Fire Emblem Trophies 1

Name: Cellica

Debut: Fire Emblem Gaiden

Cellica is the Princess Anteze of the country of Sophia but was hidden from her heritage to save her from the ambitious of the traiterous knight, Dozah.  She is the childhood friend of Alm.  She discovers her true royal blood when she is given the circlet of her mothers, the Queen pf Sophia.  She eventually rules Sophia alongside Alm as King and Queen.  Cellica is available for download in Fire Emblem: Kakusei.

Name: Leaf

Debut: Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu

Leaf is the Prince of Lenster until his country fell and he exiled himself.  He inherited the Light Sword from his late mother and began the path of restoring his home.  He traveled about Thracia and, eventually, ousted his families killers and restored peace to the kingdom.  He then united Northern and Southern Thracia into one kingdom with Lenster as it’s castle.  Leaf is remembered as a mighty and benevolent king.  Leaf is available for download in Fire Emblem: Kaukusei

Name: Ephraim

Debut: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Ephraim is the crown prince of Renais during the time of his fathers untimely death and the invasion of the hostile Grado kingdom.  He begins searching for his sister, Eirika, who was lost during the invasion as well as executing guerrilla strikes against Grado to weaken it’s position.  Ultimately, he prevailed against Grado, unrivaleved the mysteries behind the Grado invasion, and went on to be a legendary king.  He is available for download in Fire Emblem: Kakusei.

Name: Emerina

Debut: Fire Emblem: Kakusei

Emerina is the older sister of Chrom and Liz and the Holy Queen of Iris.  She is a kind-hearted, peace loving ruler that was loved by much of the people of Iris.  Despite her peace-loving nature, is highly skilled in staff attacks, in particular, light based magic.  She is the ruler of Iris when Perezia invades and she plays a pivotal role in defending her country against the invasion.

Name: Liz

Debut: Fire Emblem: Kakusei

Liz is the younger sister of Chrom and Emerin.  She is apart of Chrom’s vigilante force that was created to protect Iris’ borders, in particular against Perezia.  She is rather naive about the things in the world but she exhibits a kind heart and a strong sense of justice and honor.  Even in desperate times, she keeps a positive outlook.

Name: Gangrel

Debut: Fire Emblem: Kakusei

Gangrel is the King of Perezia and is a tyrannical ruler.  He enjoys war and doesn’t seem to value any importance in peace negotiations which is evident in his refusal of Emerina’s peace terms prior to his invasion of Iris.  He is both a cruel and warmongering leader that only sees profit in war and doesn’t care much for his subordinates. 

Name: Naga

Debut: Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi

Naga is the leader of the Divine Dragons but is often seen as a god for it’s sympathy towards human plights.  It is responsible for creating the holy sword, Falchion that is wielded by Marth and Chrom.  Naga has appeared in many forms throughout history and is sometimes depicted as either male or female.  It gaves its power to the Hero of Iris in defeating the Evil Dragon Gimle. 


Newcomer: Chrom

Chrom from Fire Emblem: Kakusei


Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Fire Emblem: Kakusei

Element Alignment: Wind

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Conviction

Availability: Starter

Chrom is the prince of the Holy Kingdom of Iris and is the younger brother of the ruling queen, Emelina. He is the descendent of the legenmdary Hero King and bears the mark of Naga. He heads the vigilante force that patrols the borders of Iris and Perezia after a series of suspicious behaviors from Perezia. He has a deep conviction in his chosen path and believes a leader must show his strength as to be an inspiration to others.

Chrom`s Stats

Power: ***
Weight: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Jump: ***
Recovery: **
Element: ***

Chrom is fairly balanced in all his abilities. His most strongest is his speed and jump ability and is fairly good at defense and power. He is of average weight for a sword fighter. However, he has fairly long reach due to his added bonus of creating a vacuum type effect whenever he strikes. When he attacks, players that within a body length away are slightly sucked into his attack. This allows Chrome to pull opponents into his area of attack. This can be both advantageous as well as as a disavantage depending on the situation.

