Boss: Metal Face

Metal Face from Xenoblade Chronicles

Name: Metal Face

Universe: Xenoblade Chronicles

Debut: Xenoblade Chronicles

Boss Type: Offensive, Aerial

Element Alignment: Lightning, Dark

Chapter: ?

-Boss Sphere-

Rarity: Common

Type: Attack

Duration: 8 seconds

The Galactic Usurper

Metal Face is one of the leading antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is the driving reason behind Shulk’s DDesvions and Shulk ultimately desires revenge against him. Metal Face is a very cruel and unmerciful Mechon that will slice it’s opponents into ribbons.

Metal Face appears as a boss in the Galactic Usurper mode. His fight is split into two parts. The first part involves Metal Face chasing after the player while on the back of a Sin and Punishment esque flight platform. It chases after the the platform while jet mode and rushes past at super sonic speeds in attempt to blow the player off. It will then charge and try to knock the player. It does high damage and above average knock back so try to avoid it. Once or twice, it will fire it’s powerful head cannon. It can KO as low as 30% so attempt to dodge or jump over it. Fortunately, it fires in a single straight path. It takes 10 seconds to charge and Metal Face blinks blue during this so attack him then.

After its health is reduced to half, it will transform inti it’s human form and crash onto the platform. It uses powerful melee attacks to slice opponents. It’s attacks with lightning quick slashes from it’s long, steel claws. It can also cause super sonic waves to shoot out and strike opponents from long distance. It does 10% damage and average knock back. It will also do a rushing attack that can hit up to 8 times at 3% damage. It has high knock back.

Lastly, it can use it’s head cannon to fire a large energy beam. It takes a bit to charge like last time. However, he can alter the direction of the beam by directing the gun up or down. It deals the same amount of damage and knockback. It usual does a up and down pattern but it may reverse it or even do a up, down, and up pattern. It will blow up when defeated and fall off the platform.

Boss Sphere

Metal Face appears and fires a massive energy beam that seers through the sky. It first starts down and then up and then up to down. Metal Face finally stops and directs the energy beam to the middle and finishes it. It causes high damage and can KO as low as 55% damage. Metal Face then arches his back, laughs, and vanishes from the stage.