Boss: Ashnard

King Ashnard from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Name: King Ashnard

Universe: Fire Emblem


Boss Type: Flying, Berserk

Element Alignment: Fire, Dark, Flying

Chapter: ?

– Boss Sphere –

Rarity: Common

Type: Attack

Duration: 25 seconds

King Ashnard is the Mad King of Daen who tricked his father onto signing a blood pact and then assassinating him to gain the throne. However, he was defeated and killed by Ike and his comrades. After his death, the kingdom of Daen was left without a ruler.

The Galactic Usurper

Ashnard is encountered in The Galactic Usurper Story Mode. He is a Boss and is affiliated with the evil presence that is in the mechanical floating island.

He attacks using his black dragon and attacks with his might sword, Gurgurant. He will fly over the level while spouting out flames and beating the air with his wings to damage players. On occasion, he will swoop down to strike players with a quick blitz attack. Once his health is reduced, he will dismount from his mount and begin attacking with his sword. He strikes heavy but very slow; allowing to be attacked by players. After 15 seconds, he will hop back onto his dragon.

Boss Sphere

Ashnard is unlocked by completing The Galactic Usurper story mode and then locking him during a Boss Battle with a empty Boss Sphere.

When summoned, Ashnard descends onto the stage in a fiery wrath. When he lands, a fire blast shoots out damaging anyone in range with 13% fire damage with a high knock back. He then sends “Pitiful insects! Die!” and laughs manically.

He then takes to the air with his dragon and the dragon will start to spew out fireballs at opponents. Each fireball does 20% fire damage and has a decent knock back. The dragon then begins to beat it’s wings fast which pushes opponents slowly across the stage but does no damage.

After 15 seconds past, Ashnard jumps down from the dragon and begins striking opponents with his large sword. Each strikes does 18% damage. They are slow strikes but they have extremely high knock back potential and can KO at high percentages. While Ashnard is attacking with his sword, the dragon overhead will continue to beat his wings to hinder opponents movements.

After 25 seconds past, Ashnard slams his sword into the ground and kneels saying “But how?!”. His black dragon roars in pain and crashes to the ground but does no further damage to opponents.

My Thoughts

I envisioned Boss Spheres as being the ultimate assist item in terms of power and speed. King Ashnard became the first Boss Sphere I designed. He originally was planned to be a playable character as a Fire Emblem villain but I scrapped the idea since he wasn’t exactly iconic in the series and the Black Knight would had been a better choice (but Nightmare filled out the role as a heavily armored swordsman). So I decided to put King Ashnard as a boss and a Boss Sphere. I mean, seriously, a Black Dragon riding lunatic is pretty epic.