Newcomer: Chrom

Chrom from Fire Emblem: Kakusei


Universe: Fire Emblem

Debut: Fire Emblem: Kakusei

Element Alignment: Wind

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Conviction

Availability: Starter

Chrom is the prince of the Holy Kingdom of Iris and is the younger brother of the ruling queen, Emelina. He is the descendent of the legenmdary Hero King and bears the mark of Naga. He heads the vigilante force that patrols the borders of Iris and Perezia after a series of suspicious behaviors from Perezia. He has a deep conviction in his chosen path and believes a leader must show his strength as to be an inspiration to others.

Chrom`s Stats

Power: ***
Weight: ***
Defense: **
Speed: ****
Jump: ***
Recovery: **
Element: ***

Chrom is fairly balanced in all his abilities. His most strongest is his speed and jump ability and is fairly good at defense and power. He is of average weight for a sword fighter. However, he has fairly long reach due to his added bonus of creating a vacuum type effect whenever he strikes. When he attacks, players that within a body length away are slightly sucked into his attack. This allows Chrome to pull opponents into his area of attack. This can be both advantageous as well as as a disavantage depending on the situation.

Chrome is fairly strong in his Wind element since he can bring opponents into him through vacuum. However, his recovery Special Up B move isn`t that strong and doesn`t allow Chrome enough height. This can be counter-balanced by some of his other attacks that allows him to stall in the air for some time.

Chrom’s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Thrust
  • Side B – Blade Gale
  • Up B – Ascending Sword
  • Down B – Ground Blade

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Sword Rain
  • Final Melee – Mirage Sword
  • Final Brawl – Emblem Strike


Thrust is Chrom`s Neutral B attack. Chrom thrusts his sword forward and pierces the opponent. It cannot be charged but it has a far reach. Additionally, because the attack has a vacuum effect, it can pull opponents into the latter animations of the attack. If done in the air, it can temporarily stall Chrom in the air. It does 12-17% Wind damage if hit fully but does 5-10% Wind damage if vacuumed in after the attack. It has a quick start up and ending animations so it is easy to execute.

Blade Gale is Chrom`s Side B move. Chrom propels himself forward and unleashes a series of sword attacks. It has incredible reach and can easily be used as a recovery move. The attack also sucks opponents into the attack. It is capable of doing 8 hits at 2% Wind damage each hit thus it is capable of doing 16% Wind damage fully. It also has high priority and can cancel weaker projectiles. When doe sin midair, Chrom can either do a second jump or go into his UP B recovery move.

Ascending Sword is Chrom`s Up B Special Recovery move. Chrom leaps up into the air in a spiraling screw attack. It has the highest vacuum affect and can pull farther away opponents into the attack. However, it only goes straight up and when done, Chrom goes into a helpless state. It can do up to 20% Wind damage if hit fully or 15% Wind damage if it is halved. It has slow ending lag however. It is a decent reovery move but it is best to use it with Blade Gale.

Ground Blade is Chrom`s Special Down B move. This is his only projectile. Chrom slices the ground and a energy wave erupts from it. It can be charged to increase the waves length but, despite that, it doesn`t travel very far. It will only shoot out in front of Chrom if un-charged. However, charging it doe snot affect the power of the attack. It does 13% Wind damage regardless if charged or uncharged. It can be done it the air but it angles slightly downwards when released. It has medium priority and it can be cancelled by stronger attacks or projectiles. However, it is fast and can easily be used to throw off opponents that wander too close to Chrom.

Sword Rain is Chrom`s Final Smash. Chrome points his sword to the sky and from it, swords made out of magical start piercing the stage. The don`t go through the stage like PK Starstorm but become lodged into the stages platforms. Each sword does around 3% damage and anywhere from 30-40 swords will rain onto the stage within 12 seconds. It has a wide enough radius that medium to small stages are covered entirely in the attack. It can drain shields as well and incredibly hard to escape/dodge. Altogether, it can do between 90-120% damage however it does very little knock back from the swords.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Chrom points his sword torwards the sky and a light shoots down and strikes his sword.

Mirage Sword is Chrom`s Final Melee. A copy of Chrom appears from his sword and two begin striking/attacking the opponent. The copy appears opposite of the player and faces the platyer as wellb as it is far enough to corner a opponent. It copies the attacks of Chrom but obiviously facing Chrom. Chrom or the shadow is unable to be attacked. This doubles each damage by the attack. The effect lasts for 8 seconds.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Chrom brings his palm along the blade and, from it, magic expels off from it and creates a copy image.

Emblem Strike is Chrom`s Final Brawl. Chrom`s sword becomes engulfed in magic and he rushes forward with blinding speed. He strikes the opponent with one attack, then a second, and finally a third. He then flips over the opponent and strikes them down hard with his sword. He then slams his swor dinto the ground and a magical circle appears on the opponent. It then explodes in a vacuum like explosion. It does 75-80% Wind damage and high knock back.

Home Stage: Castle Crimea

Proposed Taunts

  • Up – Chrom slashes his sword down and says “Come at me!”
  • Right Side – Chrom sheathes his sword and draws it back out again.
  • Left Side – Chrom points his sword straight out and then slashes down.
  • Down – Chrom stands up straight and scratches the back of his head.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Chrom sheathes his sword and dusts off his hands.
  • Chrom points his sword straight at the camera and says “No yet.”
  • Chrom stabs his sword into the ground and crosses his arms.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • Chrom appears via a magical purple circle. He flips out of it; sword in hand.

Fighting Stance

  • Sword held straight forward like a fencing pose but more faster paced.

Proposed Idle Poses

  • Chrom flips the sword around in his hand.

