Veteran: Donkey Kong

All of the bananas disappeared. Without a trace. In fact, the entire jungle vanished altogether. That is what Donkey Kong saw as he exited his jungle tree house and saw the vast, deserted emptiness in front of him. Every had vanished over night and nothing was left. Donkey thumped against his chest and roared in anger at the emptiness that laid before him. Off in the mountains, he spied a mechanical floating isle; drifting silently away from the jungle valley that was his home. He knew that if he followed it; he will get his bananas, his jungle back.

Donkey Kong from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Donkey Kong

Game Series: Donkey Kong

Debut: Donkey Kong (1981)

Element Alignment: Earth

Affinity: Good

Reason for Fighting: Bananas

Donkey Kong hails from the Donkey Kong series and is it’s namesake. He is often batteling King K. Rool, his kremlings, or other family Kong’s who have become violent. He uses thundering hand claps, explosive strength, and chucking barrels for attacks. He has in been in the Super Smash Bros. games since the first game on the Nintendo 64.

Donkey Kong delivers slow but powerful attacks but falls short of his recovery move which makes him hard to come back to the stage. In SSB4, his recovery move gains longer distance but rises less vertically then before. He plays more or less the same as before save for a lesser reach then SSBB and a higher second jump.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Donkey Kong is a strong and powerful character with many advantages but a few disadvantages against certain players.  His jab combos link properly.  Side special is always a sure hit.  Forward nuetral now has more knock back and does slightly more damage.  Down Special causes higher knock back and slightly more damage.

Donkey Kong`s Special B Move Set

  • B – Giant Punch
  • Side B – Headbutt
  • Up B – Spinning Kong
  • Down B – Hand Slap

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash –Barrel Blast
  • Final Melee – Konga Beat
  • Final Brawl – Gorilla Slam


Barrel Blast is Donkey Kong’s new Final Smash. He jumps up to the top of the stage and a red platform appears underneath him that he sits on. He then begins chucking barrels, crates, and boxes that explode upon contact. A barrel does roughly 40% damage, the crates do 35% damage , and the boxes do roughly 20% damage with every hit. The trajectory of the thrown objects are random as they bombard the field. A character can get hit anywhere from one to six times from the objects. Any of these objects can KO a player at higher percentages. It lasts around 8 seconds.

Gorilla Slam is Donkey Kong’s Final Brawl. Donkey Kong grabs the opponent and begins slamming them back and forth pver his head onto the ground. Donkey Kong than grasps his hands and swings them down into a powerful earth-rending pound that bounces th opponent upwards. It does around 75-80% damage and has very high vertical knock back and can OHKO as low as 15%.

Proposed New Stage – Sunset Shore

Proposed New Taunt(s)

Right Side – Does the dance from Donkey Kong Country. Hold down the Right button to continue it. Letting go causes the dance to stop.

Left Side – Shakes his head from side to side, then doing it with the rest of his upper body.

Proposed New Palette Swap

Pink Donkey Kong – Light pink body fur, same color skin, a yellow tie with red DK lettering. Resembles Candy Kong.

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Funky Kong Costume (from the Donkey Kong series)

Attributes: 5% attack damage decrease, 5% throw damage decrease, 8% jump increase, 6% speed increase, and longer Spinning Kong. Element attribute changes to Wind.

Chunky Kong

Chunky Kong Costume (from Donkey Kong 64)

Attributes: 15% attack power increase, 15% throw power increase, 5% weight increase, 10% speed decrease, 4% jump decrease

Donkey Kong Move Set (taken from SmashWikia)

