Stage: Saturn Valley

Name: Saturn Valley

Universe: Mother/EarthBound

Debut: Mother 3

Size: Small

Hazards: 1(out of 5)

Availability: Starter

Saturn Valley is home to the Mr. Saturns. It is a peaceful valley set between cliffs. There are houses, ponds, and trees. However, during the course of events in Mother 3, the valley is invaded by the Pig Mask Army.


The stage itself lies on a floating Saturn Table board, much like what Lucas flies in his stage entrance. In the background is the village with Mr. Saturns walking in the distance. Everything is tranquil and as it should be. During the stage, Mr. Saturns will attempt to balance on ladders while trying to catch birds using red balloons tied to their noses.


There are no hazards in this stage.



Mr. Saturn

My Thoughts

I decided on saturn Valley since it is an important location in Mother 3 as well as a stage representation for Lucas. It also focuses on one of the more unique items in the game, Mr. Saturn.


Veteran: Lucas

Lucas from Super Smash Bro.s Brawl

Name: Lucas

Universe: Earthbound

Debut: Mother 3

Element Alignment: Light

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Hope

Availability: Starter

Lucas is the protagonist of Mother 3. He lost his mother during an attack by the Mecha-Drago, a member of the Pig Army. Afterward, despite the trauma, he set off on an adventure. Lucas is a cautious and emotional boy but, through his experiences, he became brave and confident.  Lucas uses his new-found PSI powers to attack foes and provide amazing defenses against most of his opponents.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Lucas recieves a massive upgrade in his attack power.  His Jab Combo does 14% total damage.  Up Tilt, down tilt, and down aerial are much more effective and higher priority.  Down smash does 5% more damage in the later animation and provides more knock back.  Up Throw does 2% more damage. PK Freeze hits more favorablly.  As well, Lucas should be de-cloned and use new attacks unrelated to Ness.

Lucas` Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – PK Freeze
  • Side B – Brainshock
  • Up B – PSI Shield
  • Down B – PK Ground

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – PK Starstorm
  • Final Melee – PK Love
  • Final Brawl – PK Hero


Brainshock is Lucas` new Side B move.  Lucas sends out a eerie, slow moving ray-like attack that spreads out.  It travels slowly but, when charged, can travel along the stage.  It emits a strange aura that will cause opponents to either trip, change directions, taunt, or to be stun temporarily.  It causes opponents to fall into a helpless state while in the air.  However, the attacks effects only affect opponents as long as they are within the waves radius.  Once the wave leaves, they are back to normal.

PSI Shield is Lucas` new Up B Recovery move.  Lucas envelopes himself in a shield and jets upwards.  It protects himself from damage and pushes away projectiles.  It also has a vacuum affect as he travels forward.  One hit from the attack does high knock back.  It does 14% damage for each hit.

PK Ground is Lucas` new Down B move.  On the ground, Lucas summons a earthquake which damages opponents from 5-20% damage; depending on their distance from his attack and will cause them to trip, fall, or knock back.  Doing it in the air is a meteor strike if done correctly.  This would have to be the mid point of the PK Ground waves.  Lucas is unable to performs the attack twice in a row and he has Super Armor during the attacks release.

PK Starfstorm is Lucas` Final Smash.  It behaves in the same way as in SSBB.  ]

  • Beginning Cinematic: Lucas envelopes himself in a yellow glow, slaps his hands together, and releases his energy which shoots into the sky.

K Love is Lucas` Final Melee.  Lucas spreads his arms out and, like fireworks, PSI energy starts exploding around the stage.  Pressing A will cause the blasts to explode faster but do less damage.  Moving the control stick around will slightly influence the location of the blasts.  Each blast can do 5-8% damage and Lucas is capable of doing 10-15 blasts.  They have a huge radius and causes the screen to shake.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Lucas holds out his arms which begins to glow in a brilliant light.  He releases them and it creates two large white orbs around him.

PK Hero is Lucas` Final Brawl.  Lucas holds his finger to his head and a wispy whit elight emerges from it.  It then envelopes the whole screen and takes the form of a giant white energy sword.  It swings and then smashes onto the opponent which then, in a fabulous light, explodes.  Lucas removes his finger and wipes his forehead.

Home Stage – Saturn Valley

Proposed New Taunt(s)

Left side – Lucas grinds his foot into the ground and looks around kind of scared.  He then stands up straight, poofs out his chest, and places his hands on his hips.

Proposed New Palette Swap

Kumatora Palette Swap

Proposed New DLC Costumes

Claus Costume (from Mother 3)

Duster Costume (from Mother 3)

Current Claus Move Set (Taken from the Smashwiki)