Chrome is fairly strong in his Wind element since he can bring opponents into him through vacuum. However, his recovery Special Up B move isn`t that strong and doesn`t allow Chrome enough height. This can be counter-balanced by some of his other attacks that allows him to stall in the air for some time.

Chrom’s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Thrust
  • Side B – Blade Gale
  • Up B – Ascending Sword
  • Down B – Ground Blade

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Sword Rain
  • Final Melee – Mirage Sword
  • Final Brawl – Emblem Strike


Thrust is Chrom`s Neutral B attack. Chrom thrusts his sword forward and pierces the opponent. It cannot be charged but it has a far reach. Additionally, because the attack has a vacuum effect, it can pull opponents into the latter animations of the attack. If done in the air, it can temporarily stall Chrom in the air. It does 12-17% Wind damage if hit fully but does 5-10% Wind damage if vacuumed in after the attack. It has a quick start up and ending animations so it is easy to execute.

Blade Gale is Chrom`s Side B move. Chrom propels himself forward and unleashes a series of sword attacks. It has incredible reach and can easily be used as a recovery move. The attack also sucks opponents into the attack. It is capable of doing 8 hits at 2% Wind damage each hit thus it is capable of doing 16% Wind damage fully. It also has high priority and can cancel weaker projectiles. When doe sin midair, Chrom can either do a second jump or go into his UP B recovery move.

Ascending Sword is Chrom`s Up B Special Recovery move. Chrom leaps up into the air in a spiraling screw attack. It has the highest vacuum affect and can pull farther away opponents into the attack. However, it only goes straight up and when done, Chrom goes into a helpless state. It can do up to 20% Wind damage if hit fully or 15% Wind damage if it is halved. It has slow ending lag however. It is a decent reovery move but it is best to use it with Blade Gale.

Ground Blade is Chrom`s Special Down B move. This is his only projectile. Chrom slices the ground and a energy wave erupts from it. It can be charged to increase the waves length but, despite that, it doesn`t travel very far. It will only shoot out in front of Chrom if un-charged. However, charging it doe snot affect the power of the attack. It does 13% Wind damage regardless if charged or uncharged. It can be done it the air but it angles slightly downwards when released. It has medium priority and it can be cancelled by stronger attacks or projectiles. However, it is fast and can easily be used to throw off opponents that wander too close to Chrom.

Sword Rain is Chrom`s Final Smash. Chrome points his sword to the sky and from it, swords made out of magical start piercing the stage. The don`t go through the stage like PK Starstorm but become lodged into the stages platforms. Each sword does around 3% damage and anywhere from 30-40 swords will rain onto the stage within 12 seconds. It has a wide enough radius that medium to small stages are covered entirely in the attack. It can drain shields as well and incredibly hard to escape/dodge. Altogether, it can do between 90-120% damage however it does very little knock back from the swords.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Chrom points his sword torwards the sky and a light shoots down and strikes his sword.

Mirage Sword is Chrom`s Final Melee. A copy of Chrom appears from his sword and two begin striking/attacking the opponent. The copy appears opposite of the player and faces the platyer as wellb as it is far enough to corner a opponent. It copies the attacks of Chrom but obiviously facing Chrom. Chrom or the shadow is unable to be attacked. This doubles each damage by the attack. The effect lasts for 8 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Chrom brings his palm along the blade and, from it, magic expels off from it and creates a copy image.

Emblem Strike is Chrom`s Final Brawl. Chrom`s sword becomes engulfed in magic and he rushes forward with blinding speed. He strikes the opponent with one attack, then a second, and finally a third. He then flips over the opponent and strikes them down hard with his sword. He then slams his swor dinto the ground and a magical circle appears on the opponent. It then explodes in a vacuum like explosion. It does 75-80% Wind damage and high knock back.

Home Stage: Castle Crimea

Proposed Taunts

  • Up – Chrom slashes his sword down and says “Come at me!”
  • Right Side – Chrom sheathes his sword and draws it back out again.
  • Left Side – Chrom points his sword straight out and then slashes down.
  • Down – Chrom stands up straight and scratches the back of his head.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Chrom sheathes his sword and dusts off his hands.
  • Chrom points his sword straight at the camera and says “No yet.”
  • Chrom stabs his sword into the ground and crosses his arms.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Chrom appears via a magical purple circle. He flips out of it; sword in hand.

