Level Exclusive Assist Trophies

Name: Tarantula

Universe: Animal Crossing

Debut: Animal Crossing: City Folks

Stage: SmashTown

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Tarantula is a fast, moving arachnid found in the Animal Crossing series. He is initially passive until the player brings out the Bug Catching Net. It will then chase the player down until it can sting them.

Tarantula will not attack players unless a player does an attack. Once a player, even the one who summoned it, does an attack, it will start to chase the player down until it stings them. The tarantulas attack is devastating. It can do around 55% damage and very high knockback. It is almost always a OHKO. However, stepping on it can squash it but that takes some skill.

King Hippo

Universe: Punch-Out!!

Debut: Punch-Out!!

Stage: The Ring

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

King Hippo is one of the more prominent and famous boxers in the Punch-Out!! franchise. He has amazing strength and durability.

King Hippo appears as an exclusive assist trophy. He will lumber onto the stage and deliver a powerful punch attack that will OHKO if it connects. He will then rush forward and deliver a series of shorter punches and jabs that do around 15% each. His final attack is that he slams his fists down for 25% damage and can KO most opponents.

Name: Rundas

Universe: Metroid

Debut: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Stage: Phaaze

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Rundas is a ice-based life form that can utilize ice in his attacks. He is a Bounty Hunter and tasked by the Space Federation to eliminate the viruses found in the Aurora Units.

He emerges onto the battlefield, jumps high into the air, and then lands back down. When he lands, the entire stage erupts in spikes of ice and go in every direction. It can deal between 20-40% Ice damage and deliver above-average knock back. Rundas will then vanish along with his ice.

Name: Heavy Lobster

Universe: Kirby


Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Heavy Lobster is a power mech-type suit that can blobs if paint, can jump high into the air, missiles, and has flamethrowers.

Heavy Lobster appears and will begin walking around the stage while using it’s flame throwers. The flame throwers do around 15% Fire damage. It will then begin jumping around the stage trying to squash opponents. It does 20% damage if it jumps on a player. Lastly, it will release a barrage of missiles that travel across the stage and does 6% Fire damage each hit.

Name: Matthew

Universe: Golden Sun

Debut: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Stage: Sol Sanctum

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

Matthew is Isaac and Jenna’s son in Dark Dawn. He is powerful in his Venus element and is an accomplished sword fighter.

Matthew appears and does Earthquake. He causes the entire stage to shake violently and induce tripping and falling during the attacks duration. It does 3% damage during it’s duration and lasts for 10 seconds. The player who summoned him is unaffected.

Name: Pegasus Knight

Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi

Stage: Castle Crimea

Type: Attack

Availability: Starter

The Pegasus Knights are a type of unit that fights upon Pegasus steeds. They are mostly females and wield lances and spears when they attack. They utilize mostly dive bomb and swooping attacks.

Pegasus Knights appear and instantly begin swooping and striking opponents. Ten Pegasus Knights appear and begin striking opponents. They deal more damage in the air than on the ground. Opponents hit in the air receives around 25% damage while those on the ground receives 20% damage. They do two attack sweeps before disappearing.