Concerning the Final Trio

As I mentioned before, my version SSB4 will include three new Final Smash-esque attacks instead of just the one Final Smash.

They are listed as the: Final Smash, Final Melee, and Final Brawl or the Final Trio collectively.  They are accessed when a colored Smash Ball floats into the screen.  here is the following colors that correlate to the Final trio attack:

  • Final Smash – Blue Smash Ball
  • Final Melee – Green Smash Ball
  • Final Brawl – Red Smash Ball

They are random in all sense of the word.  However, if a player is losing by a large amount of lives or points, they will receive a random Smash Ball to use at any time.  This is called a Sympathy Ball.

Smash Balls can be turned off or individual turned off.  For example, one can play a match with only Final Smash Balls or a match with a Final Smash Ball and a Final Brawl Ball.

Every character has access to three separate moves that adhere to a certain set of guidelines.

  1. A Blue Smash Ball is activated by pressing B and the player can`t move during the duration of the Final Smash.  examples c: Triforce Slash, Mario Finale, and Great Aether from SSBB.
  2. A Green Smash Ball is activated by pressing B and the player can interact/move/attack/KO while the final Melee is activated or require a set of commands in order to fully execute the attack.  Examples include Giga Bowser, Palutena`s Army, and Volt Tackle from SSBB.
  3. A Red Smash Ball is activated by pressing B however, the player must be next or near the opponent in order to activate it.  A Final Brawl is a combo of sorts that is done without cinematics.  Think of Little Mac`s assist trophy attack.  It only does knockback at the end of the attack so the opponent is kept in the combo.

There is a fourth and final type of Final Trio but it is included under Final Smash.  It is called a Team Smash.  A Team Smash can only occur during a Team Battle when two Final Smash Balls randomly float on the screen.  However, two Final Smashes cannot be used at the same time.  If two opponents have a Final Smash Ball, the one opponent cannot use his or hers while the other player`s Final Smash is playing.

However, if two players on the same team get two Final Smash Balls, they can do a special team Final Smash which consists of two Final Smash attacks playing at the same time.  There will be an extensive list of Team Smashes once every character is released.  Team Smashes double the damage a regular Final Smash does, however to balance things out, Team Smashes individual Final Smashes`s damage percentages decrease in power by 20% or a quarter of the damage.  It will still OHKO most opponents.

I hope this will give a far more range of depth into the Final Smash system as well as add variety into gameplay and for those who choose to use the Final trio or not.  I think the most important feature is to allow players to play or not play with them since they can randomly turn the tides of a match and might not be wanted by competitive players.