Fighting Stance

  • Sword held straight forward like a fencing pose but more faster paced.

Proposed Idle Poses

  • Chrom flips the sword around in his hand.

Audience Cheer


Kirby Hat

  • Chrom’s hair.

Proposed Palette Swaps

  • Indigo Chrom
  • Red Chrom
  • green Chrom
  • Blue Chrom
  • Blood Chrom

Proposed DLC Costumes

Lucia (from Fire Emblem: Kakusei)

Fredrick (from Fire Emblem: Kakusei)

Chrom’s Proposed Move Set

Ground Attack

  • Neutral Attack – Swings downward and then upward by pressing A again. Very quick but does below average damage. It does around 2% each hit. However, it can be chained continuously by pressing B after the second hit. It can juggle players but it has low priority and can be canceled out by other attacks.
  • Dash Attack – A dashing forward thrust. It can vacuum in opponents at the point of the sword. It is a fairly far reaching attack and does around 8% damage. However it has a slow ending lag.
  • Side Tilt – A quick sword poke that smacks the opponent on the head. Chrom also moves forward slightly during the attack. It does 11% damage and is very quick in both start up and ending.
  • Up Tilt – Swings his sword down to up in a wide cutting slash. It does around 12% damage and can vacuum opponents within a wide range. However, it has a fairly long ending lag.
  • Down Tilt – A downward aimed slice that can cause opponents to trip or fall down. It can vacuum smaller opponents or opponents on the ground. It does around 8% damage and is a very quick attack. However, the attack itself doesn’t have too much range and has a small window to do damage.
  • Side Smash – Steps forward and does a strong horizontal slash. It has very quick start up but Chrom steps backwards after the attack thus causes some ending lag. It has a long range of attack and a strong/long vacuum effect. It does between 16-18% damage and does good knock back.
  • Up Smash – Does three upward thrusts one right after another. The thrusts are fast but the move suffers from both start up and ending lag. Despite this, it is a great guarding attack and has high priority. During his middle animation, Chrom possesses super armor. Each thrust does 5-8% damage 15-24% damage. It does the highest amount amount of knockback at the last attack. It can cancel out attacks like Link’s Dair or Zero Suit Samus’ Dair.
  • Down Smash – Cuts forward to his right and then slightly crouches downward and cuts to his left and then fully crouches and cuts again to his right. Each cut does 6-9% damage and can do 18-27% damage but it hits less favorably than his Up Smash. As well, it is a slower attack that can be punished as he turns. However, it’s fairly unpredictable and each slash offers Hugh knockvack. As well, it can do crowd control in group battles.
  • Ledge Attack – Flips onto the stage and kicks twice. One kick that does 3% damage while the second does 5%.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Chrom climbs up and stabs forward with his sword. It does around 13% damage and has a far reach.
  • Floor Attack (Face up) – Quick stab to the left followed by horizontal slash to the right. 6% base and tip.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – A forward vertical slash. It does 13% damage and vacuum opponents close by. It can do a meteor strike if hit exactly on the tip of the blade. It has a fairly good reach but it is too quick to pin point the tip of the sword.
  • Forward Aerial – A downward slash that momentarily pushes Chrom forward in mid air. It has a good distance and can confuse opponents because of it’s “boost of speed”. It does 12% damage and good knock back.
  • Back Aerial – Chrom turns backwards and kicks with both feet. It doesn’t have a vacuum effect but it deals 13% damage. It also doesn’t have very good reach but it is capable of dealing a lot of knock back.
  • Up Aerial – Chrom swings his sword like a wand above him. It can do two hits at 6% damage each. It doesn’t have good range upwards but it can hit opponents from both sides. It deals good knock back but it has a slow start up.
  • Down Aerial – Chrom turns down and dives downward at a diagonal slant. Chrom moves very fast but the attack can cause Chrom to kill himself if done in mid-air. However, it can be used to grab onto a ledge since Chrom moves at a diagonal slant. It does 15% damage and can spike players downwards as low as 3o%. It is an excellent kill move unless Chrom misses. It also has horrible ending lag when Chrom lands.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Elbows the opponent. A slower pummel. Does 2%.
  • Forward Throw – Chrom pushes the opponent and then kicks them in the gut. It is a quick throw but doesn’t have the best knock back. It does around 6% damage.
  • Down Throw – Knocks the opponent down, leaps on top, and stabs the opponent. Very gruesome. It does around 10% damage but virtually no knockback. It is best for causing damage.
  • Back Throw – Swings the opponent behind him and punches the opponent with his sword hilt. Does 9% damage and can KO as low was 130%.
  • Up Throw – Swings the opponent in two full circles before releasing them upward. It does 5% damage and is a rather slow throw. However, swinging the opponent can damage players around him.

