Newcomer: Dixie Kong

The jungle was gone. What was the Kong Family Jungle was now a barren wasteland and Dixie Kong was at a lost to what to do. Both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were gone and she was left alone. Overhead, the wind blew violently and lightning seared the sky. Dixie Kong was braver to be scared of lightning though and with a rush, she grabbed her hat and ran out of her pink tree house. She wasn’t sure where to head first but, ahead, she found a trail of left over bananas. This must be the way to Donkey Kong and Diddy! Dixie Kong ran ahead; following each banana but she failed to see the looming mechanical floating isle that hovered in the distance.

Dixie Kong from Super Mario Sluggers

Name: Dixie Kong

Universe: Donkey Kong

Debut: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest

Element Alignment: Wind

Affinity: Good

Reason for Fighting: Romance

Dixie Kong is Diddy Kiong’s girlfriend and partner in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest. Together, they fought off King K. Rool and his Kremling minions to save Donkey Kong. He can use her hair to attack, spin the air, and lift up barrels and crates to fight against Kremlings. While not exactly fast, she is strong and a very good jumper. She starred in her third game, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble alongside her cousin, Kiddy Kong.

Dixie Kong’s Stats

Power: **
Weight: *
Defense: **
Speed: ***
Jump: *****
Recovery: *****
Element: ****

Dixie Kong does not boast much in power, weight or defense and her speed is less then Diddy Kong but she has tremendous jumping abilities and an excellent recovery ability. Most of her moves allows her to recover to the stage in someway or the other as well with her throws. She is best spent in mid-air or on the ground using dashing type attacks. She might not be fast but her attacks have very little lag and pack a little punch to them. As well, many of her attacks allows her to combo into them. Hit fast and combo the opponents is the best strategy for Dixie Kong players.

Proposed B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Vine Lasso
  • Side B – Spinning Hair Top
  • Up B – Hair a’Copter
  • Down B – Orange Grenade

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash: Cannon Shot
  • Final Melee – Tiny Kong
  • Final Brawl – Ponytail Monster


Vine Lasso is Dixie’s Neutral B special move. Dixie pulls out a vine lasso and starts twirling it above her head. Simply pressing B will cause Dixie to chuck the lasso a short distance. However, holding down B and charging it will cause Dixie to throw the lasso farther. If it hits the opponent, they will become stuck in the lasso and stunned for 6 seconds, no matter how much it is charged. In the air, the stun will last 5 seconds. Moving the the control stick and pressing the attack button may quicken the time. Dixie can also use this to latch onto the side of the stage. The lasso itself does no damage but it can be set up for combos. When Kirby copies this ability, he cannot tether onto the side of the stage.

Spinning Hair Top is Dixie’s Side B special move. Dixie rushes forward while spinning in a circle for 3 rotations. Her ponytail is spread out hitting the opponent each rotation. The attack does 5% damage per hit for a total of 15% damage. It also be used as a recovery move since Dixie moves forward in the air. However, it is slower in the air and doesn’t gain that much distance but it still a decent recovery move. She can’t double jump out of it but she can wall jump if she gets near a ledge.

Hair a’Copter is Dixie’s Up B recovery special move. Dixie jumps high in the air much like Peach’s Recovery move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, she begins spinning in the air and slowly falls to the stage while spinning. Each rotation does 1% damage and she does between 6-10 rotations. This is one of the of the best recovery moves in SSB4 because of it’s long range and combo ability. She goes into a helpless state if hit from the air during this unless she gets near to a wall in which she can wall jump out of it.

Orange Grenade is Dixie’s Down B special move. Dixie takes out a orange grenade and tosses it across the stage. Holding down B will change how far the orange grenade is thrown. If it will explode if it hits something on impact. The grenade lasts for 4 seconds after thrown and will explode. Holding down B doesn’t change how big or damaging the explosion is. While in the air, Dixie slightly jumps up in the air while chucking the grenade downwards. This gives her a slightly higher boost. She can then do a double jump or a recovery move. The boost in the air is very small but can help her grab onto a ledge.

Cannon Shot is Dixie’s Final Smash. A cannon barrel falls to the ground and onto Dixie Kong. It then takes aim, charges dramatically, and then fires Dixie Kong into opponents. It does 73% damage with high knock back but, the only problem is if the cannon shot misses, Dixie falls into a helpless state so it’s best to hit your opponents since this stops her movement and the fall to her death. It can also be used as a recovery move.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Dixie Kong jumps up and down and shrieks. She looks back and a Blast Barrel begins rolling along the ground.

Tiny Kong is Dixie Kong’s Final Melee. Being Tiny Kong’s older sister, Dixie also has shape changing abilities. She shrinks down to the size of a person affected by the Poison Mushroom. However, her strength increases by 15% for all her attacks. As well, the opponents that are hit are monetarily stunned for .5 seconds. The Final Melee lasts for 8 seconds but it’s enough time for her to damage her opponents. Her attacks become very fast and powerful and she retains her jumping ability. She gains 12% Super Armor at this point but, since she is so small, it is hard to hit her.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Dixie Kong begins to focus her energy. Her arms grow small, her legs, her head, and then the rest of her body.

Ponytail Monster is Dixie Kong’s Final Brawl. Dixie Kong begins to dance on one foot and glows with a strange orange energy. Her ponytail begins to grow bigger and bigger. It then shoots out and slams into the opponent. It carries the opponent high into the air and then crashes down to the ground. Bits and pieces of hair fly into the air. Dixie Kong’s ponytail returns back to normal afterward. It does 66-68% damage.

