My Paint Studio

In SSB, SSBM, and SSBB, players are able to switch the character’s colors . These are called palette swaps. Each character has a unique palette swap that may or may not resemble various outfits warn by characters throughout the Nintendo Universe. Well, in SSB4, players can finally customize how their characters look to an extent.

Thus, My Paint Studio is introduced. My Paint Studio is a new game mode that allows players to take playable characters such as Mario, Pit, Bowser, Isaac, etc into the studio and change their appearance. Players can change skin tones, hair color, eye color, clothes color, and many other things on the players. These painted characters are called Customized Palette Character; meaning their palette swap has been customized.

My Paint Studio

My Paint Studio is split into two different sections:

1) Body

2) Clothes

The Body Section allows the player to customize the following:

  • Hair Color – Adjust the tint of the hair
  • Hair Contrast – Adjust the brightness/darkness of the hair.
  • Skin Color – Adjust the tint of the skin.
  • Skin Contrast – Adjust the brightness/darkness of the skin.
  • Eye Color – Adjust the color of the eyes.

The Clothes Section is a bit different. The Clothes Section allows the player to pick on a specific piece of clothing whether it be a shirt, bracelet, crown, arm bands, overalls, or a hat and change the color/contrast of the piece of clothing. Simply select a piece of clothing on the 3-D model, select a color, and press “Confirm” to change the color of the piece of clothing. Weapons such as guns, swords, and hammers cannot change color though and remain the original color. Things that can changed is:

  • Clothes Color – Adjust the tint of the piece of clothing
  • Clothes Contrast – Adjust the brightness/darkness of the clothing

Players can choose from a pre-existing palette of colors that exists in both sections. There are twelve of these and contains the same basic colors. However, if players want to customize the colors even more, they can click on a small art palette in the corner which opens a full color wheel. Clicking on a color will cause it to appear in a side box next to the color wheel. Press “confirm” to add it to the piece of clothing or press “Add to my palette” to replace it with one of the pre-existing colors. This appears in both sections.

In addition, next to the art palette is a small icon of a “white body”. Selecting it will open a smaller box that has twelve different colored bodies: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, orange, brown, gray, black, and white. Selecting one of these body colors will cause your selected character to appear all in that selected color. In other words, it bypasses the customization process and adds a colored tint to your character. For example, pressing the red body in the Skin Section makes the character’s skin a red tint while pressing the “purple body” in the Clothes section will turn your character’s clothes a purple tint.

This allows players to fully customize their characters without totally altering the character itself. These can be carried via WiiU memory stick or added to a Online database that will be discovered further.

“My Paint Studio” Main Menu

The “My Paint Studio” icon is a white silhouette of a easel board. Clicking it will take you to the main “My Paint Studio”. The main menu has four different options:

  • Paint a Character
  • Save/Load a Character
  • View my Collection
  • Share a Character

The “Paint a Character” allows access to the painting section and allows you to chance/adjust the color scheme of a character. You can save your newly painted character there.

The “Save/Load a Character” allows you to save a newly painted character or edited painted character from before or load a previously painted character to edit it more. It also allows you to save it to your WIIU hard drive or a memory stick. You can also make a copy of it or rename the file here.

The “View my Collection” allows you to view your painted characters as a 3-D model, view them as a group, organize them, rename them, or delete them.

The “Share a Character” allows you to upload a character to a Online server where users can download your painted characters onto their WiiU and use them in both online and offline matches. Other users can rate a Customized Palette Character on the server and ranks them depending on amount of downloads, rating, and recent (new) Customized Palette Character’s

Odds and Ends

There might be some confusion if a player’s color scheme is the same as another player’s in Multiplayer or in Online. If two players have the same Customizable Color data, the first person who selected their outfit will be allowed to keep the colors. Others will see a message that will ask “Please change to a different color scheme. This color scheme is already in use.” Changing to a different character or a different color scheme will remove the message and allow the match to proceed.

My Thoughts

I have always wanted a game mode in SSB where you can customize your characters and change their appearance without subtracting from the over-all character. This is not a “Create-a-Character” mode at all but a “Palette Customization Mode”. I envisioned this as a way to alter a character’s color change depending on what you want while still being that character (Mario, Pikachu, Isaac, etc). That is why it more so alimited character customization without it being a total Create-a-Character mode.

Chances of Being in SSB4

10% – There is a possibility that a Game Mode that allows visual customization of character might happen but how limited it will be is totally unpredictable. However, Sakurai did mention he intends SSB4 to be more of a customizable experience and felt this is the epitome and the “poster child” for this customization that he was talking about. Personally, I think it would be awesome to have it in the game.