Newcomer: Altaïr

Name: Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Universe: Assassin’s Creed

Debut: Assassin’s Creed

Element Alignment: Dark

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Free Will

Availability: Unlockable

Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad is the main character of the first Assassin’s Creed game and considered one of the greatest Assassins within the Assassin organization. The Assassins in an ancient organization that has been in conflict with the Templar organization since biblical times. The Templars have strived to create the “perfect world” and, in order to strive for this perfection, believe free will from people should be removed. However, The Assassins believe that people should have free will and free thought. The Templars have influenced history and have had their hands in events such as Alexander the Greats conquest, rise of Julius Cesar, crucifixion of Jesus Christ, suppression of the Renaissance, Adolf Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, NASA, assassination of John F. Kennedy, and other pivotal events in history. The Assassins have attempted to thwart them at every turn.

Altaïr was born during the middle ages in Masalyf, an Assassin run state in the Middle East. He was born into an Assassin family and climbed the ranks until he became Master Assassin at age 24. However, an Templar invasion of Masalyf and the prevention of it led to a demotion in rank for Altaïr unless he can eliminate nine key Templars. Thus he began his quest to redeem himself.

In reality, a person name Desmond Miles is actually reliving his memories through a machine called the Animus. It was revealed Desmond Miles is a direct ancestor of Altaïr and thus carries the same DNA signature. Desmond is forced by the Templar organization to use the Atrium in order for the Templars to discover a way to combat the Assassins.

Whether this Altaïr is the real Altaïr or a memory replica of Altaïr is unknown.

Altaïr’s Stats

Power: ***
Weight: ****
Defense: **
Speed: *****
Jump: *****
Recovery: ***
Element: **

Altaïr’s main strength lies in his speed, jump, and his flexibility in his attacks. Altaïr is a close to far ranged fighter and utilizes attacks that require him to get close to an opponent or attack from far away. Most of his attacks involve stealthy and quick strikes that are hard to predict or dodge. For this reason, Altaïr is a hard opponent to fight against since he mixes attack and stealth together.

Altaïr possesses high-speed stats but falls behind some of the faster characters. However, his speed may be perceived as slow since, when he first starts running, it is fairly slow but the longer he runs, the faster he becomes. As a way to keep Altaïr true to the Assassins Creed games, he is extremely fast when pulling himself up from a ledge and actually has four types of attacks when he pulls himself onto a ledge. Additionally, Altaïr is the only character able to climb up a wall. Due to his intense Assassin training, he can find hidden ledges and grooves and scale up walls or other solid objects. If he cannot climb up a wall, though, he will stop and cannot move further. Watch this video to see Altaïrto free run.

Altair has one of the best jumps in the game. Even though he doesn`t have the highest jump, he has the farthest jump. He is able to span a portion of a stage in a single jump and can easily jump from end to the other with his second jump. As mentioned before, Altair can both climb up a wall or wall jump. His wall jump is the best in the game as well.

Altaïr`s power stat is fairly high but is best used when moving or in the air. Additionally, his attacks usually hit more than one time and can deceive opponents with his stealthy attacks. His stealth oriented attacks are actually his most strongest and provide the most amount of knock back. When facing Altaïr, it is best to stay back until his attack is complete or to watch him closely because he can land unseen attacks even from afar. Altaïr lacks many elemental oriented attacks so he is fairly weak in the element stat.

Due to the weight of Altaïr equipment and gear, he is fairly hard to KO at low levels. While he is fairly fast, it is considered as slow as Ganondorf when he walks or begins running. Altaïr can be considered a slow character on a small stage due to his running speed. Altaïr`s defense is fairly low as well due to lacking defensive skills. His shield is fairly weak and his dodge is quick so it is hard to pin point when to use his dodge. However, his dodge roll is long and spans a wider area than most. As well, Altaïr can also press himself against walls and blocks when he is running against it.

Altair is best played moving, jumping, and keeping out of sight while using deceptive attacks and hit and run tactics. Because of his free run abilities, far jumping stats, and flexibility in his attacks; Altaïr is a great guerrilla hit and run tactic player and can pressure opponents from both close and afar.

Altaïr`s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Throwing Knife
  • Side B – Assassins Blade
  • Up B – Pulley
  • Down B – Dirt Throw

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Master Assassin
  • Final Melee – Eagle Vision
  • Final Brawl – Bortherhood


Throwing Knife is Altaïr`s Neutral B move. Altair throws a single knife at an opponent. If uncharged, it travels a short distance, slow speed, and has an upward arc to it. However, if fully charged, it almost travels in a straight line, fast speed, and travels farther. Despite this, it both a base damage of 8%. It has high priority and can cancel non-charged projectiles. It can also hitstun players. If thrown in the air, it will be thrown downwards at an angle.