Proposed Stage: Timber’s Island

Proposed Taunts

  • Right Side – Dixie takes off her hats and flips int he air and catches it. If she is facing Diddy Kong, she blows him a kiss.
  • Left Side –
  • Up – Dixie Kong takes her pony tail and flips it in the air in a nonchalant attitude.
  • Down – Dixie Kong stands on her hands and claps with her feet twice. She then gets back to her normal pose.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Dixie Kong jumps up and down and claps her hands each time.
  • Dixie Kong begins peeling a banana and eats it slowly.
  • Dixie Kong does a break dance on the ground. She then flips and stands on one foot while doing a Crane-looking stance.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Breaks out of a DK barrel and does a twirl and resumes her normal stance.

Idle Poses(s)

  • She plays with her hair.

Audience Cheer

  • DIXIE DIXIE DIXIE KONG!!! (female cheer)

Kirby Hat

  • Dixie Kong’s pink hat and yellow ponytail.

Proposed Palette Swaps

  • Blue Dixie Kong
  • Green Dixie Kong
  • Red Dixie Kong
  • Tiny Dixie Kong

Proposed Buy-Able Costumes

Tiny Kong Costume (from Super Mario Sluggers)

  • Attributes: 5% weight increase, 3% jump increase, 3% speed increase, added 3 seconds to Final Smash, 2% power decrease, 5% shield decrease.

Proposed Dixie Kong Move Set

Ground attacks

  • Neutral Attack – Dixie Kong slaps once, then twice, and then swings around and starts slapping the opponent with her ponytail. Each attack does 1% damage while the repeated ponytail attack does 1% damage each hit.
  • Dash Attack – A spinning ponytail spin. Hits the opponent once for a good knock back. Does 6% damage. Very little ending lag. It can be combo’d shortly afterward.
  • Strong Side – Round house kick. Hits once and does 9% damage with a little starting lag but little ending lag. Below-average knock back.
  • Strong Up – Claps above her, much like DK’s Up Smash. Slow start up lag but can easily be combo’d after. Does 5% damage. It does below-average horizontal knock back.
  • Strong Down- Does a grounded spinning kick. It does 5% damage one hit and 3% behind her for a total of 8% damage. Slow ending lag. It launches a opponent horizontally if hit on the side of the stage while hanging.
  • Side Smash – Spins back and slaps the opponent with her ponytail twice. Each slap does 7% damage uncharged, 9% fully charged for a total of 14% to 18% if fully charged. Decent knock back.
  • Up Smash – Swings her ponytail over her head in a wide arc. Little ending lag and has a wide range of attack and a long reach. It does 10% uncharged and 22% fully charged. High vertical knock back.
  • Down Smash – A unique attack where she punches the opponent stuns, and then stands on her hands quickly and kicks the opponent up in the air. A little lag and does 14% damage uncharged and 26% damage charged. This is her strongest smash attack.
  • Ledge Attack – Launches herself up and spins in the air with her leg out. Does 6% damage. It has little knock back but it can be combo’d afterward.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Climbs up and sweeps the opponents legs from underneath them. Does 8% damage. No ending lag.
  • Floor Attack – Gets up and spins her ponytail in a circle. Very quick. Does 4% damage and a horizontal knock back.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Spins around and stretches out her ponytail for an attack that does 6% damage. It has very little knock back but no landing lag at all.
  • Forward Aerial – Swings around and smashes her hand against the opponent. One of her stronger aerials and it does 12% damage. However, if it connects at Dixie’s shoulder or middle of the arm, it only does 10% damage. Moderate knock back ability.
  • Back Aerial – Does a drop kick and then starts spinning for a drill-like affect . A bair that has a good amount of knock back potential. It does 4% damage for each hit for a total of 14% damage. A little ending lag after finishing.
  • Up Aerial – Overhead Flip Kick. Decent knockback, fairly fast.
  • Down Aerial – Turns upside and thrusts her ponytail downwards. Quite possibly one her stronger attacks. It is a meteor smash only when the tip of her ponytail connects with the opponent. It does 10% if not a meteor smash, 15% if meteor smashed.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab – Dixie Kong grabs with her ponytail.
  • Pummel – Squeezes the opponent with her pony tail strength. It does 3% damage each time.
  • Forward Throw – Crunches them in her hair and then chucks opponents forward. Does 7% damage with high knock back potential.
  • Back Throw – Slams them on the ground in front of her with her hair and then tosses the opponent behind her. The first slam does 6% damage and the toss does 2% damage for a total of 8% damage total.
  • Up Throw – Takes the opponent and chucks them high into the air with her hair. It does 12% damage and is her strongest throw. Good KO potential and vertical knock back.
  • Down Throw – Jumps up int he air and then slams the opponent down using her hair. It does 10% damage overall. The opponent bounces back up to Dixie allowing her to combo into the throw.

My Thoughts

At first, I wasn’t sure how Dixie Kong would be played as or if she would be good as a playable character. I thought she would be a Diddy Kong clone but, after some thinking, I thought using her pony tail and floating ability would be interesting. I started thinking around the lines if Peach was a monkey and it started from there. I really ended up liking Dixie Kong and found a new appreciation for her, not only for her DKC games but as a fighter in SSB. I think she would make a great addition.

I added Dixie Kong because I felt the DK series needed a new representative after being ignored for 2 games as well as a foil for Diddy Kong. I felt the game could create some dramatic tension with a boyfriend and girlfriend in a game.

Chances of Being in SSB4

50% – I would say Dixie Kong has a fair chance to be in SSB4. She was possibly planned for Super Smash Bros. Brawl due to found data in the game as well appearing as a trophy since Melee. She has a unique move set that be much different compared to Diddy. However, I would say she has a tough contender: King K. Rool who happens to be a villain. Those the two minorities battle each other for a spot in the roster: Dixie Kong being a female and King K. Rool being a villain.