My Thoughts

In my roster, Chrom replaced Lyndis because I felt Chrom is the better choice. While Lyndis does have the popularity and history, Chrom is the newest character to appear in a Fire Emblem game. As in SSBM and SSBB, they always add a Fire Emblem character that recently appeared in a game (Roy and Ike). In SSB4, Chrom would he that character.

I want Chrom to be a quick but powerful fighter that excels in both ground and aerial combat. I actually gave him attributes from both Marth and Ike.

Arguments for Chrom

  1. Chrom recently appeared in a Fire Emblem 3DS game. Looking at history, Sakurai has always given a slot to a new Fire Emblem character.
  2. Chrom can be a balance of Marth and Ike.
  3. Good moveset and story potential.
  4. A prince and a lord.
  5. A descendent of Marth.

Chances of being in SSB4

60% – Given Chrom’s recent game, I think he has a good enough chance of being in SSB4. Assuming Ike is in the game, he has competition from characters like Roy, Lyn, Michaiah, and The Black Knight. However, without Ike, I would say he has a very high chance unless a new Fire Emblem game is released before SSB4.

Veteran: Ike

People ran around screaming, townhouses burned, and lighting cracked against the sky. Above, dragons spewed out flames onto the crops and burnt trees to the ground. Everyone was in a panic and not even the town’s watch could keep the peace. A blue-haired warrior rode up and looked at the burning castle. Around the castle, dragons were spiraling around it; sending bursts of flame into the castle windows. Everything was in turmoil and surely nothing was last alive. Ike reared his horse up and lifted up his sword into the sky. From it, a bright flicker of light went forth and shone in the darkness. The dragons stopped attacking the castle and concentrated on Ike. They charged forth, bearing their flame onto Ike. He slashed it away and struck each Dragon down. One by one they fell from the sky onto the ground. Ike, looking at the collapsed dragons, bowed his head and then looked up to the sky. Where the dragons were circling, a mechanical floating isle.

Ike from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Ike

Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (2005)

Element Alignment: Fire

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Comrades

Ike is the leader of the mercenary group, the Greil Mercenaries. His father was the original leader of the group. After the death of his father, Ike takes leadership of the mercenaries and strikes a professional relationship with Princess Elincia. She is forced to enlist their aid in order to secure her proper place on the Crimea Throne. Ike cares of his friends and comrades and wields his blade not just for himself but for all those he loves and holds dear.

Changes from SSBB to SSB4

Ike was a very powerful swordsman with very slowly and predictable attacks. For this reason, I propose a vast amount of changes to Ike in SSB4. This may be the most amount of changes from a SSBB character to SSB4. Firstly, I propose a new move to replace the Counter attack to separate him from Marth. I added the Shockwave ability which can push opponents and attacks away. Secondly, Ike’s Eruption attack has prolonged Super Armor from when the attack starts charging. Ike’s neutral aerial has lesser lag to prevent suicides.

