Newcomer: Prince Sable

Name: Prince Sable

Universe: Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (For the Frog the Bell Tolls)

Debut: Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (1992)

Element Alignment: Light

Affinity: Good

Reasons for Fighting: Rivalry

Availability: Starter

Prince Sable is the prince of the Sable King in the game Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (For the Frog the Bell Tolls). While slightly naive and untested in the troubles of the world, Prince Sable is an energetic and positive hero that fights for the honorable cause. He is tasked with rescueing the PrincessTiramisu from the evil clutches of King Delarin. However, before he can set off, his long time rival Prince Richard sets off before him and makes a considerable head start. Prince Sable is left exploring the world and recieves two strange and unique powers: being able to transform into a frog and snake in certain conditions.

Prince Sable`s Stats

Power: **

Weight: **

Defense: ***

Speed: ****

Jump: ***

Recovery: ***

Element: ****

Prince Sable is a fairly avergae fighter with quick strikes that, while lack power, are fast and easily landed. Prince Sable, due to his size, is fairly hard to hit but because of his light frame; he can be KO`d easier. In fact, he is one of the lighter sword fighters in the game. He boasts a good jump and recovery and excels in his Light element abilities.

However, Prince Sable truly shines his ability to mix his transformations into his attacks. While Prince Sable can`t change into his frog or snake form on command, his attacks causes him to transform into them. This makes Prince Sable a truly unpredictable fighter.

In addition, Prince Sable can even cancel out of some of his attacks and retain that form for a few seconds. For example, Prince Sable`s down tilt transforms him into his Frog orm. However, during the middle of the attack animation, when th eplayer does a roll with Prince Sable, the Frog From rolls out of the attack.

Prince Sable`s Frog and Snake form a very hard to hit against due to their size. In addition, Prince Sable recieves a slightly higher defense and jumping stat while in Frog Mode while his Snake Form boasts a slight increase in power and speed. Meaning, Prince Sable`s Frog moves take more damage before flinching and, on ocassion, causes Prince Sable to jump higher. While Prince Sable`s Snake Form attacks allows him to strike a bit faster than usual and more powerful attacks compared to normal ones. Despite that, Prince Sable`s attacks are the most powerful when in his Human form. This prince is truly a hard one to predict.

Prince Sable`s Frog Form

Prince Sable`s Snake Form

Prince Sable`s Special B Move Set

  • Neutral B – Tussle
  • Side B – Frog Tougne
  • Up B – Magic Ring
  • Down B – Constrict

The Final Trio

  • Final Smash – Champion
  • Final Melee – Animal Parade
  • Final Brawl – The Frong Prince


Tussle is Prince Sable`s Neutral B Move. Prince Sable jumps forward in a upward diagonal leap. If he comes into contact with an opponent, a dust cloud appears over the players. Prince Sable then jumps out of the dust cloud while the opponent is spiked down. It can be a meteor smash but it is totally random. The damage recieved depends entirely on the amount of health each player has. If Prince Sable is at 0% but the opponent is at 40-80%, the opponent recieves 10-15% damage. However, if Prince Sable is 80-100% while the opponent is 0-50%, the opponent will reieve 15-25% damage. It depends entirely on the contrasting percentages. The higher Prince Sable`s HP and the lower the opponents Hp will cause the most damage.

It can also be used as a recovery move. If Prince Sable does a un-used double jump or Up recovery move in the middle of the animation, he can cancel out of the attack. However, if Prince Sable misses the ledge or runs tough the course of the B attack, he will fall into a helpless state. Prince Sable can wall jump though, even at the end of his animation in order to recover.

Frog Tougne is Prince Sable`s Side B move. Prince Sable quickly transforms into his Frog From and shoots out his frog tougne. If it hits the opponent strongly, it causes the opponent to be stuck to the tougne and forced into Prince Sable`s mouth. He is then chewn and spit out. However, if hit lightly, the attack just hits the opponent with a little knockback. When hit strongly, it does 18%, 8% fior the tougne and 10% for the chewing. If hit lightly, it only does 6%. It can also be used as a tether ability.

Magic Ring is Prince Sable`s Up B Recovery Move. Prince Sable jumps slightly up and, in mid air, a magical rune-like ring appears underneath him and propels him upwards. Prince Sable is helpless but as Super Armor during this portion of shooting upm loses the Super Armor during the arch of the attack, and then falls back to the ground. He loses his helpless state but can`t jump, double jump, or do his Up B move again. If the magical ring is formed on a opponent, it does 13% damage and moderate to high knock back.