Assassins Blade is Altaïr`s special Side B move. Altair will rush forward with strike his long sword. Pressing B after the attack will cause Altaïr to start attacking with his Hidden Blade in a flurry of attacks. He hits at least 6 times and does 2% each hit. Finally, if the last attack hits, Altaïr will spin around and throw a throwing knife that does 2%. Altogether, the attack does 16% damage if all attacks hits. It will not slow down Altaïrs decent if midair but it will move Altaïr slightly forward. Altaïr can only move the next portion of the attack if he hits an opponent.

Pulley is Altaïr`s special Up B recovery move. A platform appears and Altaïr grabs a rope that suddenly appears above him and hoists him upwards into a pulley system. A sandbag crashes down opposite of Altaïr. It is capable of doing two types of attacks. The first type of attack that it can do when Altaïr crashes into the opponent. It does around 6% damage and average knock back. It is quick and, during the middle portion ofAltaïr`s ascent, he has Super Armor. The second type of attack is when the sandbag crashes down. It does around 14% damage and it falls until it hits the ground. It does above-average knock back and is capable of breaking shields.

Dirt Throw is Altaïr`s Down B move. Altair scoops dirt into his hand. Pressing Down B again will throw the dirt. Altair can charge the attack as he scoops up dirt which will alter how far and how much dirt is thrown. A uncharged Dirt Throw attack throws little dirt and barely leaves Altaïr`s hand. However, a fully charged Dirt Throw will have a lot of dirt and spread out far. When hit, an opponent is either stunned or slips and fall. If Altaïr is hit enough times, he can lose the dirt and will have to scoop up more. The attack can also be done while dashing.

Master Assassin is Altaïr`s Final Smash. Altair will extend his Hidden Blade and will strike three times before he pulls out his long sword and impales the enemy. He will then spring over the opponent, throw a knife, and then dash forward with his short sword impaling the enemy. The pulley will then appear and Altaïr will step on the platform but instead of himself going upwards, the opponent will. The Pulley will launch the opponent upwards into the air. It does around 60-63% damage and has high vertical knock back. It can OHKO as low as 20%.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Altaïr extends his Hidden Blade and smiles smugly.

Eagle Vision is Altaïr`s Final Melee. Altaïr activates his Eagle Vision. The entire battlefield turns back save for Altaïr which appears shrouded in a white light and the opponents who appear in a red light. This vision is unique because it presents a movement trail of the opponents as they move as to predict their movement as well as displays the hitboxes from opponents attacks. All of Altaïr`s attacks have higher priosrity and, while deal the same amount of damage, deal 10% more knock back. Altaïr`s gains Super Armor during his Final Melee and, while can be damaged, cannot be KOd.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Altaïr passes his hand in front of his face and the entire screen goes black save for Altaïr.

Brotherhood is Altaïr`s Final Brawl. Smoke appears around the ground and the sound of boots hitting the ground appear. Suddenly, a thrown knife hits the opponent and then an arrow pierces them. The opponent falls on the ground and an Assassin leaps down and strikes the opponent and vanishes. Another Assassin grabs the opponent and leaps up into the smoke. The smoke clears and all four Assassins plus Altaïr stabs the opponent with their Hidden Blades. They then vanish while the opponent falls to the ground. Altaïr lands too and places an Assassins cloak over the opponent. This attack does between 70-75% damage and does average knock back.

Home Stage– Animus

Proposed Taunts

  • Up – Altaïr pushes his cloak up and brandishes his hidden blades.
  • Left Side – Altaïr points to the opponent and waves them over and says “Prove yourself!”
  • Right Side – Altaïr tosses his throwing dagger in the air three times.
  • Down – A pile of hay appears and he jumps into it and then jumps out. The hay pile then vanishes.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Altaïr walks around the victory stage, like he is being hunted, peering left and right and walking quietly.
  • Altaïr throws a knife in front of the screen and walks away slowly.
  • Altaïr does a back flip and jumps up. He than lands on the other side, rolls, and back flips into a squatting position.

Proposed Victory Theme

  • An epic sounded remix of the victory theme with Middle eastern influences.

Stage Entrance

  • Altaïr does a Leap of Faith onto the stage with his Hidden Blade drawn. He then rolls as he lands and gets up.

Fighting Stance

  • Altaïr stands with his front or back facing the camera and his swords/daggers sheathed. He appears motionless and focused.

Idle Poses

  • Altaïr relaxes and shakes his arms as if to ward off fatigue.

