Game Mode: Special Smash

Special Brawl returns with a new name, Special Smash (until the official name is revealed). Special Smash has both returning and new options for players!

The Modes

Stamina: 500%/300%/Stamina
Size: Mega/Mini
Head: Flower/Bunny/Vanish Cap
Body: Metal/S.M.G.M.A.W.U.
Status: Curry/Reflect/Watermelon
Gravity: Light/Heavy
Speed: Slow/Fast
Controls: Inverted/Random
Camera: Fixed/Angled
Lighting: Red/Blue/Green/Monochrome/Sepia/Inverted/Strobe/Rotation

500% is much like the 300% stamina but higher.

Vanish Cap is a mode that completely turns the opponent invisible.

S.M.G.M.A.W.U. is a mode that gives the player a S.M.G.M.A.W.U. throughout the entire match.

Watermelon gives the player the watermelon affect throughout the match.

Inverted is a new mode that inverts the controls so up is down and down is up.

Random is a new mode that randomizes buttons. For example, up might be a bumper button while Side B may be Right.

Red/Blue/Green gives the screen a colored tint.

Monochrome turns the screen into gray tones.

Sepia gives the screen a yellow and brown tint.

Invert inverts the original colors along with the players. Everything is inverted.

Strobe causes the screen to have a strobe effect. May cause epilepsy!

Rotation causes colors on the screen to rotate and change between red, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, and orange.


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