Thirdly, I propose his Side B Special Move, Quick Draw, to bypass uncharged weak projectiles. While it will incur damage, Ike does not flinch from being attacked by these projectiles. Examples include uncharged Pit’s Palutena’s Bow, Link’s uncharged Sacred Bow, Samus’s uncharged Power Shot, and the beginning frames of Bowser’s Fire Breathe. However, anything stronger will cancel Ike’s Quick Draw and send him into a helpless state. I did this so Ike can fair better with projectile camping. In addition, Ike can know jump after Quick Draw and will not go into a helpless falling state thus allowing for a better recovery move.

Lastly, I would suggest to slightly increase the height Ike’s second jump. Ike didn’t have a very good second jump and his Aether recovery move is not the best. Hence I why I suggest increasing his second jump.

Ike’s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Eruption
  • Side B – Quick Draw
  • Up B – Aether
  • Down B – Shockwave

Final Trio

  • Final Smash: Great Aether
  • Final Melee: Fire Wave
  • Final Brawl: Earth Fissure

New Move Descriptions

Shockwave is Ike’s new Down B move. Instead of Counter, Ike lowers his sword and grips it with two hands and then yells. A powerful energy-based blast comes from Ike. It can be charged by Eruption and Quick Draw. The longer the player holds down B, the longer the blast radius is. If B is quickly pressed, it does a small “pop” around Ike with a little knock back and low damage. A fully charged Shockwave can hit an opponent to is slightly out of Ike’s longest striking range. Doing this attack can also stop Ike in mid-air if he is knock backed. However, this is dependent on his damage percentage and momentum. As well, his aerial animation is much different then his grounded animation (Ike throws his arms back while in mid-air). The attack does 3-15% damage on the ground while in the air it does 2-13% damage. It has the highest knock back and KO potential when fully charged. As well, if Shockwave is done in mid-air while the opponent is underneath Ike, it will result in a powerful Meteor Smash.

Great Aether is Ike’s Final Smash. It has the same properties as in SSBB.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Ike swings out his sword and does a very cool pose with it.

Fire Wave is Ike’s Final Melee. Ike hoists his great sword back, grips it with both hands, and it starts swirling around in flame. It is much like Eruption since Ike then slams his sword into the ground with a massive explosion. However, as Ike hoists his sword behind him, quickly pressing B will allow Ike to charge it resulting in even more damage. In addition, when released at it’s highest damage, the wave will shot out across the ground and then erupt upwards in a column of flame. It is one of the most damaging Final Melee’s in the game. Uncharged, it does 58% Fire Damage but, fully charged, it does upwards to 88-90% Fire Damage. It has a very high knock back and can hit opponents for additional damage at lower percentages.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Ike brandishes his sword and engulfs it in flame which begins leaping about everywhere.

Earthen Fissure is Ike’s Final Brawl. Ike swings his sword up and dashes forward. He jumps and slams his sword into the ground and 8 large pieces of rock shoot up into the sky. Ike jumps up and begins batting the pieces of rock into the opponent on the ground. After the final one, Ike falls back down and the opponent is buried in a mound of rock. It does 73-75% Earth damage.

Proposed Stage – The Castle Gate

Proposed New Taunt

  • Left Side – Ike cracks his neck twice and pats it with his palm. He then says “Time to do this!”

Proposed New Palette Swap

Brown Ike

Proposed DLC Costumes

Vanguard Ike

  • Perks: 3% Fire Damage Increase, 2% sword damage increase, 5% speed increase, 8% defense decrease, 4% jump decrease, and 7% physical damage decrease.

Black Knight Ike (Minus the helmet)

  • Perks: 15% sword damage, 5% physical damage, 10% defense increase, 18% speed decrease, 5% fire element decrease, and 13% jump decrease.

