Assist Trophy: Baby Mario and Luigi, Anthony Higgs, and Ayumi Tachibana

Here are the next set of Assist Trophies! I hope you enjoy them!

Baby Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Kart Double Dash

Name: Baby Mario and Luigi

Universe: Yoshi

Debut: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995)

Availability: Starter

Baby Mario and Luigi enter the scene and immediately transform into Super babies. They begin to jump every where and run into opponents. When they run into an opponent, it does high damage with high vertical and horizontal knock back. Baby Mario always leads with Baby Luigi trailing behind. It does 18% damage with Baby Mario hits and Baby Luigi does 18% damage. Since Baby Luigi drags behind, they usually hit twice instead of once. The assist trophy usually lasts for 12 seconds.

Anthony Higgs from Metroid: Other M.

Name: Anthony Higgs

Universe: Metroid Debut: Metroid: Other M (2010)

Availability: Starter

Anthony Higgs, Samus’ friend and ally in “Metroid: Other M” makes his first appearance in SSB. He jumps into the fray and begins firing gun rounds at opponents. He walks forward,slowly but surely with guns blazing. He then does a dramatic back flip while firing his pistol. He then charges forward and does a impressive shoulder charge for one last hit. The gun round bursts do 5% damage each hit. They hit between 8-10 times. The pistol does 3% damage and hits twice. The shoulder rush then does a final 20% damage. If hit altogether and with each hit connecting, it can do 76% damage but, most likely, it won’t connect every hit. The gun round and pistol shots do little knock back but the shoulder ca Harte has the highest and can KO at mid to high percentages.

Name: Ayumi Tachibana

Universe: Nintendo

Debut: Famicon Tantei Club: Keita Kokeisha (1988)

Availability: Starter

Ayumi Tachibana is a high-school student/detective. After the death if a dear friend, she sets out to find why she died. In SSB, she attempts to discover truths. She investigates who has been cheating/playing dirty while during the match. She searches for: – Edgehogging – Projectile Camping – Excessive taunting – Move Spamming – Kill Stealing – Friendly Fire – Item Stealing – Stalling She then compares amongst the other players. If a player has done thus more than the others, she will accuse them which appears as a giant gavel that crashes onto the opponent. It is almost always a OHKO. But be careful because she may judge you as well! Play nice now!

My Thoughts

These three characters were possible playable characters in my roster. I axed Ayumi due to move set problems, relevancy, and lack of importance overall. I then axed Anthony due to lack of importance in “Other M”, his over-reliance on guns (which Sakurai dislikes), and better Metroid newcomers. My last axe was the Babies which was difficult. I really would like to see them as playable. I axes them due to move set problems, story mode problems, and overall popularity. I still think they’d make great playable characters though.

I hope you enjoyed these three ATs. I enjoyed writing them and hope they make an appearance in some form.