When Life Happens…

I will be taking a mini break from updating because I have been letting shit pile up and snowball into even bigger shit.  Sad to say, I dropped the ball on some life things and gotta pick up where I left off.

Meaning taxes are due, I am currently trying to transfer my American drivers license to a Japanese one (meaning gotta take the driving test all over again which means 5-6 trips (using my paid vacation time) to the fucking drivers license center), work is starting to pile up, and got my girlfriend’s birthday party to plan.  Sooo….I must likely will start updating and working on them next week.

I was falling behind in updates and, before I knew it, I didn’t have the next updates for next week finished so I gotta take a break to catch up, unwind, and get my shit together before I regret it later.

Besides that, I am glad everyone is taking interest in this blog (positive and negative) and I enjoy reading the comments.  Follow and comment please!  Let me know what you like or don’t like about it!

Other than that, keep on reading and speculating!




A Change to the Final Brawls

I will be making a huge cosmetic and game play to the Final Brawls.  Starting from now, I will be reviewing everyone`s Final Brawl and altering it from only a cinematic combo-based attack to being either a cinematic combo-based attack and a epic cinematic attack.  I envision something such as the Naruto series, Naultimate Ninja games and summon sequences in the Final Fantasy games.

Thus, starting now, all Final Brawls are cinematics, are a bit longer than before, and the hardest to obtain.

Character Rennovations: Complete

I have finally finished the rennovations/updating of both veterans and newcomers.  Some changes I have made include:

  1. Balanced out the veterans according to Balanced Brawl guidelines.
  2. Balanced out the newcomers using those guidelines and reviewing their Regular attacks, smashes, Special moves, and Final trios.  This includes entirely re-writing moves, changing move properties, adjusting damage percentages, and removing “with the right perks”.  Those were annoying.
  3. Re-read all the characters pages and made necessary grammatical adjustments.
  4. Added “Changes from SSBB to SSB4” section.
  5. Added “Arguments for “Character”” in the newcomers section.
  6. Replaced Link’s profile picture with a Skyward Sword version.
  7. Added the new Palette Swaps for characters such as Kirby and Pikmin and Olimar.
  8. Established an uniformal system for displaying information in character profiles.

It took a while so please let me know what you think!  As well, you may have noticed that “Newcomers”, “Veterans”, and “Stages” tabs have appeared on the top of the blog.  More will come as I finish more pages so be patient!

Update: Currently Rennovating

Hello everyone!

‘Today and most likely this entire week, I will be renovating this blog to make it more easily accessible and navigatable.  I will be adding a nice nivgiation bar so you can easily access characters, stages, items, and modes without scrolling through categories.  Seeing as how I am becoming more busy at work, I am not sure how long this will take but, in the meantime, please be patient and check back as usual!

Besides that, I will also be heavily updating some Veteran pages.  I am horrible with game mechanics and not exactly a tournament level player but I want SSB4 to be fun for both casual and competative players.  Bearing that in mind, I have tried to balance out each veteran character but, that has been pretty slow going.

So, I have used the Balanced Brawl website as a basis on balancing out the Veterans and Newcomers in my blog.  I think they are one of the best, if not best, mod that balances out each character so one character does not dominate.

One character in particular that I was re-design from the ground up is Link by providing him a Skyward Sword based move set.  This includes Skyward Strikes, rolling bombs, and double hookshots.

Please look forward to these updates and I hope you have been enjoying my blog 🙂

Blog News: Removal of Krystal and Lyn

Hey everyone, I hope everyone has been enjoying the updates!  I have been enjoying putting this project together, doing the research, and find excitement in speculating the new series.

With that aside, I decided to axe two characters that I felt wouldn’t make it into the game, make way for more important characters, and to trim the roster a bit.  I have decided to axe the following charatcers:

Krystal and Lyn.

The decision came very hard and, after some soul searching, I decided it was best to remove them from the roster in order to add characters that I felt were more deserving of a spot.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!


Thank you


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