Achievement Buttons

Achievement Badges can be founding The Vault under Achievements. As you play various story modes, you are awarded badges that you can share online or with friends. Some badges are very easy while others are almost impossible.

They have no direct affect on gameplay save for collecting and boasting about your accomplishments.

Here is a list of some Achievement Badges:

  • Save the Universe (complete the Galactic Usurper)
  • First Brawl (play your first Vs. match)
  • “Character” Player (play a character more than 10 times “character” is substituted for the characters name)
  • Bomb Expert (throw, use, or explode more than 50 bombs)
  • Trigger Finger (use a firing weapon more than 50 times)
  • Poké Ball Maniac (use a Poké Ball more than 50 times)
  • First Boss (beat the first boss in the Galactic Usurper)
  • Chapter 1 Clear (clear Chapter 1 in the Galactic Usurper)
  • Chapter 2 Clear (clear Chapter 2 in the Galactic Usurper)
  • Gold Digger (collect more than 2,000 in any currency)
  • Crazy Combo (complete a 10 hit combo)
  • Shopaholic (spend more than 2,000 in any currency
  • Online Newbie (play your first Online Vs. Match)
  • Costume Chaos (Purchase more than 5 costumes)
  • The Nightmare Begins (Unlock Nightmare)

…and many more to come!

Collect the badges and show them off to your friends or even online! Sadly, you can’t trade them or buy them but it’s still fun to collect each one or even stumble on them accidentally.