Assist Trophies: Funky Kong, Wave Racers, and Ouendan

Here are the new sets of Assist Trophies! This time it’s Funky Kong, Wave Ravers, and the Ouendan!

Name: Funky Kong

Universe: Donkey Kong

Debut: Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Availability: Starter

Funky Kong appears and places everyone into a flight barrel that begins to spin around. Pressing the A button will cause a player to shoot our for high knock back; even the player who summoned him. If a player does not press A, the barrel will shoot the person out after 10 seconds. It can be a possible OHKO if shot towards the end of the stage.

Name: Wave Racers

Universe: Nintendo

Debut: Wave Race 64 (1996)

Availability: Starter

The Wave Racers, four in total, come crashing into the stage on their high speed wave racers. They come landing on one side of the screen and continue the other side; falling down if there is a drop off the stage. It does 5% damage per hit from a Wave Racer.

Name: Ouendan

Universe: Nintendo

Debut:Osu! Tatake! Ouendan (2005)

Availability: Starter

The Ouendan comes charging out and begins dancing and chanting. This boosts the attack power, speed, shield strength, and element power of the character(s) that summoned them. They do 3% damage if a opponent runs into them while they are dancing. This lasts for 12 seconds before they leave.