Constrict is Prince Sable`s Special Down B move. Prince Sable quickly trransforms into his Snake Form. He then homes onto a opponent and, upon contact, begins to constrict the opponent. Press A will cause him to constrict harder. It has a large amount of hit-stun. It can do between 3-8 constrictions; depending on how much the opponent struggles. A normal constriction does 3% damage while the harder constriction does 5% damage. If done in midair, it causes the opponent to fall to the ground in a helpless state along with Prince Sable. When finished, the attack is a horrible ending lag so make sure Prince Sable is not open for attack.

Champion is Prince Sable`s Final Smash. Prince Sable rushes forward and begins slashing and peircing at the opponent. He attacks 7 times before, jumping back in which his Frog and Snake Froms appear as spirits next to him. He then slashes forward with three blades (belonging to each form). It does 60-68% Light damage and great horizontal knock back.]

  • Beginning Cinematic: Prince Sable clicks his fingers and the spirits of his Frog and Snake Form jump up from behind him.

Animal Parade is Prince Sable`s Final Melee. Prince Sable summons a horde of frogs and snakes in humanoid form. Wherever he walks, they follow and trample the opponents. Each hit does 2% damage and can hit up to 8 times before Prince Sable passes. However, if he jumps in the air, the frogs and snakes wait for him on the ground. They will rush to wherever Prince Sable landed. It doesn`t do much knock back at lower levels but deals higher as the opponents recieve more damage.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Prince Sable whistles and, from the sky, comes frogs and snakes. They crwod around him an dstart jumping up and down; cheering.

The Frog Prince is Prince Sable`s Final Brawl. Prince Sable graps his hands together and holds them aloft. A light shoots down and envelopes him. He transforms into a gigantic frog. The Gigantic Frog Form wraps his tougne around the opponent and eats him. The frog jumps up, spits the opponent to the ground, and then proceeds to land on him or ehr with devastating effect. It deals around 75-80% Light damage. Pribnce Sable then transforms back him his normal Human form.

Proposed Stage– Magical Forest

Proposed Taunts

  • Up – Prince Sable opens his coin bag and dumps coins onto the ground. They can be picked up and thrown for 1%.
  • Right Side – Prince Sable sheathes his sword, turns to face the camera, and puts his arms to his hips.
  • Left Side- Prince Sable turns around as his cape billows out and strikes a “cool pose”.
  • Down – Prince Sable faces the camera and does a peace sign. He then changes to the Frog and does a peace sign. He then changes into the snake and does a peace sign with his tongue. Finally, he changes back to human.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Prince Sable pulls out his sword and stabs it up into the air. Light glints off from it as he poses.
  • He transforms into his Frog Form and hops around the area while ribbiting.
  • He transforms into his Snake Form and does a snake charmer impression while hissing.

Proposed Victory Theme

  • A whimsical fantasy fan-fare of the original victory theme.

Stage Entrance

  • Jumps down as a frog, changes into a snake, and then into his Human Form.

Fighting Stance

  • Keeps his legs spread apart with his sword held out in front of him. Resembles a traditional fencing pose.

Idle Poses

  • Prince Sable kicks the ground with his right foot.

Proposed Audience Cheer


Proposed Kirby

  • Prince Sable’s hair and cloak.

