Boss Spheres

In Super Smash Bros., Poké Balls were introduced. In Super Smash Bro. Brawl, Assist Trophies were first introduced. Now cones a new sort of assist that borders on ultimate power.

Previously, I updated with Djinn and that help players summon supernatural beings. Now, here is a new type of summons/assist:

Boss Spheres

Boss Spheres are the rarest and most powerful form of assist. It basically summons a boss found in The Galactic Usurper and calls them forth to fight the opponents.  There are a number of requirements to unlock them though so these are (most likely), the last things you will unlock.


However, in order to bring a boss into battle, certain requirements must be met:

1) Encounter the boss in The Galactic Usurper Story Mode and win.

2) Complete the Story Mode on any difficulty.

3) Completing the Story Mode unlocks Boss Battle mode.

4) At some point during the fight, a empty Boss Sphere will appear. Use it to capture the “soul” if the boss. This is done by throwing it at the boss. You must defeat the boss in order to get the sphere at the end of Boss Mode.

5) Finish Boss Battle Mode with no continues.

This will unlock that Boss Sphere to be used in game play.


When you obtain a Boss Sphere in Vs mode, a random boss will appear from it. Simply grab it to release the boss that’s inside. It will then fight on your behalf; even if they themselves are evil.  They are unable to be damaged by opponents and do not stagger.  Most Bosses can KO an opponent; even at lower percentages by causing wide spread damage.

Unlocking a Boss Sphere will also reward the player with a trophy of that boss so, in fact, you get two rewards in one.

List of Boss Spheres

List of Boss Spheres (to be expanded in the future):

  • King Ashnard
  • Orbsidian Crawler