Item: Alternate Colors 2

Alternate Colors Bomb-Omb

Black Bomb-omb: Does regular fire element damage.
Red Bomb-omb: 20% more Fire Damage.
Light Blue Bomb-omb: Does Ice element damage and can freeze the opponent.
Blue Bomb-omb: Does Water element damage and knocks the opponent up in the air with a geyser
Yellow Bomb-omb: Does Lightning element damage and can stun opponents.

Alternate Colors for the Warp Star

Regular Warp Star: Grabbing a hold will carry the player a considerable amount of distance.
Red Warp Star: Travels faster but causes a even larger explosion.
Pink Warp Star: Slower than others but causes starts to shoot out when it explodes.
Blue Warp Star: Average traveling speed but causes two explosions when it lands.

Alternate Colors for the Lip's Stick

Regular Lip’s Stick: Causes a flower to grow on ones head.
Purple Lip’s Stick: Causes a flower to grow on one’s head and cause Ice damage. May freeze opponents.
Red Lip’s Stick: Causes a flower to grow on one’s head and cause Fire damage.

Alternate Colors for the Gust Bellows

Regular Gust Bellows: Pushes opponents with air.
Red Gust Bellows: Shorter duration but stronger wind push.
Blue Gust Bellows: Far reaching wind pushes but weaker then average.

Alternate Colors for the Bumper

Regular Bumper: Knocks opponents to run into it.
Purple Bumper: Knocks opponents vertically and causes Wind element damage.
Red Bumper: Knocks opponent with a meteor strike and causes Fire element damage.
Yellow Bumper: Knocks opponents horizontally, can stun, and causes Lightning element damage.

Alternate Colors for the Pilot Wing

Regular Pilot Wind: Allows non-flying players to fly and allows flyable characters to fly longer.
Red Pilot Wind: Faster traveling speed but weaker pilot wing and shorter duration.
Green Pilot Wing Can travel higher than other Pilot Wings.


Items: Alternate Colors

In a earlier update, I released several new items that will appear in SSB4 such as the Fairy and Remote Control Rocket. Later, I updated with several returning items such as the Ray Gun, Super Scope, and Hammer. Well, since SSB4 is all about taking the Super Smash Bros. series and taking the other step, I will be introducing a new key feature in items.

Alternate Colors for Items!


Every now and then, during a match, a item will appear that is colored different then it’s original item. This is called a alternate color. Much like how characters have palette swaps, items have alternate colors as well. They appear randomly during the match from crates, boxes, barrels, capsules, and thin air. Because they are different color then the original item, each alternate color has a increased stat such as throwing speed, ammunition amount, and attack power. Knowing which is which will help you gain a slight advantage when attack.

Alternate Colors for the Home Run Bat

Red Home-Run Bat: Does 5% more damage and delivers more knock back.
Orange Home-Run Bat: The home-run swing is 2.5% faster.
Gray Home-Run Bat: The home-run swing has a disjointed hit box thus a farther reach.

Alternate Colors of the Ray Gun

Blue Ray Gun – The shots fired travel 3% faster.
Yellow Ray Gun – Shots do 4% more damage and has a higher knock back.
Red Ray Gun – Ammunition increases by 2 more rounds.

Alternate Colors for the Cracker Launcher

Red Cracker Launcher – Shots fired travel 2% farther and faster.
Green Cracker Launcher – Ammunition increases by 2 more rounds.

Alternate Colors for the Beam Saber

Red Beam Saber – Damage increases by 3.5% and the charged swing increases by 1.5%.
Pink Beam Saber – The swing speed increases by 4%.
Green Beam Sabre – Throwing speed increases by 3% and damage when thrown increases by 3%.

Alternate Colors for the Super Scope

Green Super Scope – Attack damage increases by 1.5%.
Blue Super Scope – Ammunition increases by 8 more rounds.

Alternate Colors for the Fairy

Purple Fairy – The Purple Fairy is 5% faster then the Blue Fairy and will run away from any player nearby it.
Green Fairy – The Green Fairy will stay only in the sky and will move upwards if a player comes near it.

These are the alternate colors for items thus far! Please check back for more when I update!