt opponents. Andy can throw out a new unit by pressing B and can do it in the air. However, if it does it too high, it may cause damage to Infantry, Missile, and Tank when it lands. Andy knows when he can’t deploy more units when he sends out nothing but a puff of smoke.

Players can see the health on each unit by a small green bar. The green bar becomes shorter each time the unit is attacked and, when near the end of it’s life, it flashes red. When it is near the end of its time length, it flashes green. When a unit is destroyed, it explodes which causes no damage to opponents. If it runs out of time, it simply fades away. Deploying a unit takes around 3 seconds. Andy will point his finger out and a unit will appear suddenly.

Wrench-a-rang is Andy’s Side B move. Andy throws his wrench which spins gracefully in the air. It does 12% damage if done close up and then 2% less damage the farther it goes away from Andy. However, after it reaches a considerable length, it will return back to Andy and it will then reverse the damage. The damage becomes higher as the wrench returns to Andy. It does little knockback but it causes monetary hitstun to the opponent.

Artillery is Andy’s Special Up B recovery move. An explosion bursts under Andy’s feet and launches him high in the air. Andy positions himself like he’s free falling as he soars into the sky. As soon as he reaches the pinnacle of his ascent, he opens his parachute and begins to float safely to the ground. This attack can do two different hits. The first hit is at the explosion. If the opponent is below the explosion, it does 13% Fire damage and knocks them downward. However, if above or next to the blast, it does 15% Fire damage and knocks them upwards. The second hit is when Andy is traveling. It does 8% damage and causes a free fall state for the opponent. Andy can stay afloat in his parachute for 12 seconds total before it collapses and he falls.

Upgrade is Andy’s special Down B move. Andy, when standing next to one his units, can upgrade them. This technique can do one of two things. If a unit is at 100% health, it will boost by 10% either power, defense, or speed. It is entirely random on what the upgrade is but you can see a drastic improvement in a unit’s performance during this time. However, if a unit has received any damage, Andy can repair it to 50% health but it does not reset the timer for how long the unit can stay in the field. Andy can only do this by standing next to the unit or jumping near to the unit. As well, Andy can only do this technique every 8 seconds. When he does it, he flash much like Donkey Kong’s charged Giant Punch. When it is finished, he can upgrade a unit again. He can be interrupted during this attack. Upgrading a unit takes 2 second approximately.

Max Assault is Andy’s Final Smash. Andy will call forth three units which will rain down devastation onto the field. From the side of the screen, a Megatank, a Battleship, and a Black Bomber will appear and rain down artillery from the units. The Megatank does around 20% Fire damage, the Battleship does 25% Fire damage, and the Black Bomber does 30% Fire Damage. It does a total of 75% Fire damage and has a wide spread damage radius that extends around the stage. It is a very effective Final Smash and can OHKO as low as 30%.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Andy radioes into his intercom and gives a thumb-up.

Hyper Upgrade is Andy’s Final Melee. During this Final Melee’s effect, any of Andy’s units receive a 5% upgrade in attack (infantry = 6%, missile = 10%, tank = 12%, bomber = 14%). In addition, all the units receive a 10% defense and speed upgrade, 3% knock back increase, and regenerate health quickly. Bombers also have a better change of being deployed. The Final Melee lasts for 10 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Andy tosses his wrench in the air and smiles.

Warhead is Andy’s Final Brawl. Andy takes a flare and chucks it at the opponent. He then presses a button and, from the sky, a bomb drops down onto the opponent. A massive explosion rips the air. Andy stands up straight and smiles. The attack does 65% Fire damage.

Home Stage: Orange Star Headquarters

Proposed Taunts

  • Andy takes his wrench, tosses it into the air, and says “. “
  • Andy pulls out his suspenders and grins.
  • Andy salutes to the screen.
  • Andy radioes in and says “The enemy is attacking! Forced, move out!”

Proposed Victory Poses

  • Andy pulls out his wrench, twirls it around, and holds out toward the camera.
  • Andy plays a bugle along with his victory theme.
  • Andy marches in front the screen from right to left with the Infantry trailing in back. Andy continues to repeat thus.

Proposed Victory Theme

  • A military-esque composition with bugles and marching drums to the tune of the original victory theme.

Proposed Fighting Stance

  • Andy is standing, legs apart while moving up and down, while holding his wrenches in a action pose.

Proposed Idle Poses

  • Andy twirls the wrench in his right hand.
  • He stands up straight and kicks the ground.

Proposed Audience Cheer

  • GO GO ANDY!!! GO GO!!!!

Kirby’s Hat

  • Andy’s haircut and wrenches but downsized (Note: Kirby only deploys one unit at a time and can’t upgrade them)

Andy’s Palette Swap

Andy’s DLC costumes

Proposed Andy Move Set

Ground Moves


Neutral Attack – Hits with his right wrench. Pressing A again will cause Andy to hit with his left. Finally, pressing A again will do a overhead double wrench chop. The first attack does 5% damage, the second does 4% damage, and the last attack does 8% damage and the most knock back. Altogether it does 17% damage if it all connects.
Forward Tilt – A wrench thrust. It has a pretty nice reach and can be sweetspotted at the end. It can do 6% damage un-sweetspotted and 8% damage sweetspotted. It is a good move to combo into since it doesn’t have much lag. The sweetspotted hit does the most knock back.
Up Tilt – Andy spins as he jumps slightly while hitting three times. Each hit does 2% damage thus total to 6% damage. It deals vertical knockback between the second or third hit. It is a fairly quick attack but suffers from some start up lag
Down Tilt – Does a wrench poke. It does decent damage against shields. It has a far reach and hits low. It does 6% damage and can be spammed due to zero start up or ending lag.
Dash Attack – Does a horizontal wrench attack that causes vertical knockback and does 8% damage. It is a quick attack with a little ending lag near the final animations. However, it has a decent reach and zero start up lag.


