Newcomer: Isaac

The forest was at war. The trees lashed back and forth; ripping from the ground with tremendous force that shook the earth. Trees were torn from the roots and hills and mountains were being torn down. In the middle of this tempest was a lone figure: a scarfed hero who fought against the earthen assault. The scarfed hero used his powers to calm the earth but to no avail. They were in pain; the scarfed hero could feel it. Suddenly, the ground opened up underneath him to give way to a great cavern. The scarfed hero jumped away in time but a tree lashed out at him as he landed. The scarfed hero ran from tree to lashing tree; always keeping the floating mechanical isle in view: the source of all evil or so the scarfed hero thought.

Isaac from Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Name: Isaac

Universe: Golden Sun

Debut: Golden Sun (2001)

Element Alignment: Earth

Affinity: Good

Purpose for Fighting: Stability

Isaac comes to the Brawl with his Venus Adept abilities and psyenergy attacks to dominate the Smash Bros! Originally an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Isaac comes back to the battlefield as a full on contender. Isaac uses mostly Venus Adept or Psyenergy techniques to battle his foes but he does have a sword he carries. Isaac appears in Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn as the main character, Matthew’s father.

Isaac’s Stats

Power: ****
Weight: ****
Defense: ****
Speed: ***
Jump: **
Recovery: **
Element: *****

Isaac has medium speed and jump abilities but has a high power, defense, and element rating. Isaac can punish characters, especially those with high defense or shields, with high hitting attacks. His downside that some of his attacks are slow and long start up/ending lags. Despite this, Isaac’s attacks causes wide-spread amount of damage and can cripple opponents offenses and defenses. Issac’s jump ability or his recovery is not his strong suit but he can still fight his battles in the air if he needs to. He is best played on the ground but he can cover a wide range due to his attacks. He can alternate easily between short to far combat attacks.

Isaac’s Special B Move Set

B – Move

Side B – Mad Growth

Up B – Retreat

Down B – Spire

The Final Trio

Final Smash: Ragnarok

Final Melee: Summon Judgment

Final Brawl: Sol Blade


Move is Isaac’s standard B move. It works much like how it did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl , however, Issac is able to charge the attack to make it go longer. Pressing B will cause it to travel for 2 seconds however charging it will cause it to travel for 6 seconds. However, Move does slightly less knock back then the assist trophy version. It can be done in the air but not running since Isaac will stop. As before, it does no damage however, the higher the percentage of an opponent, the more knock back the push does. It cannot be canceled by another attack but a shield can by-pass the move. When does in the air, the hand is angled downward and is a possible Meteor Smash if the opponent is 50% or higher.

Mad Growth is Isaac’s Side B move. Isaac thrusts his hands on the ground and a tangle of plants and thorns erupt and shoot forward on the ground. The attack will continue until it hits a ledge so it’s best to do it while on a long level. It can be canceled by an another attack. Every time it hits, it causes 4% damage for each hit and once an opponent is hit, will will juggle the opponent as it travels the stage. It is best to use against opponents with lower percentages. It can done in midair too but only travels for 4 seconds and angles downward as it travels. It causes vertical and horizontal knockback.

Retreat is Isaac’s Up B movie. Retreat is much like Zelda’s Farore’s Wind attack. A magical ring appears around Isaac and he vanishes from the screen. Direct the movement of this attack by tilting the control stick to the desired spot to teleport to. Once Isaac re-appears, psyenergy will push out causing high knock back for opponents near him as well as an additional 3% damage. The ending lag in the end is shortened allowing Isaac to attack afterward.

Spire is Isaac’s Down B move. Isaac will thrust his hands up and a great earthen stalagmite will thrust upwards from the ground. The harder the player tilts the control stick down determines the distance of that the spire will come from the ground. Tilting slightly down will cause it to come out in front of Isaac while pushing to the control stick to its farthest possible point will cause it to thrust a space of half a medium sized stage. It does two hits of damage each at 8% damage thus totaling at 16% damage. Does very high vertical knock back and potential KO. When Spire is done in mid-air, it thrusts out like a spear from Isaac’s hand. However, it does not travel like it does on the ground.