Current Ike Move Set (taken from the SmashWikia)

Changes made in BOLD

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack – Punches with his left hand (making him the only sword fighter who uses his fist in one of his moves), then a step-forward kick, then an overhead swing of Ragnell, moving forward with each blow. This move alone gives Ike a great close range game, forcing the opponent to stay away from his jab range. It’s even very difficult to punish even when shielded for characters with poor Out of Shield options and is also great at punishing spot dodges. Excellent when crouch-canceled due to the first two hits having zero knockback and having high amount of hitstun, though it can be SDIed out of it. Comes out on frame three. Its speed makes it a good Out of Shield option as well. 16% total but usually deals about 20 or even 25% when jab canceled.
  • Dash Attack – Ike lunges forward with Ragnell with excellent range, but is slow and predictable. Good surprise move at a distance and is a true combo out of the Back Throw to DA percents and it is also guaranteed out of grab releases against characters like Meta Knight. 8%.
  • Forward Tilt – A horizontal slash. Has a slow startup but high knockback and large range. Can be angled up or down. Unlike other angle-able moves, this move does not get stronger when angled upward or weaker when angled downward. Strongest f-tilt in the game in terms of knockback. 15%.
  • Up Tilt – Ike holds his sword out parallel to the ground and raises it to above his head in a bunny hop motion. Deceptive range with a quick, long-lasting hitbox, good for low-percent combos, but punishable if it misses like nearly all of his other moves and it also has a giant sourspot. Reliable killer at about 110%-120% on most characters. It is as powerful as King Dedede’s and Snake’s u-tilt, but slower. 12%.
  • Down Tilt – Slashes along the ground. If this hits the opponent while they are off-stage, they are meteor smashed with great power. If Ike hits with the handle, it sends them horizontally with great power. It is by far the strongest tilt meteor and it is one of the better tilt meteors in the game (though that’s not saying much). Can be used after jab canceling near the edge. Decent range, but cripplingly slow. This is the strongest d-tilt. 14% close up, 10% closer to the tip.
  • Side Smash – Overhead swing of his sword to the ground in front of him. Long ranged and very powerful, but very slow and punishable if he misses or it gets shielded (it has the most ending lag out of all the forward smashes). Superior killing move at relatively low damage, but requires timing to use effectively. Long range and high arc allow for edge and recovery interceptions. It also hits people standing on platform’s above Ike and hits diagonally down on people hanging on the ledge. The power behind the smash is enough to KO an opponent at as low as 30%. The tip is weaker, but still very powerful wherever it connects. Second strongest smash in the game (only King Dedede’s f-smash is stronger, but Ike’s is even stronger at extreme percentages due to slightly higher knockback scaling). 17%-24% tip, 23%-32% non-tip.
  • Up Smash – Swings his sword from his feet, over his head, to behind him. Also powerful, long-ranged, and slow (weaker but faster than his forward smash). The attack’s speed and its very wide arc allow it to intercept foes air-dodging back to the stage near Ike, or it can be used like his down smash to punish rolls. 17% damage. Like the side smash, when fully charged, the smash carries enough power to KO an opponent at relatively low damages (60% and beyond). 24% fully charged
  • Down Smash – Slashes toward the ground on either side. First slash is rather weak (especially when compared to Ike’s other attacks) but the second slash is powerful, and it is Ike’s fastest smash attack on startup, but still possesses his trademark ending lag, and has pitiful range overall compared to his other attacks. 13% damage typically, 16% if hit from behind.
Other attacks
  • Ledge attack- Picks himself up and slashes at an upwards angle. Short horizontal range. 8% damage
  • 100% ledge attack- Slowly gets up and slashes forward in a similar fashion to his F-Tilt, only faster. 10% damage.
  • Floor attack (face-down)- Performs a fast swing on both of his sides. 6% damage.
  • Floor attack (face-up)- Swings his sword in an angled arc above him. 6% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial – Ike swings Ragnell in an arc around his body making a low knockback. The attack is shorter ranged than most of his aerials, but covers almost 360°. The wide arc allows it to punish dodges, and the move can be auto-canceled, which makes it excellent for setting up jabs. Easy to SD if no platforms are below due to ending lag being just enough long to be unable to recover; commonly occurs when Ike is shield-pushed near the edge and the player buffers a command for a jab. Ike’s most useful aerial due to combo potential and landing-cancel. 9%. It has little lag and cool down time to fix suicidal moves.
  • Forward aerial – Ike performs an overhead swing with Ragnell down to below him that is reminiscent of his Hero-Class ‘Critical’ animation in Radiant Dawn. Has the most horizontal range of any normal aerial in the game, but does not possess as much knockback as some of his other aerials, though it can still KO at relatively high percents. Its incredible range also makes it a very good edge guarding move. Manageable ending lag given attack range. One of Ike’s best aerials, along with nair. 13%.
  • Back aerial – Ike quickly swings Ragnell behind him. This is Ike’s fastest aerial and performs greatly with RAR, due to its high killing potential. However the hitbox ends quickly and has long aerial ending lag despite the autocanceling frames coming out noticeably earlier. Difficult to land on short grounded opponents because of its strictly horizontal hitbox. A good out of shield option when facing the opposite direction. 14% damage.
  • Up aerial – Ike spins Ragnell in a helicopter motion. Great vertical knockback. The attack stays out for a long time and has great priority, starting in the front and ending in the back of Ike. Low vertical range limits its usefulness, considering Ike’s inferior jumping capabilities, though it possesses deceptive horizontal range. It can also hit larger character on the ground. 14%.
  • Down aerial – Ike thrusts Ragnell down under him. If the move hits while the blade is swinging down, it powerfully Meteor Smashes the target. It is the second most powerful meteor on airborne opponents and third strongest on grounded opponents (only Ganondorf’s dair meteor is stronger in every situation). Will send foes upwards rather powerfully if hit after the initial swing. Useful for edge-guarding, especially when walked-off without fast falling, which makes using tilt stick with Ike instead of Smash with C Stick very useful. 16% if meteor smashed, 12% otherwise.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel – Headbutts the opponent with a 3% damage.
  • Up Throw – Ike throws Ragnell into the ground and shoots the target into the air with both hands clasped together. 6% damage.
  • Down Throw – Ike throws the target down to the ground and stomps on them, sending them upward. Places low-damaged foes in a perfect position to follow up with an Aether (without DI). It can also KO at very high percents. 6% damage.
  • Back Throw – Ike throws the opponent backwards while kicking them. This can be immediately followed up by his dash attack, which is a true combo in everyone from about 30 to 100%. It can also set-up a forward throw in walls which is a true combo. 6% damage.
  • Forward Throw – Ike throws opponent forwards while kicking them. Can chain grab in walls. 6% damage.