Audience Cheer

Kirby Hat

  • Altaïr`s hood and sheath.

Altaïr`s Palette Swaps

  • Blue Altaïr
  • Yellow Altaïr
  • Black Altaïr
  • Purple Altaïr
  • Ezio Altaïr
  • Connor Altaïr

Altaïr`s DLC Costumes


Proposed Altaïr Move Set

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral A – A kick followed by a lunging hidden blade jab. Pressing A repeatedly afterward will cause Altaïr to stab with the hidden blade. The kick can stagger enemies 50% of the time. The first attack does 4% damage while the hidden blade does 6% thus totaling to 10% damage. The second hit does average knock back and can KO at high percentages. The hidden blade jabs does 2% damage each hit and has little knock back.
  • Dash Attack – A dashing leap that knocks the opponent over and causes Altaïr to fall into them with his Hidden Blade. It does around 14% damage and leaves the opponent stunned after the attack for 5 seconds. It is a very quick and far reaching attack. Altaïr can span the stage very quickly with this attack. However, it only does damage to one opponent and won’t hit unless it successfully connects.
  • Down Tilt – Sweep kicks the opponent which causes trips and then punches them as they fall. The sweep kick only does 2%, the fall does 1%, and the punch does 6%. It totals to )%. It has a long ending lag and can be punished after the attack but the sweep kick is very fast and has a nice reach.
  • Up Tilt – Altaïr thrusts his hidden blade up and releases it. It attacks within a small period of time but it can be comboed with other attacks. It`s attack reach is easily deceivable as well as the speed of the attack. It can be sweetspotted in the middle of the attack where the blade is at its highest point. Un-sweetspotted does around 10% while sweetspotted does 14% damage.
  • Forward Tilt – Altaïr slashes once with his long sword and then stabs by pressing A. It has a far reach and is a great approach. When Altaïr slashes, it can hitstun players and then combo into the far-reaching pierce. The pierce has a long reach and can poke shields. It suffers from long start-up and ending lag but it is an effective approach move. The first attack is fairly fast but the second attack is much slower. The first slash does 7% damage while the second does 9% damage. It does 16% damage total.

Smash Attacks

  • Up Smash – Altaïr takes two throwing daggers, thrusts them upwards, and then slashes them downwards to his side. It does three hits: the first hit is the upward stab while the two hits are when Altaïr slashes downwards. It is a very quick attack with virtually no lag. It does around 20-25% damage and is his most dam,aging attack. It does above-average knock back and can OHKO as low as 40%. It is highly deceptive due to the long-range of the attack in both hits. It is highly effective against opponents in the air.
  • Down Smash – Altaïr tosses two exploding Arabic grenades that explode when they land. They explodes right next to Altaïr but causes no damage to himself. It uncharged, it does 20% Fire damage and it does 24% Fire damage fully charged. As well, if it is fully charged, the grenade will bounce twice before exploding. The grenade will bounce once if half charged. It is a great defensive attack that protects Altaïr on both sides. It does high vertical knock back and can OHKO as low as 45%.
  • Forward Smash – Altaïr slashes once with his long sword, than twice, and then spins around the opponent and stabs backward with his short sword. It is an effective attack that can keep opponents within Altaïr`s range. All attacks do hitstun and lead into the combo. However, it is a long Forward Smash and suffers from ending lag. The attack also moves Altaïr to be a back to back formation. For example, Altaïr performs the attack against Mario. After the second attack, Altaïr spins around Mario and then is back to back with him. Even if the first or second attack doesn’t hit, it moves Altaïr from danger and then does a close attack. The first sword slash does 5-7% and the second does 4-6% while the last hit does 10-12%. Altogether, the attack does between 19-24% damage if fully charged. It does average knock back and easy to deceive appoints due to the third attack.
Other attacks
  • Ledge attack – Altaïr springs himself over the side of the ledge and kicks the opponent in the guy. Very quick and excellent reach. It does 7% damage.
  • Ledge Attack (Holding) – Altaïr can stab forward with his hidden blade while hanging on. Press Up A to do the attack. It is quick and does 2% damage.
  • Ledge Attack (Swinging) – If there is another ledge above the one Altaïr is holding onto, Altaïr can jump up, grab that ledge, and by pressing Down A, he swings down and kicks the opponent. It does 9% damage and below average knock back. It has a long reach.
  • 100% ledge attack- Pulls himself up slowly and then thrusts a throwing knife into the opponent. Does around 10% damage. It can shield poke but it is a very slow attack and has a long start-up lag.
  • Floor attack- Altaïr pushes himself off from the ground and spins while holding his throwing knife. Does 8% damage and highly effective guard attack.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Spins around in a circle while his hidden blade is activated. It can do up to 5 hits with 3% damage each hit. The last hit deals the most knock back and can meteor strike if it lands. Alotgether, it does around 15% damage. It is effective during the double jump but it causes landing lag when done during a short hop. It`s hitboxes are unpredictable and is easy to strike at opponents who think they are safe. When jumping forward, the jump carries the attacks momentum thus Altaïr attacks while moving forward or backward.
  • Down Aerial – Altaïr dives down in a downward angle with his hidden blade extended. If it hits an opponent while in midair, it will cause a meteor smash and does 13% damage. However, if Altaïr attacks a grounded opponent, Altaïr will tackle them and slash them up close with his hidden blade. It will do 20% damage to a grounded opponent and does high horizontal damage if the attack lands. It can be short hopped. The attack comes from when Altaïr assassinates from the air.
  • Back Aerial – Takes his shortsowrd and stabs bakcwards. it does horizontal knock back and around 14% damage, 16% if sweetspotted at the tip of the blade. It is a very unpredictable move and the length of the attack is decieveable. It is a very quick attack and can be short-hopped with great results.
  • Forward Aerial – Holds out his hidden blade and stabs forward. He then spins around and acts like a drill. It is a highly versatile attack but causes Altaïr to bit a bigger target from under him. The attack can hit 6 times fully with 2% each hit thus totaling for 12% damage. While it is not exactly super strong, it can combo opponents. Like most Altaïr attacks, it can`t be short hopped due to horrible lag at the end.
  • Up Aerial – a flip kick. It is a good juggling attack but it can’t OHKO until 180%. It does around 7% damage but it does very little knock back. It is quick and has good priority.