Changes made in BOLD

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral attack – Does a quick cross punch and follows up with an uppercut. When the first hit connects, so will the the second hit if down peoperly.  cannot be jab locked. 4% first hit, 6% second hit.
  • Dash attack – Skids to a halt doing a side-kick. High lag and poor shieldstun. Similar to a move from Donkey Kong 64. 12% damage.
  • Side Tilt – Swats in front. Large range and fast but low knockback. This move can go through Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado. 13% damage, 14% angled up.
  • Up Tilt – Swats above his head. Fast with a good arch range. Can chain some characters at low percents. 9-11% damage depending on where it connects.
  • Down Tilt – Swats at his opponent’s feet. This move causes opponents to trip. Slightly less range and similar start-up of his forward tilt, but barely any ending lag and still has long range. A great lock move at low percentages and a trip can be combined with his Hand Slap. 8% damage
  • Side Smash – Claps hands together in front of him. Highest damage from close, but slightly higher knockback at the farther hitboxes. Extremely high knockback when fully charged. Great priority. Fairly quick for a heavyweight. 20%-21% damage uncharged, 28-29% fully charged
  • Up Smash – Claps hands above his head. Good startup and ending lag. This move sweetspots when it hits foes above him, and becomes weaker when it hits right beside Donkey Kong. Huge knockback when hitting from below. Good hitting from below a platform and great running up smash. Has almost no hitlag, meaning it is nearly impossible to SDI. 18%-26% damage
  • Down Smash – Does a double back-handed punch by bringing his closed fists down 90 degrees at both sides. Good startup, but fairly bad ending lag. Very fast, great vertical knockback, and one of the strongest down smashes in the game, but low priority. 17%/25% damage when hit with his fists, 14% up close.
  • Ledge attack – Throws his back at the opponent. Fairly quick and has the longest range of any ledge attack in the game. 8% damage
  • 100% Ledge attack – Climbs onto stage and swats forward. 10% damage
  • Floor attack – Swats with his hand in a wide arch. 6% damage

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Spins with arms extended. Similar to his Spinning Kong move. 8-11% damage
  • Forward Aerial – Puts fists together above his head, then does a powerful Axe-handle Smash. A powerful Meteor Smash. Great for catching edge guarders while recovering. Looks almost exactly like the one from Donkey Kong 64, but obviously slower. 16% damage
  • Back Aerial – Back-kicks behind him. Very fast, long ranged and strong. 8% if not sweetspotted (closest to DK) or 13% on his foot for max damage and knockback.
  • Up Aerial – Headbutts above. Extremely quick, can Star KO at high percentages. 15% damage
  • Down Aerial – Stomps down, arching his body forward. When this move hits, it will always spike similar to Ganondorf’s d-air, and it is his strongest spike. Has Star KO potential. Can be used on many characters by carry down throwing, then jumping and dair. 14-16% damage.

Grabs & Throws

  • Standing grab – One of the longest non-tether grab ranges and high vertical range
  • Running grab – Much worse than standing grab range: Much shorter range and a lot of ending lag
  • Pivot grab – Slightly longer range than his standing grab range
  • Pummel – Does a slight karate chop at the enemy’s neck. 3% damage
  • Forward Throw – Heaves the opponent on his back, just like carrying the barrels from Donkey Kong Country, causing minor damage. He can carry around the opponent (regardless of size) as if the opponent were a heavy item. Can also jump while holding an opponent to increase vertical launch. Can be released and regrabbed if he can react quicker, being an infinite on Lucas and Ness when turn releasing and turn grabbing. Forward + Forward : 8% damage Forward + Up: 7% damage Forward + Down: 6% damage Forward + Back: release:6% (set damage). Donkey Kong is unable to use his forward throw on enemies in the SSE, making him the only character unable to use one of his standard throws for said reason. If the input for the forward throw is used, he will use his up throw instead.
  • Back Throw – Swings his arm back and throws the opponent. A very good KO throw and it has fast start-up. 11% damage
  • Up Throw – Grabs the enemy and throws them in the air with his right hand. 9% damage
  • Down Throw – Slams the opponent down with his hand. Can chain grab characters like Snake or Kirby. At low percentages, this can combo into Hand Slap and can start aerial juggles from there. 7% damage


  • Up: Repeatedly pounds his chest while smiling.
  • Down: Faces the screen, puts his palms of his hands near his cheeks and moves his head from side to side and making a questioning facial expression.

Stage Entrance

Breaks out of a DK barrel, grunts and makes a strongman pose.

My Thoughts

Donkey Kong has a horrible recovery move and I wanted to change it but then I thought “If he has a better recovery move, won’t he become super powered? That is why I decided to change it to flying more horizontally and longer then the SSBB version. Donkey Kong was buffed up in SSBB and I see no reason to nerf him or buff him again save for his recovery options.