Changes are in BOLD

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – Kicks with his right leg twice, then does a spin kick with his left. Very fast, as the hitbox comes out on the second frame. Three hits of 4%, 5%, then 5% for a max of 14%. All hits have surprising disjointed reach.
  • Dash Attack – Lucas slides forward, shooting PSI energy out of his hands. Has a bit of startup lag, but decent range. 12% normally, 10% if hit at the tip.
  • Strong Side – Lucas does a back hand and creates a shock of PSI. Can be aimed up or down slightly. If aimed down, it can trip foes. 11% normally, 9% if the opponent is a bit behind Lucas.
  • Strong Up – Lucas does a one-handed stand flipkick charged with PSI. Can chained into itself at lower percents. Two hits of 3%, then 8% for a max of 11%. It has decent knock back and has higher priority.  At later frames, it can Meteor Smash, albeit extremely weakly.
  • Strong Down – Lucas crouches and spins with his leg out. The tip of this attack trips. This can be used multiple times in a row, like Ness‘s Strong Down, then be chained into a fast attack. Is surprisingly disjointed, with the hitbox extending to half a character length past Lucas. Only the disjointed hitbox trips, with a high trip rate. It semi-spikes opponents, but due to its extremely low knockback, it is only noticable at extremely high percentages. 8%It has a slightly longer reach than before.
  • Side Smash – Lucas swings his stick. Like Ness’ Forward Smash, it is a reflector, but it is faster, yet is only slightly weaker, but it still has great knockback for a Smash Attack. 15% uncharged, 21% fully charged. Dubbed by players “Better Stick”, which is one of Lucas’ standard stick weapons in MOTHER 3.
  • Up Smash – Lucas releases a burst of PSI that erupts above his head, but also hits to the sides and damages any breakable floors Lucas may be standing on. It has a sluggish start-up and leaves dreadful lag afterwards, rendering it very easily punished. It is compensated, however, by its extremely large knockback and range, it is the second strongest Up Smash in the game, KO percentage wise (only Ivysaur’s Up Smash is stronger). At the same time, its range is wide enough to hit two character lengths to the side of him, and able to hit foes on the very top platform of Battlefield from the bottom. Two hits of 2% (does not connect if opponent is far away), then 19% for a max of 21% uncharged, 27% for a max of 29% fully charged. This is believed to be, or derive from, his PK Love attack, since he uses a similar looking move to pull a needle both in MOTHER 3 and in one of his victory poses, and he can only pull needles if he has learned PK Love.
  • Down Smash – Lucas points at the ground in front of him, “shooting” three bursts of PSI energy at his feet. Though each hit is progressively weaker, their hitboxes gradually grow. In most cases, it is not possible that two of the hits will connect on the same enemy. Great for edgeguarding. The third hit has a chance of tripping foes at low %. Has minimal protection from behind, thus leaving Lucas very vulnerable. Three hits of 17%, 14%, then 16% uncharged; 23%, 20%, then 20% fully charged. If this move was used while he is on a destructible platform, the destruction of the platform would cause him to be in the air and the attack ends without lag. It is very possible to hit with more than one hit if Lucas is on a moving platform, like the one on Smashville. This is probably derived from PK Ground, where Kumatora would use PSI to shake the ground, making multiple hits that could also make opponents fall over.
  • Ledge Attack – Lucas flips onto the stage, then does a sweep kick. 8% damage.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Lucas slowly climbs up with his fist drawn back, then delivers a powerful punch. 10% damage.
  • Floor Attack – Lucas gets up and spins on one hand while sticking a leg out. 6% damage.
  • Trip Attack – Lucas gets up on his hands and kicks backwards, then thrusts his legs between his arms in a kick forward. 5% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – Lucas spins in a gyro pattern with PSI energy around him. Lucas’ fastest aerial. Seven hits of 2%, then a hit of 3% for a max of 17%.
  • Forward Aerial – Lucas kicks his foot forward with PSI. Can be auto-canceled. 12% normally, 10% if the enemy is a bit behind Lucas, 8% if the enemy is hit with the final frames of the move.
  • Back Aerial – Lucas does a flip with his foot behind him and hooks them downwards with a stream of small PSI. Knocks backwards, but if one hits with the tip of his foot or the final hexagon during the attack’s animation, it is a decent Meteor Smash. Regular, non-meteor smash, knockback is extremely low. 10% if sourspotted, 7% during last frames, 12% if sweetspotted.
  • Up Aerial – Moves upwards a little and does a headbutt. Has quite a bit of ending lag. 13% damage.
  • Down Aerial – Lucas thrusts his feet downwards and creates several quick-flashing PSI energy. Multi-hitting attack with some ending lag. The fourth hit can Meteor Smash weakly. Up to 20% damage.
  • Rope Snake – Lucas thrusts his Rope Snake forward. No damage; for recovery purposes only.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab – Pulls out his Rope Snake which extends and grabs the opponent. Long range and less laggier than other tether grabs, especially his pivot grab.
  • Pummel – Headbutts the foe. 3% damage. When done in the correct rhythm, it deals 9% per second.
  • Forward Throw – Psychokinetically tosses opponent ahead. 10% damage.
  • Back Throw – Psychokinetically blasts opponent back. Very high KO potential. One of the strongest Back Throws in the game. 10% damage.
  • Up Throw – Psychokinetically tosses opponent straight up. 12% damage. High vertical knockback for a throw, KOs at about 130-160%.
  • Down Throw – Psychokinetically slams opponent down, and stomps on the opponent. 7% damage. High vertical knockback. This is Lucas’ strongest throw, as well as the strongest Down Throw in the game. Combines with Strong Up until 35% (average). Will KO at around 140 – 170 %.


  • Up Taunt – Lucas trips, shakes his head, and gets back up. Probably derived from Fassad’s banana peels. It could also possibly be a reference to the naming screen in MOTHER 3, where Lucas attempts to run off the screen, but trips.
  • Down Taunt – Lucas creates PSI sparks with his fingers, moving his arms in a sideways motion.
  • Side Taunt – Duster’s Rope Snake taps him on the shoulder and has a brief conversation with Lucas, as Lucas shrugs towards it.

Stage Entrance

  • Arrives in a Saturn board.

My Thoughts

I wanted Lucas to be in SSBB but I really wanted a non-clone of Ness.  Save for PK Freeze, Lucas` attacks highly resembles Ness thus I added three new ones: PK Ground, PSI Shield, and Brainshock.  I felt that would help change Lucas up dramatically, provide for a new and interesting stlye of gameplay, and allow him to be seen as a single fighter instead of a semi-clone.