Grabs and Throws

Altaïr has two grabs: a standing grab and a dashing grab (much like his Tackle attack from Assassins Creed)

    • Grab – Takes the opponent by the collar and hoists them up.
    • Grab (Dash) – Leaps and tumbles against the opponent before landing on top of them.
    • Pummel – A punch. Does 3% but it is considered a slow pummel
    • Pummel (Dash) – Slams the opponent into the ground. A slow pummel but does 4% damage each hit.
    • Back Throw – Swings the opponent around and then slams them into the ground. Does around 8% damage and spikes opponents up.
    • Back Throw (Dash) – Stands up and kicks the opponent behind him. It does around 6% damage and horizontal knockback.
    • Up Throw – Spins around and tosses the opponent in the air. Does around 7% damage and vertical knock back.
    • Up Throw (Dash) – Altaïr takes his sword and slashes at the opponent. Does )% damage and no knockback.
    • Down Throw – Turns the player around and elbows them in the head. Can cause daze in players for 3 seconds. It does around 7% damage and no knock back.
    • Down Throw (Dash) – Altaïr stabs the opponent. It does 12% damage and vertical knockback.
    • Forward Throw – Altaïr pushes the opponent slightly forward and then slashes them with his hidden blade. Does 11% damage and average knockback.
    • Forward Throw (Dash) – Altaïr stomps twice with his foot on the opponent. It does 6% each stop thus totaling for 12%. It can spike on the last stomp.

My Thoughts

Altaïr was actually the last character I added to my roster. I originally added Terra Branford into my roster but I decided against it because I felt like Altaïr or an Assassin’s Creed character in general. I’ll explain why I feel an Assassin’s Creed character is more likely in the arguments section.

I chose Altaïr as opposed to Ezio since he’s constantly referenced as the perfect assassin and the best Mentor (leader) in the organization. However, once I hear more about Assassin’s Creed III, I may or may not replace Altaïr with Connor, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed III. Tell me what you think.


  1. I will mostly argue for an AC character – not exactly Altaïr.
  2. Assassin’s Creed has been in a Nintendo system before – the DS.
  3. Assassin’s Creed III will be released on the Wii U.
  4. Assassin’s Creed is an established series within the video game industry and is a popular franchise yet relatively new.
  5. An Assassin’s Creed character fits the “Odd One Out” character role. Meaning he doesn’t necessarily fit in the SSB but, despite that, he still fits in a way. Kind of like Snake in SSBB.
  6. An Assassin’s Creed character would be the first non-Japanese 3rd Party character.
  7. Plot and story-line potential.
  8. Move set and game play style potential.
  9. Assassin’s Creed is popular both in Japan and America.
  10. Ubisoft seems to be producing more titles for Nintendo; specifically the Wii U which shows an improved and working business relationship between the two.

Chances of being in SSB4

15-20%. You may be surprised I rank an AC character so high but I legitimately believe an AC character has a chance to get into SSB4 based on the reasons I gave earlier.