Ragnarok is Issac’s Final Smash. The first strike will cause 53% damage to anyone who is hit by the descending sword. The sword then bursts into psyenergy causing wide spread damage to those not hit by the first strike. The second strike can hit 3 times per second and the second strike lasts 5 seconds. Each hit does 4% damage thus totaling to 60% damage. If hit by the two attacks, it can cause 113% damage overall.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Issac envelopes himself in a magical psyenergy shield. Suddenly, the camera pans out and a massive fiery sword quickly descends onto the stage and pierces it with the point sticking below the stage

Summon Judgment is Isaac’s Final Melee. Isaac can control Judgment’s attacks by hitting A. Judgment mimics many of Isaac’s attacks except with sword and shield. During this time, Isaac’s attacks do not damage but transfers to his summon which increases his attacks damage by 10%. This Final Smash lasts 10 seconds which then results in a white explosion in which causes Judgment to vanish. This explosion can cause anywhere from 30-50% damage for those who were not KO’d.

  • Beginning Cinematic: Isaac folds his hand in almost a prayer and psyenergy releases from him. Judgment forms around Isaac and rushes forward.

Sol Blade is Isaac’s Final Brawl. Isaac grabs Sol Blade as it floats down in front of him. He then grabs it and swings it forward as it glitters and burns. He slashes with it leaving a trail of fire and slashes again. He then jumps up where a bright ball of fire is floating overhead and slams the ball into the opponent causing a fire explosion. The explosion shoots into the sky and dyes the area red and orange. It does 70-85% Fire damage.

Proposed Stage: Sol Sanctum

Proposed Taunts

  • Left Side – Isaac holds out his hand and a faint burst of psyenergy pulses out. He then closes his hand; veiling the psyenergy.
  • Right Side – Isaac does a fighting stance very similar to his Brawl sprite but instead he clenches his fist and shakes it,
  • Up Side – He raises his arms and spreads them open. A Isaac-sized faint image of Judgment appears from behind him and then vanishes. He resumes his fighting pose.
  • Down B – Isaac does a thumbs up and smiles.

Proposed Winning Poses

  • Isaac holds forth both hands which shine with Psyenergy and then closes them together causing a burst of Psyenergy around him.
  • A Venus Dijinn comes from Isaac and circles around him. He holds out his hand and pets the creature.
  • Isaac unsheathes Sol Blade and does a few swipes with it; leaving trails of fire with each swing.

Victory Theme

  • The “Victory” Theme but with braying horns and a RPG battle feel.

Proposed Stage Entrance

  • The ground ruptures and a stalagmite appears from the ground which crumbles revealing Isaac.

Audience Cheer

  • Fight Isaac, fight! Fight Isaac, fight! (male/female cheer)

Idle Poses

  • Isaac pats down his pants and waves away dust.
  • He clenches his free hand.

Kirby Hat

  • Isaac`s yellow hair and his trade mark yellow scarf.

Proposed Palette Swap

  • Green Isaac – Made to look like Ivan.
  • Red Isaac – Made to look like Jenna.
  • White Isaac
  • Blue Isaac – . Made to look like Mia.
  • Brown Isaac – Made to look like Garet.

Proposed Buy-able Costumes

Adult Isaac Costume (fromGolden Sun: Dark Dawn)

  • Attributes: 10% physical damage increase, 10% magical damage increase, 9% speed decrease, 20% element increase.

