Stage: Aeropolis

Aeropolis from F-zero GX/AX.

Name: Aeropolis

Universe: F-Zero

Debut: F-Zero GX/AX

Size: Large

Obstacle Level: 2 (out of 3)

Type: Moving Platform

Availability: Starter

Aeropolis appears from F-Zero GX/AX. It is a massive racing track located in a giant computer. The skyscrapers even repair themselves when needed to control the ever increasing population.


The stage itself is fought on one long platform with a higher shorter platform above it. It hovers there and will adjust it’s height; lowering itself or going higher above the platform.

A signal was go from red, yellow, and then to green. The stage that rockets off into the track. Underneath the stage, F-Zero racers will race under the platform. Occasionally, they will knock the stage causing it to bump up and causing players to knockup. The track is very fast but it doesn’t affect gameplay. On occasion, the cars will hit a speed boost, causing them to rocket forward at lightning fast speeds. The stage does as well. At one point in the track, the stage disappears throwing opponents into the air. Down below in the background, the race track quickly approaches. Before the players hit the race track though, the platforms reappear allowing players to jump back on to continue brawling. While falling, opponents can still attack but they can’t jump. Important to note, doing an attack that has a helpless falling state (Mario’s Up B for example), will cause the player to be permanently in their helpless falling state until they reach the bottom.. The stage follows the circuit as it loops around.

Obstacles and Hazards

This stage is pretty straight forward in terms of design and hazards. Racers will sometimes bump the bottom platform. It doesn’t do any damage but it causes a high vertical knock back at higher percentages. Near the end, when the stage drops off, make sure not to use a move that renders your character in a helpless falling state because the character will be locked into that animation unless attacked or hit. Unless you miss the platform, it is very easy to land back on.


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My Thoughts

I had a hard time to come up with a F-Zero stage idea since Mute City, Deep Blue, and Aero Five were all taken so I looked towards GX/AX for ideas. I felt this was a interesting enough stage to represent the F-Zero series as well as the GX/AX games.

Chances of Being in SSB4

50% – I feel this or one of the other iconic tracks in F-Zero GX/AX will make an appearance in SSB4. As I was researching through which ones I think have a shot, I felt this one could be in the next game as the F-Zero stage rep.