Boss: Giygas

Name: Giygas

Universe: Earthbound

Debut: Mother/Earthbound

Boss Type: Offensive, Aerial

Element Alignment: Dark, Wind

Chapter: ?

-Boss Sphere-

Rarity: Rare

Type: Attack

Duration: 10 seconds

The Galactic Usurper

Giygas has 300HP and is heavily resilent to flinching and knock back attacks.  Giygas first appears within his Devil`s Machine, much like how Porkey Minch was in SSBB.  It will travel about the stage via teleportation.  Ocassionally, Giygas will cause random reality snaps to occur.  These attacks do 15% dark damage and high knock back.  They burst randomly through the stage and cause a warp effect where it hits.  When a character is hit by it, the character usually becomes still and then is knocked back.  If it gets hit, it will immediately teleport.  The main way to attack it is to wait until it does the reality snap attack, and then attack.  With hope, it will teleport into one of the reality snaps which will cause it to fall to the ground.  Begin attacking it.  After Giygas is reduced to 150 HP, it will release itself from the Devil`s Machine.

It will then fire psyhic like beams that bends reality.  It has a vacuum effect if a opponent is too close.  After firing several of these attacks in succession, it will then begin floating about the stage.  It will then form a purple like ball that will follow the opponent wherever they go.  It is a slower projectile and will always follow the player.  Giygas will then cause walls to form thus hindering the player.  The ball can pass through these walls though.  The best option is to cause the ball to hit Giygas by causing it to ram into him by getting close and moving at the last second.  Being hit by the ball does 35% Dark damage.

Once Giygas gets down to 50% HP, he will do his Final Smash.  He will float to the center of the room and the entire stage will begin to warp and twist.  Suddenly, a bright purple burst will shoot through Giygas and the entire stage will explode in a massive space-time warp.  It can OHKO an opponent who is near 40% health.  It is a massive attack that deals massive amounts of damage.  However, afrter this attack, Giygas loses 20% of his attack power and speed and flinches from attacks.

Boss Sphere

Giygas appears and immediately does his Final Smash.  It does a high amount of damage and knock back to players caught in the attack.  It does 75% damage at the center of attack and decreases by 10% damage by how far away the opponents are.  The attack lasts around 8 seconds and begins fading away.  Giygas then screams and vanishes in a reality warp.


One response to “Boss: Giygas

  1. Pretty cool that you’re putting another Earthbound/Mother Boss in this game. They’ve already had 2, but the series is slowly dying, and this is helping it.

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