Isaac’s Move Set

Ground Attacks

All of Isaac’s psyenergy attacks have the potential to lower opponents defenses by .5% temporarily thus increasing the amount of damage they take. This effect

  • Punches with one hand, then the other hand, and then uses Psyenergy to push the opponent. The first punch does 5%, the next 4%, and then the last attack does 10% damage thus totaling at 19% damage overall.
  • Dash Attack – Isaac rushes forward and uses Psyenergy to push opponents with both his hands. Does 6% damage.
  • Forward Tilt – Swipes his hand in front of him causing psyenergy to burst out. Does 9% damage. Slow start up lag.
  • Up Tilt – A psyenergy infused hand thrust that has high knockback potential. It does between 10-12% damage. Has a slow ending lag but excellent KO potential at higher percentages.
  • Down Tilt – Isaac crouches and spins along the ground while shooting out Psyenergy. It hits both sides at 6% damage each thus totaling at 12% damage.
  • Side Smash – A blast of psyenergy shoots from his fist. It shoots out for 3 seconds but does damage. Has slow start up and ending lag but very powerful. Has excellent knock back and KO potential. Does 19-24% damage.
  • Up Smash – Unsheathes his sword and thrusts it upwards and infuses it with psyenergy. It does between 15-20% damage. Slow start up but very little ending lag.
  • Down Smash – Isaac touches the ground and a small shaking occurs knocking opponents off from the ground. Closer opponents can be damaged for 12-17% damage and farther opponents receive 25-20% damage.
Other attacks
  • Ledge attack- Vaults himself onto the stage and expels a large amount of Psyenergy thus driving the opponent into the ground. Vertical knock back. Does 10% damage.
  • 100% ledge attack- Slowly gets up and performs a 2 second small sized Move attack that slams the opponent back wards. Does no damage but high knock back potential.
  • Floor attack – Performs a Psyenergy fist thrust. Very quick. Does 5% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial – Isaac spins in a circle in the air while extending his arms; causing Psyenergy to be released. Does 12% damage.
  • Forward aerial – Does quick sword cut that has a ending lag. It does 6% damage and a possible meteor smash effect.
  • Back aerial – Performs a backwards kick that is infused with Psyenergy. Does 10% damage.
  • Up aerial – Thrusts a stalagmite above him. Has high vertical knock back and KO potential. Does 16% damage. His strongest aerial attack.
  • Down aerial – Isaac thrusts his hands downward and pushes the opponent with his palms. Similar to his Ledge Attack but has a longer range. If down to a grounded opponent, it will cause them to crash onto the ground and bounce into the air. Does 13%.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel – Attacks them with Psyenergy. Does 4% damage.
  • Up Throw – Infuses his hands with Psyenergy and thrusts them in the air. Does 6% damages.
  • Down Throw – Throws the opponent down to the ground which causes a stalagmite to push them up. High vertical knock back damage at high percentages. Does 9% damage.
  • Back Throw – Infuses his legs with Psyenergy and drop kicks them causing high horizontal knock back. Does 7% damage.
  • Forward Throw -Isaac thrusts the opponent forward using a short distance Psyenergy attack. Does 5% damage.

My Thoughts

I wanted Isaac to focus more on hand to hand combat rather than sword combat since there are many swordsman(ladies) in the roster. I wanted to distance him from a Lucario clone though since he uses Psyenergy as opposed to Aura energy. Thus, I made his attacks more damaging and crippling by causing the opponents defenses to lower with every psyenergy attack. I wanted Isaac to be able to cause a lot of damage with his attacks yet be slower and less air focused hence why his aerial attacks do less damage then his grounded attacks. I also envision him to be more technical and complicated in his design so maybe more experienced players can bring out his true potential.

I included Isaac in my roster because I felt he has strong and unique potential move set, potential story material, and represents a franchise long ignored/avoided/forgotten by the Smash. Universe. Thus, I think Isaac would fit very well in the Smash games and provide a outlet into the Golden Sun Universe.

Chances of Being in SSB4

50% – I am up on the fence whether Golden Sun will be represented and even more so by Isaac. The fact he was an Assist Trophy, has a unique move set, a unique character design, and potential story material gives Isaac a good lead but, the most recent Golden Sun game features his son as opposed to Isaac. As well, Golden Sun has been missed out in the last 2 games that were released when those games were released. Hopefully, GS will be represented this time around and hopefully by our beloved Venus Adept, Isaac.