Side Smash – Andy delivers three fast consecutive jabs. It is a very quick attack with no lag and has a far range. Each hit does between 5-7% damage so it does between 15-21% damage. It is can excellent shield poke and pressures opponents. It delivers average horizontal knock back.
Up Smash – Andy spins one his wrenches in the air. It hits 6 times during the attack and each hit does 3-4% damage. The attack does a total of 18-24% damage and deals high vertical knockback if all hits connect. It has a slight ending lag but no start up lag of any kind. It is a good combo finisher.
Down Smash – Acts much like Andy’s Up Smash but instead of one wrench, it’s two wrenches and hits on either side. The attack only foes 4 hits with each hit doing between 4-5% damage. Uncharged does 16% and fully charged does 20%. It does horizontal knockback. It has a slight start up lag.


Ledge Attack (below 100%) – Does a overhead bash with one wrench. Does 6% damage.
Ledge Attack (above 100%) – Climbs up and then does a three hit attack where he hits the opponent like a drum. Does 9% damage.
Floor Attack – Andy spins around as he stands up and swings both if his wrenches on either side. It does 7% damage.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial – Andy swings both wrenches from top to bottom while spreading out his legs. It is great attack but has landing lag when short-hopped. It does 12% damage. It does horizontal or downward knockback; depending on where the wrench hits.
Forward Aerial – Stabs forward with both wrenches. This attack does 8% damage. However, if Andy’s attack lands fully at the head of the wrench, Andy will will then separate the wrenches and slashes horizontally and away from the other wrench. This part does 10% thus totaling to 18%. It does high vertical knockback if this part lands.
Back Aerial – Andy reaches back and bashes the opponent with the other wrench. It is a very quick attack and only does 10% damage. It can be short hopped and has no landing lag..
Up Aerial – Much like Andy’s 100% Ledge attack but a bit stronger. It does three hits, both at 4% damage and does 12% damage total. It has decent vertical knockback unless all hits land which it then does high vertical knockback.
Down Aerial – Similar to his Down Smash, Andy spins his two wrenches like a baton below him. It does four hits at 3% damage thus totaling at 12% damage. It has decent knockback at the last attack.


Pummel – Hits the opponent with his other wrench. Slow pummel and does 3% damage.
Forward Throw – Drops the opponent and then slams his wrenches onto them. Does 10% damage and above average knockback. Very powerful throw and can OHKO as low as 95%.
Back Throw – Picks up the opponent, brings them over his head, and then slams them down into the ground behind him. Does 9% damage and decent vertical damage. It is a weak spike but a excellent move to combo into.
Up Throw – Jams his two wrenches into the opponent and then tosses him/her into the air. Does 6% damage and average vertical knockback.
Down Throw – Slams the opponent down and then slams one wrench into the opponent. It does 7% damage and no knock back. It can be combo’ed into which makes it a decent throw.

My Thoughts

I’ve wanted Andy available since Brawl but I knew his chances were slim. However, I think he has potential to becoming a very interesting character that utilizes a wide range of techniques to pressure opponents. As well, his Deployment and Upgrade attacks help distract enemy attention from Andy, thus allowing Andy to focus on KO’ing opponents while his units do most of the work. I’m really happy how he turned out!

Arguments for Andy

Andy is the mascot of the Advanced Wars series.
Andy has a unique move set and game play style.
Advanced Wars is one of the important franchises for Nintendo.
Advanced Wars is a continuation from the Famicon Wars series. If you combine these together, the series are a fairly old series.

Chances of Andy in SSB4

30% – I think Advanced Wars will some representation in Smash 4 but really have yet to see what character will be chosen. Andy doesn’t only have to compete with other franchises but his own comrades and enemies as well! In my opinion, Sami is his only real competition that Andy has since Sami, for the most part, is equally popular. However, Andy has mascot status.


4 responses to “Newcomer: Andy

  1. Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you were busy. Wait, I’d this the last starter character? You’re not adding Sonic as a starter so you can add a newcomer from his world, preferably Tails? I know he’s only been in the Brawl, and you need SEGA’s agreement and all, but still….

    • I don`t think a 2nd Sonic character should be given a character slot. Yes, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Shadow, etc can all fit into Smash but I think adding two Sonic characters is overkill since it is a 3rd party. I think one 3rd party series should be restricted to one playable character, even Sonic. As well, Sonic and Mario are the only characters to have an interaction within Nintedno`s history. The others really have norelationship within Nintendo save for their affiliation with Sonic except for the recent Mario and Sonic Olympic games. I believe if you want to see Tails or Shadow in a Nintendo game, play Mario and Sonic Olympics or hope they make a Nintendo vs Sega Crossover game (which would be awesome!).

      But I think this should be implemented throughout the 3rd party series. So no Snake or Raiden, Megaman and Zero, Ryu and Chun-li, etc etc. So, basically, one character slot per 3rd party character.

      • Oh, ok. Thanks for the explanation. A character from the Advance Wars series does seem cool, seeing as how they’ve had an Assist Trophy.

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