Proposed Palette Swap

Proposed DLC Costumes

Prince Richard Costume

Prince Sable’s Proposed Move Set


Ground Attacks

  • Neutral A – Prince Sable slashes his sword and then performs another slash. He then thrusts his sword like in fencing. Very quick with little lag. Does 2% damage each hit and 3% damage the last hit. Totals 7% damage altogether.
  • Dash Attack – A horizontal fencing thrust. Long reach but slow ending lag. Does 8% damage and decent knock back. It propels Prince Sable slightly forward.
  • Forward tilt – Transforms into a frog and does a head butt. Slow start up lag but powerful. Does 12% damage with vertical knock back. Good edge guarding technique since it can hit opponents on ledges.
  • Down tilt – Does a crouching fencing stab. throws opponents upwards. Does 8% damage.
  • Up tilt – Transforms into his Snake Form and stands on hishead and thrusts his tail upwards. Does 5% anywhere besides the point, does 8% at the point. Does high vertical knockback and can be juggled.
  • Forward Smash – Transforms into his Snake Form and jumps forward with his fangs barred. It sweetspooted, it does 15-20% damage with a 50/50% chance of poisoning the opponent. If not sweetspotted, does 13-17% damage with no chance to poison. Very good reach, quick, but slow ending lag.
  • Up Smash – Prince Sable thrusts his sword up and strikes with three quick stabbing hits. Does 22-27% damage sweetspotted, 18-21% damage not sweetspotted. Has a nice reach and can juggle opponents in the air. The last attack does the most knock back.
  • Down Smash – Transforms into his Frog Form and spins on the ground with his legs spread out. It does 5 hits and 3-4% damage each hit. It can do between 15-20% damage each hit. Has slow start up and ending lag but has decent knock back and can combo opponents.
  • Ledge Attack – Jumps up and quickly transforms into the Snake From and crashes into the opponent. 6% damage.
  • 100% Ledge Attack – Slowly gets up andslashes upward diagonally. Does 9% damage.
  • Floor Attack – Kicks with his foot. Does 5% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial – Transforms into his Snake Form and thrusts his tail out like his fencing sword. Has slow start up and ending lag but very good reach. It hits for 10% damage but can be sweetspotted for 13% damage and high knock back. Can also poison opponents if sweetspotted.
  • Forward aerial – Transforms into his frog form and spins forward like a pinwheel. Does 12% damage and has high priority. Very little start up elg but a little ending lag. It can be shorthopped.
  • Back aerial – Kicks backwards behind him. A very quick and hgih priority attack. It can cancel projectiles. It can be short hopped. It does 9% damage.
  • Up aerial – Holds his sword vertical and slashes upwards and then brings his sword back down. It is fairly fast and deals Light based damage. It can do 14% damage. However, if short hopped, Prince Sable has horrible landing lag.
  • Down aerial – Transforms into his nake Form and crashes down with his mouth open. It does 13% damage, fast falling sped, and no ending lag. It can also poison opponent without sweetspotted but it has 10/100 chance of poisoning.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab 1 – Transforms into Frog Form and grabs them with his tongue. (Far away from the opponent).
  • Grab 2 – Grabs the opponent. (Close to the opponent).
  • Pummel 1 – Chews them with his mouth. 2% damage.
  • Pummel 2 – Slaps them with the back of his hand. 3% damage.
  • Forward throw 1 – Spis them down into the ground and they bounce up. Does 6% damage and vertical knock back.
  • Forward Throw 2 – Lets go off them and then pierces them with his fencing sword. Does 8% damage.
  • Back throw 1 – Spits the opponent backwards and then kicks them. Does 8% damage.
  • Back Throw 2 – Swings the opponent around and kicks them away. Does 6% damage.
  • Down throw 1 – Jumps up slightly and spits them directly into the groubnd. Does a spike. 7% damage and good vertical knock back.
  • Down Throw 2 – Trips the opponent and slams them into the ground. Does 9% damage.
  • Up throw 1 – Spits the opponent upwards. High vertical knock back. Does 9% damage.
  • Up Throw 2 – Throws the opponent upwards and then slashes them with his sword. Does 12% damage and high knock back.

My Thoughts

I decided to add Prince Sable fairly late into my roster construction process. I wanted a fairly obscure, Japan-only Classical character such as Sukapon, Takamaru, or Alice but, despite that, I couldn`t decide who to add that would provide for a really unique and diverse move set. As I was browsing, I ran into a character I never heard of: Prince of Sable Kingdom or Prince Sable. Despite my history with Nintendo and it`s franchises, this character was cinpletely unknown to me as well as his game. So I did some research and found out how interesting he would be.

At first, I wanted Prince Sable to have a Down B transformation special but, since Zelda/Shiek and the Pokemon Trainer already has it, plus the Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario I made, I thought it would be overkill to have him change into a completely new character using Down B. I then thought of allowing him to transform into one of the two forms via Final Smash, Final Melee, or the Final Brawl but I couldn`t work that out. I then went to a taunt based transformation but, that was limited only on the ground, and, in my opinion, felt too clumsy.

So I decided to incorporate the transformations direcetly into his move set. The transformations are quick and, while make Prince Sable a bit slower, doesn`t mess up his game too much. I imagined the transformations would take a seoncd and a half to complete. Just POOF and a new form. What I had after was a pretty unique and interesting character that I felt would be a good addition to the SSB4 roster.

Arguements for Including Prince Sable

Here are some arguements for including Prince Sable and their strengths:

  1. Prince Sable is a Classical character.
  2. Prince Sable is a Japan-only character (which makes him possibly marketable to the Western audience).]
  3. He could go the route of Pit and have a new game in his series. The game series is fairly interesting and could have a childlike/humorous tone in a fantasy world.
  4. Therefore, he has a lot of potential.
  5. Three transformations: frog, snake, and human.
  6. A small sword fighter.
  7. Good story material (I see a EarthBound Rep and Prince Sable partnership!)
  8. Unique move set that can incorporate his transformations
  9. Has appeared in numerous SSB4 roster leaks. Some of which are said to be official.

Chances of Being in SSB4

30% – I would say Prince Sable, of all the classical characters, has the best chance to be in SSB4. Early leaks and rumors suggest his inclusion. I think it would be a smart move to include him as a way to reboot the series (something that was said that the Ice Climbers would do but didn`t in the end). So, if a Classical character is to be included, I would say Prince Sable has the best bet.