Assist Trophy: Yoshimitsu

Name: Yoshimitsu

Universe: Soul Calibur

Debut: Tekken

Availability: Unlockable

Yoshimitsu was a famous ninja from a clan in Japan. However, after refusing an assassination job, his entire town was butchered. He vowed to become stronger and to fight against evil and tyranny.

Yoshimitsu appears and says “May there be mercy for you (namu namu namu namu)!”. He then performs his critical strike that appears in the games. Yoshimitsu hops on one foot and then dashes at the opponent. He slashes horizontally at the peak if his dash in which, it stuns the opponent. He then vanishes and appears sporadically as he spins around the opponent. Yoshimitsu then slashes forward with a vertical attack.

The first cut does 20% damage but no knock back. The last attack does around 28% damage and has very high knock back.

He then clasps his hands together and vanishes after saying “I am Yoshimitsu! Behold my magnificence!”

My Thoughts

When I went around trying to decide a character to use for an Assist Trophy from the Soul series, I originally thought of Mitsurugi, Ivy, Sophita, Taki, or Raphael.  I didn’t think Mitsurugi would make a good AT so I threw him out.  Next, I felt Ivy was too flashy and …. well… adult to be in the Smash series despite having AT potential.  I then axed Sophita and Taki because of the “Adult” and sexual factor of Ivy.  Lastly, I felt Raphael, like Mitsurugi didn’t fit Smash and would e weird as an AT>  I also considered Charade or Astaroth but I didn’t want an evil character so I decided to go with Mr. Namu Namu Namu himself, Yoshimitsu.  I also thought it would be interesting to add a Tekken character since a Tekken game will be coming to the Wii U.