  • Up: Swings Ragnell above his head then holds it out in front of him like his pose from the DOJO!!, and growls while bringing it closer to himself as if charging it. His cape blows in the wind toward the end.
  • Side: Does his attacking stance from Radiant Dawn, saying “Prepare yourself!”
  • Down: Thrusts his sword into the ground in disgust, crosses his arms and says “Hmph.” Again, wind blows at his cape.

Stage Entrance

  • Appears in magic circle and brandishes his sword.

My Thoughts

I felt Ike was a pretty good character who suffered from slow movements, poor recovery, and a poor approach hence why I decreased his damage and his speed, increased his dashing speed, increased his jumping ability, altered his Quick Draw ability, and changes his Counter ability to altogether new attack. I feel these changes will distance Ike from Marth and improve his over-all game play.

Boss: Ashnard

King Ashnard from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Name: King Ashnard

Universe: Fire Emblem


Boss Type: Flying, Berserk

Element Alignment: Fire, Dark, Flying

Chapter: ?

– Boss Sphere –

Rarity: Common

Type: Attack

Duration: 25 seconds

King Ashnard is the Mad King of Daen who tricked his father onto signing a blood pact and then assassinating him to gain the throne. However, he was defeated and killed by Ike and his comrades. After his death, the kingdom of Daen was left without a ruler.

The Galactic Usurper

Ashnard is encountered in The Galactic Usurper Story Mode. He is a Boss and is affiliated with the evil presence that is in the mechanical floating island.

He attacks using his black dragon and attacks with his might sword, Gurgurant. He will fly over the level while spouting out flames and beating the air with his wings to damage players. On occasion, he will swoop down to strike players with a quick blitz attack. Once his health is reduced, he will dismount from his mount and begin attacking with his sword. He strikes heavy but very slow; allowing to be attacked by players. After 15 seconds, he will hop back onto his dragon.