Audience Cheer


Kirby Hat

  • Chrom’s hair.

Proposed Palette Swaps

  • Indigo Chrom
  • Red Chrom
  • green Chrom
  • Blue Chrom
  • Blood Chrom

Proposed DLC Costumes

Lucia (from Fire Emblem: Kakusei)

Fredrick (from Fire Emblem: Kakusei)

Chrom’s Proposed Move Set

Ground Attack

  • Neutral Attack – Swings downward and then upward by pressing A again. Very quick but does below average damage. It does around 2% each hit. However, it can be chained continuously by pressing B after the second hit. It can juggle players but it has low priority and can be canceled out by other attacks.
  • Dash Attack – A dashing forward thrust. It can vacuum in opponents at the point of the sword. It is a fairly far reaching attack and does around 8% damage. However it has a slow ending lag.
  • Side Tilt – A quick sword poke that smacks the opponent on the head. Chrom also moves forward slightly during the attack. It does 11% damage and is very quick in both start up and ending.
  • Up Tilt – Swings his sword down to up in a wide cutting slash. It does around 12% damage and can vacuum opponents within a wide range. However, it has a fairly long ending lag.
  • Down Tilt – A downward aimed slice that can cause opponents to trip or fall down. It can vacuum smaller opponents or opponents on the ground. It does around 8% damage and is a very quick attack. However, the attack itself doesn’t have too much range and has a small window to do damage.
  • Side Smash – Steps forward and does a strong horizontal slash. It has very quick start up but Chrom steps backwards after the attack thus causes some ending lag. It has a long range of attack and a strong/long vacuum effect. It does between 16-18% damage and does good knock back.
  • Up Smash – Does three upward thrusts one right after another. The thrusts are fast but the move suffers from both start up and ending lag. Despite this, it is a great guarding attack and has high priority. During his middle animation, Chrom possesses super armor. Each thrust does 5-8% damage 15-24% damage. It does the highest amount amount of knockback at the last attack. It can cancel out attacks like Link’s Dair or Zero Suit Samus’ Dair.
  • Down Smash – Cuts forward to his right and then slightly crouches downward and cuts to his left and then fully crouches and cuts again to his right. Each cut does 6-9% damage and can do 18-27% damage but it hits less favorably than his Up Smash. As well, it is a slower attack that can be punished as he turns. However, it’s fairly unpredictable and each slash offers Hugh knockvack. As well, it can do crowd control in group battles.
  • Ledge Attack – Flips onto the stage and kicks twice. One kick that does 3% damage while the second does 5%.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Chrom climbs up and stabs forward with his sword. It does around 13% damage and has a far reach.
  • Floor Attack (Face up) – Quick stab to the left followed by horizontal slash to the right. 6% base and tip.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial – A forward vertical slash. It does 13% damage and vacuum opponents close by. It can do a meteor strike if hit exactly on the tip of the blade. It has a fairly good reach but it is too quick to pin point the tip of the sword.
  • Forward Aerial – A downward slash that momentarily pushes Chrom forward in mid air. It has a good distance and can confuse opponents because of it’s “boost of speed”. It does 12% damage and good knock back.
  • Back Aerial – Chrom turns backwards and kicks with both feet. It doesn’t have a vacuum effect but it deals 13% damage. It also doesn’t have very good reach but it is capable of dealing a lot of knock back.
  • Up Aerial – Chrom swings his sword like a wand above him. It can do two hits at 6% damage each. It doesn’t have good range upwards but it can hit opponents from both sides. It deals good knock back but it has a slow start up.
  • Down Aerial – Chrom turns down and dives downward at a diagonal slant. Chrom moves very fast but the attack can cause Chrom to kill himself if done in mid-air. However, it can be used to grab onto a ledge since Chrom moves at a diagonal slant. It does 15% damage and can spike players downwards as low as 3o%. It is an excellent kill move unless Chrom misses. It also has horrible ending lag when Chrom lands.

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel – Elbows the opponent. A slower pummel. Does 2%.
  • Forward Throw – Chrom pushes the opponent and then kicks them in the gut. It is a quick throw but doesn’t have the best knock back. It does around 6% damage.
  • Down Throw – Knocks the opponent down, leaps on top, and stabs the opponent. Very gruesome. It does around 10% damage but virtually no knockback. It is best for causing damage.
  • Back Throw – Swings the opponent behind him and punches the opponent with his sword hilt. Does 9% damage and can KO as low was 130%.
  • Up Throw – Swings the opponent in two full circles before releasing them upward. It does 5% damage and is a rather slow throw. However, swinging the opponent can damage players around him.

My Thoughts

In my roster, Chrom replaced Lyndis because I felt Chrom is the better choice. While Lyndis does have the popularity and history, Chrom is the newest character to appear in a Fire Emblem game. As in SSBM and SSBB, they always add a Fire Emblem character that recently appeared in a game (Roy and Ike). In SSB4, Chrom would he that character.

I want Chrom to be a quick but powerful fighter that excels in both ground and aerial combat. I actually gave him attributes from both Marth and Ike.

Arguments for Chrom

  1. Chrom recently appeared in a Fire Emblem 3DS game. Looking at history, Sakurai has always given a slot to a new Fire Emblem character.
  2. Chrom can be a balance of Marth and Ike.
  3. Good moveset and story potential.
  4. A prince and a lord.
  5. A descendent of Marth.

Chances of being in SSB4

60% – Given Chrom’s recent game, I think he has a good enough chance of being in SSB4. Assuming Ike is in the game, he has competition from characters like Roy, Lyn, Michaiah, and The Black Knight. However, without Ike, I would say he has a very high chance unless a new Fire Emblem game is released before SSB4.