Boss Sphere

Ashnard is unlocked by completing The Galactic Usurper story mode and then locking him during a Boss Battle with a empty Boss Sphere.

When summoned, Ashnard descends onto the stage in a fiery wrath. When he lands, a fire blast shoots out damaging anyone in range with 13% fire damage with a high knock back. He then sends “Pitiful insects! Die!” and laughs manically.

He then takes to the air with his dragon and the dragon will start to spew out fireballs at opponents. Each fireball does 20% fire damage and has a decent knock back. The dragon then begins to beat it’s wings fast which pushes opponents slowly across the stage but does no damage.

After 15 seconds past, Ashnard jumps down from the dragon and begins striking opponents with his large sword. Each strikes does 18% damage. They are slow strikes but they have extremely high knock back potential and can KO at high percentages. While Ashnard is attacking with his sword, the dragon overhead will continue to beat his wings to hinder opponents movements.

After 25 seconds past, Ashnard slams his sword into the ground and kneels saying “But how?!”. His black dragon roars in pain and crashes to the ground but does no further damage to opponents.

My Thoughts

I envisioned Boss Spheres as being the ultimate assist item in terms of power and speed. King Ashnard became the first Boss Sphere I designed. He originally was planned to be a playable character as a Fire Emblem villain but I scrapped the idea since he wasn’t exactly iconic in the series and the Black Knight would had been a better choice (but Nightmare filled out the role as a heavily armored swordsman). So I decided to put King Ashnard as a boss and a Boss Sphere. I mean, seriously, a Black Dragon riding lunatic is pretty epic.

Stage: Castle Crimea

Name: Castle Crimea

Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Super Smash Bros. 4

Obstacle Level: 2 (out of 5)

Type: Stationary

Availability: Starter

Castle Crimea is the Fire Emblem stage representative and a major home stage for the Fire Emblem characters. It does not appear in any of the Fire Emblem games but it was designed to emulate the feel of Fire Emblem.


The stage is fought upon a castle roof much like Castle Siege. However, it appears to be the roof of the gate of the castle. The background overlooks the battlefield as two military factions fight against each other. Soldiers, archers, horsemen, and generals can be fighting side by side against each other. It is truly a war zone. However, above it all fights the brawlers but whose side they are on, none know. In the background trebuchets “Pachyderms” fling flaming shots into the fortifications. On either side of the gate are two towers that act much like in Shadow Moses Island. That cannot be destroyed.

After a minute and a half, the gate is toppled over and the players fall to the ground level where they must fight over the rubble that used to be the gate. In the back ground, the fight continues as before but the right is all around the brawlers. The ground is uneven and strewn with rubble and stone. Occasionally, a Pachyderm will fling another flaming tar boulder into the walls which will crash onto the stage. It does 20% Fire damage and explodes with high knock back. Look for falling shadows to avoid the boulders.

The gate is not fixed and players will fight in the ruined courtyard until the match is over.

Hazards and Movement

This stage is pretty plain and simple with the only hazard being the toppling of the gate and the flaming tar boulders that crash onto the stage every so often. Their is no moving platforms or changing background in the second part. However, players can walk-off the stage since their are no edges.


Clash of Two Virtues (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon)
Footsteps of Fate (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon)
Stalwart Opposition (Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon)
The Devoted (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
March of the Lion King (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Time of Action (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
Bittersweet Victory (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
On Black Wings (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)
Brave General, Brave King (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)







Wyvern Rider

My Thoughts

I had a really hard time creating a Fire Emblem stage since the series doesn”t really have much in the way of descriptive locations so I decided to make a stage much like in Brawl that captures Fire Emblem in one stage. I originally made a stage that had several phases but I decided that was way to much like Castle Siege so I opted for one that is somewhat similar but different in terms of game play and movements. I wasn’t looking forward to making this stage at first but, no its all said and done, I am starting to like it more!

Chances of Being in SSB4

?% – I really have no idea what Fire Emblem stage will appear in SSB4. As mentioned before, Castle Siege does not represent any particular game in the series but as a whole. I am not sure if we will see a stage based off a particular location in the games or a stage that represents the series as a whole again.